What The Deuce?!

Happy Weekend Clammers!

Well we’ve all made it through another week and the weekend is here!

All week we field your comments about your frustrations in the game and we wanted to give you (and us) a way for you to voice your frustrations and get it all off of your chest.

So welcome to WHAT THE DEUCE?!

What the Deuce

Here’s your place to vent about anything and everything, Family Guy or not. Consider this your weekly bitch fest and get it all out with a good…WHAT THE DEUCE?! And start your weekend fresh! 🙂

Just be respectful of others & be mindful of the language while commenting. Censor yourselves so we don’t have to!!  

REMEMBER: This is the ONLY place on our site where all that Venting and Frustration is allowed, so please Respect the Addicts Guidelines and post them ONLY here. What The Deuce?! are always open, so you can use them at anytime. 24/7, 365 days a year. Help us by keeping the Vents/Rants off all the other helpful posts. 🙂

Vents placed anywhere else on the site will find their way to the Trash instead. Keep in mind that this is the Addicts Site, not TinyCo’s… so respect that we do not have to field the abuse for them, but are just giving an outlet to vent frustrations for our Readers. Direct Abuse towards anyone in any shape or form however will not be allowed on the site… period.

Here’s mine for this week:

WHAT THE DEUCE… Event, after Event after Event. Give us a break TinyCo.

WHAT THE DEUCE… The return of Ruth in our games, did TinyCo read my latest Speculating With Stewie post?

Now it’s YOUR turn…give us your WHAT THE DEUCE?! moments!  Go on, get it off your chest…you’ll feel a lot better! 🙂


54 responses to “What The Deuce?!

  1. Groan! So after reading all the comments from Kindle users complaining how the game hasn’t updated, it looks like the same thing has now happened on IOS.
    I’ve been unable to log in all day on my apple device: I get a message on the load up screen telling me to update my game but I click on the “upgrade” link it would seem the latest update isnt actually available in the App Store yet!
    Fortunately I was clear of stage 1 and just waiting for week 2 to go live, so I shouldn’t loose too much ground, but still annoying!


  2. Gimme a break
    I sure deserve it
    It’s time I made it
    to the top.
    Gimme a break
    I’m looking forward
    Get behind me
    pull out every stop

    I want a happy ending
    I’m tired of pretending
    Won’t let em get the best of me
    Wo wo wo wo

    Gimme a break! The game is survival!
    Gimme a break, and plan my arrival!
    Gimme a break for heaven’s sake!
    What happened to my piece of the cake?

    Gimme a break!
    Gimme a break!
    Oh Gimme a break!
    Gimme a Break!
    Hey Gimme a Break!
    (For you youngsters out there, that’s the theme song to a TV show.)

    I like the way they do it in TSTO: Big event, a week or so or non-stressful mini event, big event…


  3. Madame Claude is stuck in her Psychic Parlor and kicks me out of the game if I click on her checkmark.


  4. Kindle Update Problem:

    This current event was released on September 6th, it’s now September 12th and I still don’t see an update for the Amazon Kindle.
    When I load the game the screen options are: to 1) Update or 2) Later.
    If I choose Update, it loads the Google Update (not Kindle).
    If I choose Later, when I try to update via Amazon, there isn’t an update available (at version 1.53.1).
    The Amazon Kindle Update usually slow, although I’ve never had to wait this long for an event before. The last mini event, the Kindle Update was the same day as the release (which is generally behind a day or two).

    Anyone else having this problem or have any ideas?
    Since I’m so far behind, I guess I’m skipping this event, but I don’t want to miss out on future events.


  5. WTD?! When the hell is the “week 1 challenge” going to appear? I’m just stacking up passes and cheese hoping they will be useful throughout the rest of the event….


    • Probably later today, I’m in UK and have seen them appear anytime between 6pm and the middle of the night my time.

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      • RT- Thanks for this. I’m really putting the time in with this event to win a character and my challenge has not triggered yet so I came here for clues. It says something about a wheel but when I tap ffi it does nothing. I’ll rest easy then☺️. I really worked hard to get AL H in the last event and I was so close, so I’m really pulling out the stops for this one. Your site here is truly a blessing. I discovered I could unlock 👩as she’s not timed, so maybe I’ll get lucky with her. TSTO is still my fave, but I’m starting to like this more. As another poster said, I would have abandoned this game a long time ago if I didn’t have this guide as an accompaniment. Thank you to you & Bunny & all the contributors & posters for all you do. Very much appreciated by a struggling FGQFS player🍾☀️……💜X


  6. I called Amazon customer service. They informed me that the issue is not them. Tinyco submitted the update, but do to problems with the update (surprise) they can’t release it until Tinyco fixes the issue. So for all kindle users, we are waiting on Tinyco. I don’t think we are ever going to get this event.


