Southern Fried Griffins 101 – Sam Boss Battle

Howdy Addicts!!!

We all know how tough them Southern girls can be, so here’s a little 101 to help you tame Sam.

At Part 2 of the Main Questline From Bumblescum With Love you’ll be directed to learn about Sam.

Clicking GO will bring you up an instruction box with further details on exactly how to win Sam’s heart by attacking her with Flowers.

Sam is similar to other bosses we have seen in past events in that she’s the big baddie who keeps on giving. But just how do we get her to drop the goodies? Well we need to attack her with Flowers.

The amounts of Flowers you will need to attack her at the various levels are as follows:

ATTACK Resource – Flowers

Attack Level Attack Respurces Needed
1X 1 Flower
2X 2 Flowers
3X 4 Flowers
4X 6 Flowers
5X 12 Flowers

Now I’m going be honest I’ve not managed to hit her at level 5X before she timed out. Yes, as usual, you only have 24 hours to defeat tthe Boss up to 5X and I just can’t collect enough to get to that yet, I defeated her at 1X, 2X, 3X and 4X then I just started collecting for a fresh attack once she timed out and returned. You can of course spend clams to bring her back at the level she timed out at, but it’s a hefty amount so I’m personally not going there.

The rewards you get are two-fold, White Trash for buying items in the Store and Overalls which are needed to unlock a full playable Sam character. What you will get at each level is as follows:

REWARDS – Overalls & White trash

Attack Level Rewards
1X 1 Overall & 5 White Trash
2X 3 Overalls & 8 White Trash
3X 4 Overalls, & 14 White Trash
4X 8 Overalls & 18 White Trash
5X 14 Overalls & 26 White Trash

You will need 30 Overalls to  unlock the full playable character of Sam.

Thanks go to reader and commenter G650DB for sharing the costs and rewards info with me as I was still trying gather it.


Now how do we get those Flowers, well here’s the details.

Flowers (Common):  Red Car Garage OR Bumblescum Fishing Hole OR Pickup Truck OR Redneck Peter Smell The Roses OR Race Car Driver Joe Stock Up On Air Freshener OR Buy From Store


The battle modus operandi is similar to that of previous boss battles, click on Sam wandering your Sidewalk.

This will bring up the Flower Power Attack Screen and on it you will see the following, What item and how many you need to attack her at that level; the rewards for attacking her at that level and finally how much time you have left before she disappears.

Once you have gathered the required resource for the attack,  just tap the WOO button to complete the attack at that level.

Remember you only have 24 hours before she times out and goes into  Cooldown for 6 hours. You’ll know she’s in Cooldown when she’s lying like this.

Tapping her will bring up the main screen where you can see how long it will be until she wakes and the cost to clam revive her.

Once she returns unless you’ve used clams to revive her she will be back at 1X.

So there you have it, all the relevant information on the Sam boss. Are you attacking yet? If so what Level have you hit her to? Enjoying it so far?

~ Russian Tigger


33 responses to “Southern Fried Griffins 101 – Sam Boss Battle

  1. WHAT!! Why..? 1 jeans and 2 trashbags for the moose to go.. pooof gone..


  2. Does the chance to unlock Sam end at 3 PM Pacific today? I would think so but there’s been no warnings and a new event is about to start.


    • As soon as the Event is pulled (usually around 3pm Pacific… 70 minutes) then all Event Content is pulled too. At times we “might” have a bit more time. But you just never know.

      In short… she will be leaving soon.


  3. i just unlocked Sam with 2 minutes until her sleep cycle (got to 5x yyaayy) and also got the Desperate Moose lol (I’ve wanted him all along but i opted for the Pickup first) btw you can still attack Sam even after you unlock her (I got one Sam doing a task and the other is asleep) …


  4. splurged on the redneck statue cause i like the decos and want to be able to get them, even though its only 4 every 20 hrs. Got redneck Peter and two flower dropping buildings, with Sam at level 4. I am liking this minievent ! Its strange, but I seem to do better with mini events rather than the monthlongs…


  5. Um, I must be missing something as I just earned the Peter costume and, with half of the event gone, I’ve not earned a single bunch of flowers…not sure what I’m missing – I only get 3 – 5 trash cans a day, so this one will be long over before I can even drop one flower-dropping building…all the trash bags I’ve received went to the Peter drop buildings…

    I’ve seen where addicts have talked about attacking Sam to the 4X level – what am I missing?? I don’t see how it’s possible to play this one freemium and earn Sam – after dropping clams (good ones after bad) on the last event, I was determined to see if Sam was obtainable freemium…and with 3 and a half days to go, I can only conclude that I’m either really missing something, or it’s not possible…any thoughts, addicts?


