The Family Game 101: Wheel Of Prizes

Hello-o-o Addicts!!!  Want to gamble your home and future on the spin of a wheel?  C’mon you know you want to, so let’s do this. Let’s spin some winners and go all Agent Cooper shouting out Hello-o-o TinyCo-o-o as we go-o-o.

So get on your lucky pants as we’re about to take on the Wheel Of Prizes and win!!!


At the Part 1 of the Main Questline, Frenemy Feud, you will be directed to Place The Wheel Of Prizes.

Tapping on GO will take you to the store where  you can purchase the Wheel Of Prizes for $200.

Once placed you can complete Pt 1 of the Main Questline and at Pt. 2 you will be directed to Learn About The Prize Wheel.

Tapping on GO at Learn About The Prize Wheel will bring up the Wheel Of Prizes information box which will give you a lot less information than I’m about to.


Well Hello-o-o it looks a lot like the image belo-o-o.


You’ll need 2 Wheel Ticket per spin.

***It was 1 for a short spell but TinyCo has reverted the Wheel Ticket requirement back to per Spin now. Hell No-o-o***

Wheel Ticket (Common): Lois Buy Tickets OR Chris Spin Until He Pukes OR Game Show Cleveland Flatter Contestants (always) OR Big Money Mystery Box


You have 2 options, either tap on the Wheel Of Prizes decoration which has a little wheel floating above it.

Or you can Tap on the Wheel Of Prizes Icon at the bottom right of your game screen.

Either will bring up the Wheel Of Prizes Main Screen, which shows you the prizes, Jackpot and the cost to Spin.


There are a number of items you can win, and you will initially see the Wheel Of Prizes below and it’s prizes as follows:

1 Lapel Pin Flower

1 Clam

30 Giant Checks

4 Mystery Prizes

3 Lapel Pin Flowers

15 Giant Checks

1 Mystery Prize

The Jackpot (more details on these prizes later in the post)

However after you collect the 4 Lapel Pin Flowers required for unlocking Game Show Peter you will see Lapel Pin Flowers removed from the Wheel of Prizes and replaced. The Wheel of Prizes will then look like this and the prizes will be as follows:

15 Giant Checks

1 Mystery Prize

45 Giant Checks

1 Clam

6 Mystery Prizes

30 Giant Checks

4 Mystery Prizes

The Jackpot (more details on these prizes later in the post)


These are the top prizes on the Wheel Of Prizes, and to be honest it feels weird but as I need other resources for the event I found myself hoping I didn’t  land on any of the Jackpot prizes I saw in my game, those being the Gaudy Lambo and RetepCopter. Only TinyCo could create a game where you don’t want to win most of the Jackpot prizes. But back to the actual prizes, well firstly be aware these will differ in our games, so we can only show you the prizes we’ve seen to date.

Below are all the Jackpot prizes we’ve seen so far and if you seen anything we haven’t please tell us about it in the comments.  I’ll also say not that I’ve been very lucky and NOT won the Gaudy Lambo as yet. Hello-o-o!!!

Millionaire Game Show Set (Building): Road to Bollywood Event, $40 & 25xp every 6hrs

Sir Lanceawart’s Board Games (Buildings): Quahog Comic Con & Fabulous Four Event, $120 & 80xp every 12hrs

Board Game Real Estate (Building): Quahog Not So Silent Night, $60 & 40xp every 12hrs

Show Me the $ Sports Agency (Building): NFL Event, $60 & 60xp every 24hrs

Cheesie Charlie (Animated Decoration): Death at the Drive-In Event, Tap on him to make flames appear around him

Fabu-Jet (Decoration): Quahog Comic Con & Fabulous Four Event

Gaudy Lambo (Decoration): Fat Father Event

Muscle Car (Decoration): Wrestlemania

RetepCopter (Animated Decorations): Evil Week

Sexy Convertible (Decoration): Fat Father Event

Speed Boat (Decoration): Quahog Heat

15 Mystery Prizes 

You will know which Jackpot is currently up for grabs as it will show in the Jackpot box on the right of the Spin Screen, it looks like below.




Well this is easy, once you’ve collected 2 Wheel Tickets tap either the Wheel Of Prizes decoration or the Wheel Of Prizes Icon to open the spinning screen.

Then providing you’ve got the 2 Wheel Tickets necessary simply tap the SPIN button and see what you win.

You’ll see the wheel stop and your prize revealed.