  7. Hey folks!
    I’m a TSTO guy. Saw the post today about the Futurama game, & saw talk in there about a Family Guy game which I hadn’t heard of.
    I plan to download this game when I get home from work. I was wondering, I know in TSTO characters often return. Do they do the same in Family Guy? I notice there was a Star Trek even a few years ago. I’d love to have the Star Trek TNG crew in my game! Any hope of that?


    • It’s hard to say, the Star Trek characters have been available twice now, there’s lot players would love to see them return and the American Dad characters, but it’s honestly anyone’s guess if they will.

      If you’re going play, please don’t expect this to be like TSTO, it’s tougher but it’s fun, especially starting out unlocking the early districts.


  8. My WTD is for TinyCo Support. It’s not a full-on complaint, but it would be nice to get a proper answer after sending 3 messages and waiting 2 weeks for an actual reply and not just the standard “Sorry we didn’t answer you in time.” auto-reply. I got a (seemingly) lucky break 2 weeks ago when the Clam-TV glitch hit and amassed just under 2300 clams using the glitch. I messaged TinyCo about it and was completely honest, and I replied to their first auto-reply letting them know that I still had an issue. After 3-4 days I got a differently worded, same concept message from them and I asked them to read my original message and respond to me. They have now seemingly closed my ticket so I get the question if they answered all my questions. Obviously, they haven’t. Any tips on where to go forward with this? Should I say Yes and just write a new message or keep saying No and hope to Flash God that they will one day read my message and give me an actual response? 😜


    • I would take screenshots of your messages and their responses, keep them, and just leave it at for now. You’ve told them, you’ve proof you told them. Just start playing and if anything negative ever comes of it you’ve got the SS and I’ll ensure Bunny makes sure they know you reached out.


      • Thanks RT! I’ll take your advice. Thanks for everything that you do for us here and good luck with the Futurama Addicts site. 👍 That game was somewhat fun, but didn’t keep my interest like FGTQFS and TSTO.


  9. How is it that people still have tasks to clear from past events (Chris K mentioned just completing Camp Wars tasks)? I find that once an event is over that’s it…any unfinished tasks go away. I was stuck trying to get Edgar for the last couple of weeks of MIB because anything related to him was gone but he was still stuck in my tasks. But once an event is over I never see the tasks again for any of those. I’ve just unlocked the Quahog News district so would like to work on that, but as others have said…I need the characters to take care of the current event.


    • If you unlock the character or costume and have them in your game, their Questline continues, you’re just seeing the Task to get the character once you get them you get a full Questline to complete and it is those that build up, I’ve about 8 sitting to be complete myself


      • Ahhh. Thanks for that. I have no idea how far behind some of these tasks are because I’m not really sure where I **should** be in the game because of all of the events. For example, just last week I was building a blimp with Stewie and Brian. No idea if that’s a newer Questline or an old one. I’m guessing it’s older since it seems to have popped up right before unlocking the news station. Sometimes these Questlines get really confusing!


  10. I have the Amazon fire. Still no update for the game. When I try to log into the game a pop up appears asking if I want to upgrade. When I tap the upgrade button it takes me to the Google play store where it says the game is installed on my device. There is no option to update. And why is it taking my to the google play store? I don’t even have that on my device!


  11. WTD, 46 rare lipsticks? Shouldn’t the logic be that the rarer an item it is, the less number you need to get?

    That said, a positive WTD is that Tinyco finally gave us what all of us wanted and expressed in the great feedback polls from RT. Characters only mystery box! Keep them coming!

    Just a quick word on the grouse on back to back events. I’m getting burned out too, so my strategy is to save the last day of event to clear tasks and quest lines then take it easy on first two days of next event. I’m resigned to the fate that we are not going to get breaks in between. Lol.


  12. Anyone having trouble getting cargo shorts to drop for Peters latest costume?


  13. I am starting to think Kindle Fire users will simply just not get the update for this event at all this time. I can still do certain bits like get the stuff for the new Peter costume and work on getting the buildings to get Cher, but I don’t know if there’s anything else due to not having an update.


  14. Facebook versions,,, no last event AT ALL, and a delay for who knows how long on this one. Bleh. I’d be happy with a little break between events, but not because of programming failures.