    • I have the premium Hillbilly Stewie and some have Race Car Driver Joe. But with regards Trashcans, go read the Raccoon 101 again, pay attention to instructions in the section When do the Raccoons appear – YEEHAW!!!


      • Wow, just wow…just took the time to read the 101 (been out traveling all weekend) and understand what you were saying…then proceeded to clear all the raccoons available in about 3 minutes… wow, I could have been much further along had I actually read the post…DOH!

        Thanks, RT!!


    • Relax Chris K, once you obtain Redneck Peter the rate you collect garbage bags becomes easier and you start to place the flower-generating-buildings faster.
      I obtained Peter yesterday and as soon as you start earning flowers you can begin attacking Sam which not only drops the overalls but also garbage bags. I’ve already managed to place the garage and I might even sneak in a level 3 attack before Sams cool down period which means I’ll be well on the way to the Fishing hole.
      Like you, I thought obtaining Sam was not possible freemium but now it’s actually a possibility.


      • I’m seeing what you’re saying now – thanks!


      • Yup, you were right, once I got the Peter costume, it all came pretty quickly, not only I get Sam freemium, I got her a day early…not sure I’ll finish the main quest line, but honestly, that’s a ‘meh’ to me at this point as there is no incentive to do so…

        Were it not for RT’s raccoon advice and your thoughts, I probably would have given up on this event…as it is, it was probably one of the more well-done mini-event I’ve played…granted, I’m still a relative newbie as that has only been about 1 1/2 years…


  6. still need 1 drop of beer cans for Peter ..
    still got 0 flower buildings / decos
    as i understood u need 1 full cycle of flowers to get 30 overalls for Sam .. thats 25 flowers .. i guess its impossible to collect them all in a couple days .. but we will see .. once i start attacking Sam she’ll drop more trash bags …


    • With regards flowers, once you get buildings eye the drops seem very good, well they have been in my game so collecting 25 flowers is possible within few days. With regards Trashcans, go read the Raccoon 101 again, pay attention to instructions in the section When do the Raccoons appear – YEEHAW!!!


      • the only reason i bought the Hooch that drops the 6-pack was because the vending machine didn’t drop anything for 3 times in a row (24 hours) and the trashcans were not dropping well either so building up trash bags for the Race Car Garage was taking some time …
        anyway i finally got Peter and started collecting flowers and attacked Sam twice already and now i got the Garage and collecting flowers from both Peter and Garage for when Sam wakes up … (how long does she sleep anyway?) … we still got 31 , 1 and 2 August so i think i can get her in time … esp if i get the fishing hole as well …


        • RussianTigger

          She sleeps for 6 hours! Good luck!

          Liked by 1 person

          • i just placed the fishing hole and i’m up to 12 jeans !


            • 20 jeans now

              i need 11 flowers in the next 14 hours i don’t think it’s possible (14/4 = 3 cycles .. so assuming i get 3 flower drops in each cycle = 9 flowers) … but i can get her after she sleeps / wakes up tomorrow …


              • RussianTigger

                You’ve got a plan 😀


              • I need 5 flowers in 20 hours to impress Sam to the 4X level which would give me 24/30…I should have those by 0700 EDT tomorrow, that gives me 28+ hours to earn 7 to impress her to the 3X level…with all four flower-generating tasks/buildings going strong, I should have her by 0700 EDT on 2 Aug, 0900 at the latest…

                Wow, RT’s raccoon 101 made all the difference…as Gary Hilton pointed out, once I got the Peter costume and began to impress Sam, it just went quickly, had I paid attention to the details early on, this one would have been easier….

                And to answer again the question you asked several weeks ago, RT, no, there is is no way I would continue to play this game without this site…you and Bunny are doing a great job! Thank you!!!


              • I’m way behind also because trash cans were not dropping for so long (and are back to slow now) and that slowed me down on getting Peter.

