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Fast Times At Griffin High Event Is LIVE!!!

Back in the day, I was the coolest kid in class…

Like Oh My Gosh, Gag me with a Spoon, AS IF, No Shoes… No Shirt… No Service… I LOVE SPICOLI!!!

A New Event has dropped into our Quahogs giving us all sorts of High School and Blasts from the Past Flash Backs. Just what will Fast Times at Griffin High Event have in store for us? Let’s take a peek.


Remember, we are pulling information live and updating the post as we can verify the stats in the game. Keep checking back to the post as we will put in the details as soon as we come across them in our games.

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The Family Game – Review & How Did You Do? Poll

It was one of those short but sweet, blink and you’ll miss it events. But that doesn’t mean we don’t want to hear how you got on in the The Family Game event.

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The Family Game Character Questline – Al Harrington

Come on down. Al Harrington!!!

This is Al, who may be a bit of a tube, man,  but he’s definitely NOT a costume for Peter. Lol.

Oh yes, Al Harrington has come flailing into our games and only gone and brought a Questline with him.

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The Family Game Character Questline – Game Show Stewie, Game Show Cleveland & Game Show Peter

Looks who’s ready to flash their latest Questlines,  yes it’s our glamorous  hostess Game Show Stewie., the suave and sophisticated Game Show Cleveland and em, the weakest link by far, Game Show Peter.

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