The Family Game – Review & How Did You Do? Poll

It was one of those short but sweet, blink and you’ll miss it events. But that doesn’t mean we don’t want to hear how you got on in the The Family Game event.

These polls are really just to share how we all did, and what we thought of events.

One freemium character, one freemium character costume, one freemium returning character and two new premium character costumes seemed like plenty of content for a week-long event, it seems generous but I think the unlock requirements for the returning Jim Kaplan might have been tough for those who chose to play this event completely freemium and still have a life.

But in general it was a fun little filler event, it’s hard to complain when TinyCo gave us players a nod in the game dialogue and included a decoration that had a word game that’s now best forgotten.

In fact I think the biggest drama this whole event was when I blogged an Oops saying Al Harrington was a costume for Peter, thanks to all who had a laugh at my expense. And apologies to Al, who is of course a character in himself. It’s weird because we use Al’s so much in the game I think many of us kind of forgot that up until now the character wasn’t in our games. And I’m glad he is, as his animated tasks are great, I love them.

My main gripe, Happy Hour. Doesn’t work and it isn’t fair as many players miss it due to working, sleeping etc. We all play from different time zones and a Happy Hour even if it’s a few hours is mighty unfair on those whose time zone is far removed from PDT.

And with that I will shut up so you can take a minute away from your games to share your success with us and as always I will bring you the results next week.

And remember if you’ve any thoughts of feedback, please leave it in the comments. But please don’t turn this into a What the Deuce post, as Bunny will flail me if you do. By all means give us your thoughts and opinions but sprinkle a little Al Harrington happiness on them if you can, lol.

Until we meet again in Quahog!!! According to my App Store that will be very soon as the next event is looming, look out for posts on the upcoming event, Fast Times In Griffin High soon.

~ Russian Tigger

And for those who can’t see the poll, or who have had issues with the post poll jumping to the comments when trying to select answers, here’s the link to the Google version where this issue doesn’t occur. Thanks to regular reader sasquatch71089 for sharing that tip.


25 responses to “The Family Game – Review & How Did You Do? Poll

  1. Got Peter then Al but didn’t think i would get Jim but on final day was getting close so I kept the game open collecting and finally 2am after event had ended and Fast Times began I got 2 spins giving me 15,30 checks, then rushed Al’s 6 hour quest giving me enough to get Jim.


  2. I purchased the Fighting Families Set for 180 clams and finished the event on Monday with all three characters and a spare 652 big checks.



  3. Not once did the spinner land on 6 Mystery Prizes, so I ended up having to spend 38 clams unlocking Al to make up for the DVDs that never dropped. Side quests also piling up for me because no-one has had a break in months.


  4. I just want the costume questlines to go away when the event ends. I’m fine with letting the new characters have carryover questlines, but I still have multiple questlines going from old events because they need Peter (or another main character) to do something, but I need Peter etc. for the current game. And it seems like the Daily Task quests are using at least one main characters these days as well, so I just ignore those now.


    • I’ve a build up too. It’s difficult as when these Side Questlines left with events players complained they should have stayed, now with so many seeing opposite in the comments.


      • I just don’t understand why we can’t have a break between events. I usually clear my side-quests though, sometimes sacrificing current event collectables when I think I can spare it. I only have 2 at the moment (Host with the Most) and (Kaplan’s Pros at Cons). It would be nice to be able to manually remove quests though. I still have “Buy coins to get clams” from the first time I played the game, but it’s never going to happen – I won’t spent a cent on this game until they lower prices so that a full character is $2 or less (around 50 clams)


  5. I had a lot of fun with this event. I bought a 50 clam pack right as I was starting and ended with 42 after using some to speed up a few tasks. As it turned out, I didn’t even need to use that much as I unlocked Al and Peter with a full day to spare! This allowed me to have their character quests finished by the end of the day on the ending day. Perfect pacing, fun event…as I said after the MIB event: Way to go TinyCo!