Tap DEAL and that’s you done. Now if you don’t like your prize and your thinking about force closing your game to try again, don’t waste your time, your prize is awarded automatically when you spin not when you tap Deal.  So avoiding tapping Deal and force closing your game WILL NOT get you another try.


Okay, this is coming up a lot in the comments and confusing many players. Basically you’re getting a notification your free spin is ready but when you go to the Wheel Of Prizes you have no free spin. Well Hello-o-o that’s because the free spin doesn’t relate to the Wheel Of Prizes, or even this event. It’s actually a notification of your daily free spin on the Spin N Win, this is an item that is still in BETA testing so not in all our games just now. So the free spin relates to the Spin N Win below, NOT the Wheel Of Prizes.

Now as I’ve said this item is still in Beta testing, so if you don’t have it in your game don’t panic as you’ll see it eventually and honestly you’re not missing out on much unless you want more $ and XP.


  • Buy and place the Wheel Of Prizes(s)
  • Collect 2 Wheel Tickets 
  • Spin the Wheel
  • Collect Prize

There you have the basics of the Wheel Of Prizes for The Family Game Event.

Have you seen spun it yet? If so, what have you won? What do you think of the random prizes? Tips for fellow Players? Let us know.

~ Russian Tigger

35 responses to “The Family Game 101: Wheel Of Prizes

  1. i have used the spin and win every day for so long most i have ever won is 3 clams ,but mostly just xp or coins ,is this thing working properly yet ?


  2. Wheel is back to 1 ticket again!


  3. Anyone able to play it on Facebook yet? (I am getting “We are busy upgrading the game on Facebook. You can still play it on a mobile device.” for about 2 days when trying to start it)


    • It has been like that since this mini event started and since there are only two days left of the event don’t think it is going to appear on facebook


  4. The Wheel of Prizes that landed BEFORE this event just keeps paying out in $ and XP. Neither of which I need.

    Like many I have over $10m that are sitting useless.


    • That’s the Win N Soin wheel, and yes it’s disappointing. However it’s still in Beta testing so maybe the prizes will improve once it’s fully live. We live in hope!


  5. I won Reptocopter but darned if I can find it lol.

    My inventory is huge. May look again when I have a day or two to search!



  6. I know this isn’t in this thread but I need help bad.

    My game reset it self, I tried to log back in and out with my Google account and it telling me it’s linked up to a new save? Wtf? It just deleted it self and idk what to do. Please help. It was a level 80



    • What do you mean linked up to a new save? Do you mean you just see a new game in yours? If so, try to RE-Link your saved game by playing the game til you get to Chris holding antenna. At that point the Main Menu “Blue Cookie” icon will show up again and let you go to the account options.


      • I have completed all of the steps I was instructed to do, I just randomly logged in today and it showed me the new game play cut scene. I logged in after recomolting the tutorial and it said my level 80 link save was now a level 1 link save. I logged out of it and my Facebook one and logged into either one of them and it says it’s linked up to the level 1 save and not my 80. TinyCo won’t answer me either


        • When did you message them? They can take a few days to respond depending on amount of work orders in front of you.

          If you LINKED it… instead of LOAD it with current game, then you will only see Level 1.

          If that is the case and it was just an error of LINK vs LOAD… they can help. If it is a bigger glitch, you will need to give them time to resolve.


          • Relax Taylor! I did a similar thing a while back and panicked that I had lost all my progress to date! I messaged TinyCo who managed to “rescue” my game so I’m pretty confident they can help. Unfortunately with it being the weekend now it might take a few days which means you’ll miss out on most of this event, but that’s a small price to pay if they can rescue your entire game progress!


  7. Millionaire Game Show Set (no Regis or audience)
    $40, 25 exp

    Board Game Real Estate (red hotel, two dice, mouse, car)
    $60, 40 exp

    Muscle Car
    Orange two door car with black racing stripes

    Up next: Show Me the $ Sports Agency

    Also it looks like spins are back to two tickets. 😦 😦 😦


  8. its 1 ticket per spin now .. and they added Jim Kaplan (the talkative salesperson) as a character for 800 giant checks !!!


  9. I dropped down to 1 ticket a spin, but now it’s back to 2.. anyone else seeing that?


  10. I got the same prize and I can’t find it anywhere either!


  11. I won the Cheesie Charlie character from one of the 2 of these wheels, can’t remember which, but the character itself is nowhere to be found. I looked in inventory, but nothing is there in terms of characters for me. What do I do?


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