                But Sam is the first character I’ve wanted in an event in a very long time so I have a big stockpile of free clams from clam TV and clam generators and doing clam offers etc. I would have bought her anyway if she had been offered for clams. Plus I bought the event clam generator for the last event, ugly though it is, so basically the profit from that can pay for a good chunk of the cost of speeding up Peter and the building drops. As of 10:45pm 8/1/17, I still needed 14 overalls requiring 13 more flowers. Fortunately I’m working tonight so I can check frequently if I don’t fall asleep while typing…. Wish I had thought of this sooner, but I hate spending clams and hope sprung eternal.

                I think I will just barely make it by the end on 8/2 Weds, picking up every 2 to 2.5 hours at a cost of 12-15 clams per try for Peter and each of the two flower dropping buildings, hopefully it will get me at least 2 out of 3 max flowers per pickup since it’s allegedly common. Once I get to 3x level with Sam, I can buy the third flower dropping building with trash bags and that will help for the final push if needed. Her 4x level will put me over the top regardless. I would have had her easily if I could have managed to get to 5x yesterday.

                Doing it this way is much cheaper than buying flowers in the shop, if my math is correct. My max cost will be 293 clams. I hope. Drops, don’t fail me now!


                • Please re-read the Raccoons 101, particularly the bit where I take about When Raccoons will appear, you will find a little Trashcan advice there!!!


                  • My raccoons showed up fine, since I had followed the questline and got my free trashcan the first day. But the drops of more trash cans were still not there for more than a day. Then it was okay drops for a while, but lately it’s slowed down again and I’ve had too many zero drops from all three characters. Not to worry, I focused on getting Peter since I could see that offering flowers to Sam was the key to a steady supply of trash bags. That approach worked – I now have all three flower droppers in addition to Peter collecting flowers for her. The raccoons just roam around happily until a rare trashcan comes their way. But I don’t need their stingy release of one measly trash bag any more.


                • Update 3pm EDT:

                  Sam is MINE! Actually, she would have been mine at 11:30am but for some mysterious reason I slept through the alarm after being awake for some ungodly number of hours finishing a job….

                  And she only cost me a grand total of 94 clams for speeding up the flower droppers and Peter the flower picker!!! Had calculated a max outlay of 293 clams if flower drops were poor but the TinyCo gods smiled upon me. I did clam-fueled speedups only between 10pm last night and about 3:30am this morning – by then, thanks to that jump start, I could see that I had a good chance of getting overalls by noon today without spending any more clams.

                  By 5:30am, Sam woke up and I was able to get through level 3x and buy the last flower dropper (the pickup truck) with the lovely bunch of trash bags she gave me. I needed just 5 more flowers to clear level 4x and get the last six overalls I needed for her. So I decided to try it the natural way and just start spending clams again for speed ups if natural drops weren’t enough by noon. With the three flower droppers and Peter on the job, finished with flowers and overalls to spare…


      • I read those Raccoon 101 instructions several times but in your zeal to avoid drawing too much official attention to the glitch (and you know it was one… why bother with character tasks otherwise), it wasn’t clear to me that the free trashcan could be obtained multiple times. It sounded as though you were just saying to get the 1 free trashcan as from the questline, not 1 free trashcan whenever you wanted. Just saying that this could be done multiple times would have helped…. Or to be more mysterious, just suggesting hitting that button via the info screen even if you have already gotten the free trashcan from the questline and don’t forget to close the raccoon screen and re-open for a little surprise.

        So if people seemed as though they hadn’t read your instructions – they most likely really did. You were just being too covert for us innocents! The trick wasn’t mentioned in the list of ways to get trashcans.

        Well, I just did it now to get enough bags of trash to get the couch! So thanks anyway. The light dawned late, but it dawned eventually.


        • Sorry. We do try to be very cautious on things like this. TOO much info and ***POOOF*** all gone. 😉


          • What’s really funny is that I’m sure I accidentally got the super secret effect a couple of times when I re-read the info and hit the button again to see if I was missing something…. I remember wondering why I had one more trash can than I expected at least twice! I just never put it together in my sleep-deprived head. I’m not even sure how I finally realized what y’all were trying to tell us in your understandably cryptic fashion!

            Maybe we need secret decoder rings for such messages….


  7. Halfway through the event and I still need 14 trash bags to get a flower dropping building. Still a while before I get Peter too so I’m thinking I will run out of time before I can collect enough flowers to unlock her.


  8. The week will be half over before I start getting any flowers.

    Enjoying it so far? Not really.

    Liked by 1 person

  9. Clearing scouts to get flowers? I think you’re still stuck in Camp Wars mode.

    Liked by 1 person

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