  6. I had a terrible drop rate of tickets for the wheel of prizes, so I barely got any packages to clear contestants. It took me forever to get lap flowers, so Peter didn’t help with those tickets. Al was truly impossible for me. I didn’t collect the 3 tube men, and I got 7/13 DVDs.
    I even had difficulites to collect checks; in total I got 1100 (since my only source were virtually the characters and not the wheel or contestants). Enough to get Jim Kaplan at least. I figured I wasn’t going anywhere with the event since nothing was dropping so I changed goals. It was so different from what everybody is commenting… Unlucky me 😦


    • Glad you at least got Jim, walking away with nothing is brutal.


    • Don’t feel too bad, I had the same lousy luck. I also ended with only 7/13 dvd’s, although I did get the 3 tube men. Had I not gotten Jim it would have been a total bust for me. I didn’t get the Peter outfit because I was saving the checks for Al. I was contemplating buying out Al last minute, but got an upgrade error trying to open game, so couldn’t even do that. Yep, it was horrid.


  7. The one problem I had was the DVDs for All. There were a rare drop but so was getting the mystery boxes. Bought Game Show Peter as I needed the golden tickets to try to get the mystery boxes. Ended up 117 tickets short for Jim Kaplan.

    I enjoyed the mini event but felt the DVDs locked behind two layers of chance really slowed me down.


  8. my facebook never got the event


  9. PinkFloydActuary

    Hats off to TinyCo – the last two events now have taken me to the last few hours, but I’ve been able to get the characters freemium without having to wake up in the middle of the night. Thrilled to get Kaplan this time around.


  10. I voted Unfair to describe this event. Reason being that I see all these comments how other players got everything playing freemium, great drops, etc.. For me this was the worst mini event I’ve experienced. I could not get the dvd’s for Al because mystery prizes rarely came up on my spins, Not One Time did I hit the 4 or 6 mystery prize slot, not once! As I’ve said before, I cannot believe the difference between players games, this event seemed to have been based on luck, which I had none. Wish I could say I enjoyed it like most others are, but I hated it.


  11. I didn’t need to unlock JIm Kaplan as I already had him, but I ended the event with 895 tickets. This was after purchasing all the buildings and decorations and I really stopped trying for more tickets the 24 hours of the even, so I would have easily gotten him. And I only used a few clams a day to speed up the characters doing the golden ticket tasks. So no more than like six clams each day, which is about what I get from watching the videos. For me this was the best pacing on event in awhile. Kept busy, but never stressed about it.


  12. I didn’t like the event really. While I was able to get both Kaplan and Harrington the Wheel of Prizes was stupid. The jackpot never changed (always the purple car) and I never won it, even after unlocking everything else (well except a couple of the ‘game shows’ I didn’t want). What’s the point of having a top prize if we never get it? If anything, everyone should’ve been able to get at least 1 or 2 jackpots. I really hope TinyCo aren’t going to do more gambling type events – they already rely on “random drops” far to heavily. Drops are not fun or exciting, TinyCo!!!


  13. All in all this mini event was fun,I got AL Harrington and the costume for Peter,also as a bonus I got Jim kaftan which was great seeing as I missed out on him the first 2 times around-now all they have to do is let me do something interesting with my millions of coins…


  14. Can’t vote as I didn’t get Peter or Al, did get Jim. Was waiting last minute to either get Peter or buyout Al today, but I’m not able to get into my game today, screen keeps saying Please Upgrade, but I can’t, I have the latest version. Not too happy right now.


  15. I couldn’t get enough DVDs to get Al. I only ever got 1 box to give to contestants, so i couldn’t ever get the stuff needed to move on. Peter’s costume was good though.


  16. Since the very first question (unlike the 2nd question) doesn’t have a “None” option AND answering it is required for some unfathomable reason, I cannot answer the poll.

    With limited time (and limited access to certain resources), I got nothing out of this mini event.


  17. I LOVED this event! It was the first time that I was able to complete EVERYTHING before the ending (freemium). The drops were challenging but fair, and I liked that there were so many ways to get big checks with different length activities of 2, 3 or 6 hours. The theme was fun and I thought this event was perfect!


  18. I would have needed maybe 2 days more to get the Al Harrington character. I got enough “Giant Checks” to get the last building far too late to get those last 5 drops of the woman bending over. Strangely enough, it won’t let me put the wheel away for some reason.


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