Wheel Of Prizes Happy Hour & New Items In Store

Hello-o-o Addicts!!!  Want to gamble your home and future on the spin of a wheel?  C’mon you know you want to, so let’s do this. Let’s spin some winners and go all Agent Cooper shouting out Hello-o-o TinyCo-o-o as we go-o-o.

So get on your lucky pants as we’re about to take on the Wheel Of Prizes and win!!! And for a limited time those Spins are only 1 Wheel Ticket a try.

Yes the Happy Hour that we first saw appear in the Guys In Black event is back, and this time it’s to help you get more spins on the Wheel Of Prizes.

Yes, until 5PM PDT today you’ll be able to spin your Wheel Of Prizes for only 1 Wheel Ticket, instead of the usual 2.

As well as this TinyCo have put a couple of options for buying Wheel Tickets in to our stores. These are as follows.

There you have it the Happy Hour that’s, well a bit longer than an hour but only makes you happy if you’re in your game within those happy hours. Mmm!

Have you took advantage of the Happy Hour? If so, what have you won? Let us know.

~ Russian Tigger

23 responses to “Wheel Of Prizes Happy Hour & New Items In Store

  1. well glad i got al and jim just need 200 more tickets to get the wheel of fortune show piece hehehehe


  2. Cripes, how long was this Happy ‘Hour’?! I didn’t get a notification about it, and am not sure how I missed it completely, since I always check in on my game before I put my kid to bed, which is between 6pm & 8pm EDT. Hrphm!

    The purchase Wheel Ticket option has appeared in my store though.

    I think I’m going to go for Jim Kaplan (I just missed him last time around); I have everything for Al Harrington EXCEPT the stupid DVDs – I only have 7 of them, and most of those I’ve jusr gotten recently. I have had the *worst* luck at the Wheel of Prizes, even though my ticket drops have been okay. Sooooooooo many spins of jusr tickets, and on the very rare occasion I land on a gift box, it’s invariably just 1; never 6 and only 4 twice. *sigh*

    Wish they’d have left the spin option at 1 Ticket when it glitched initally… 😢


    • It popped up in my game about 7pm UK time, and was around for few hours before I fell asleep. It’s not a good way of doing things with international players and folk working shifts etc, some players will benefit whilst others miss out. Not the way to do things.

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  3. Uninstalled the app cos I never got anything other than 15 tickets or 1 mystery prize from wheel. Such a waste of time. TinyCo are just useless at consistency. I spent clams but only have 5/13 DVDs. Wanted Al but refuse to pay for him on principle!


  4. hit 800 tickets and got him with 6 hours to go


  5. Was this just a labour day thing?
    Didn’t get it here in Australia.


  6. I saw this last night and thought it would be good after I got some more tickets. Get up today and it’s back to normal 2 ticket a spin. Sigh.


  7. Completely missed this. Just need checks and ties now for Al though so not too bad.


    • That’s why I don’t like it, it’s unfair as doesn’t take into consideration they have players worldwide, and short offers that last couple hours can be missed if you’re not in the game for whatever reason, sleeping, working….

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  8. 577 tickets with 19 hours to go


  9. This seemed like a welcome change, given that when I put Peter, Lois and Chris all to task for the tickets, I usually only get 1 ticket (sometimes 2, never all 3). Also, given that the wheel almost exclusively gives tickets, never boxes, and I badly need them for the CDs to get Al Harrington, I was very pleased to see this.
    Then… It turned out to be a massive Middle-Finger-to-You-Non-American-Subordinate. Being on the other side of the globe meant that this happened mostly while we were asleep and was over at 10am. Hot stuff! I got a mere one spin out of this before it expired.
    If an app is available in a range of countries, marketing to other nations for customers, it’d be nice if we were considered when it comes to these things. Anything less than a fair 24 hours just isn’t inclusive.

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  10. While I appreciate the one-ticket-one-spin special, I’m not so sure about the ticket cost. 4 tickets for 60 clams is 15 clams a ticket. You can speed up a 3 hour ticket task for 6 clams, meaning 2 attempts for a common drop for 12 clams. Even 10 tickets for 127 clams is still 12.7 clams per ticket.

    I say, if you’re going to take advantage of the lower spin cost, just speed up the tasks. (I did, because I don’t know if I’ll be able to get Jim Kaplan otherwise.)

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    • thanks for doing the maths .. i wasn’t tempted to buy any tickets bcz im so close to getting Al anyway .. i got both Peter and Jim earlier (i chose Jim over Al bcz i figured it’ll be easier to collect 500 tickets while it took me 2 and half or 3 days days to accumulate 800 for Jim) … the Happy Hour is great i spinned 4 times and got 15 tickets + 15 tickets + 4 boxes + 1 box …


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