  15. WTD!!! It is Saturday and still no update for the Kindle!!!! The quests are hard enough to complete in the timeframe Tinyco gives, but because no Kindle update, I am 3 days behind. Thanks a lot Amazon, you truly dropped the ball on this one! GRRRRRRRRR!!


  16. Urging others to not rant about how the game is frustrating and how inept TinyCo are. Instead, do like me and cut your losses and just quit playing! Much happier just playing TSTO with more time to improve designs

    Not getting Al after playing AND paying all week was the final straw for me. Don’t feel like I’m missing anything with this lame concept event. Big events should be directly related to the show with minis for random stuff, not the other way around! SMFH TinyCo

    PS I was born male so couldn’t complete their pathetic SJW poll


    • You are obv more concerned about your site than ppl wasting their money on this game. So go ahead and keep my comments hidden…


      • No, not at all, sometimes we just get busy with our real lives so comments aren’t immediately moderated. I had lot on over the weekend hence moderating comments was low down on my priorities. Really just as simple as that, nothing to do with protecting the site. If the game were to vanish tomorrow, the site would be no longer needed and all involved would just move on, I write here for nothing, so if the site goes I lose nothing. But I would miss the game, and more importantly the chat with other players here if FGQFS became no more.

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    • I think if playing frustrates you or makes you so mad there is no enjoyment anymore it’s time to reflect and find a new game. I personally play FGQFS, TSTO and now FWOT, and at this time TSTO is my least favourite as its so easy it’s become tedious.go in tap few times a day, and done. Whereas I believe TinyCo still need improve things I prefer the way they mix up events.

      Also worth remembering they don’t have hundreds of Quahog residents to bring into the game TSTO has, so celebrities and movie tie ins will always be part of the game. But like you I like it if I can link things back to the show!!!

      Hope you continue enjoy TSTO


  17. My Age is the Amazon appstore. 3 days and still don’t have the update.


  18. A positive WTD!! TinyCo is loosening up a bit and giving us some of what we want, thanks to bunny and tigger and all who respond to their posts. TinyCo is not giving in without a fight though. I loved the way they took a jab at us in the monologue about complaining that we need more land. One of the things I like about the family guy show is how inappropriately funny it is, I feel guilty laughing sometimes, but it’s so damn funny. TinyCo took it to the top last event with the wheel of fortune board, I now have it prominently displayed on my beachfront. The “A” has already been bought, so eliminate “aunt “. Very inappropriate , very funny . Thanks TinyCo you made me smile and laugh instead of frown and curse.


  19. My WTD is a reaction to your WTD… What’s the desire to not have back to back events? Since you’re a dedicated player, I’m guessing you’ve got all land and districts unlocked, so what would there be to do in the game without events (mini or otherwise)? The day they stop doing back to back events, I’ll assume they are winding down and preparing to abandon development.


    • With a break we clear tasks built up, design our towns. Learn look forward to what’s coming next instead of dreading it as players are burnt out from last event. And maybe an end to the glitches that happen event after event, a time out may let TinyCo actually sort these

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      • Hmmm. Ok. I think the challenge here is that Tiny Co can’t risk losing engagement. The more people who aren’t opening the game regularly, the more likely they will stop using it altogether. There are games on my devices that I have just forgotten about because for whatever reason I got out of the habit of opening them regularly. I open FG often because I know there will be new content waiting. In a nod to this blog’s name, it becomes an addiction. 🙂

        As for the glitches, I guess I’m in the minority that I rarely encounter crippling glitches. You’re right that some new features (like Camp Wars in Wet Hot American Summer event) don’t appear to be well tested or are too ambitious (all the play areas in the Bill & Ted’s event), but I hate to discourage their desire to add new things to keep the game interesting. Also, not to start a platform debate here, but I get the feeling that the Android version is more buggy.


      • I totally get it. As much as I enjoy the game and like the flow of events, I still have tasks from the MIB and game show events. Little worried about my tasks backing up and not having room for current tasks. But the people needed (mainly Jerome) are busy collecting items to unlock new characters . Cest la vie!


      • I’m with you, RussianTiger. A one-two day break between events would be nice for me too.

        Basically, every event, I get at least one or two new characters (a few bought, but most earned). These characters always have 3-4 character quests before they’re “cleared” from my quest list. Yet these character quests ALWAYS require the same eight or so main characters (Mort, Chris, Quagmire, etc.) to do tasks, when those same main characters are also needed to earn items to progress through the event. So I end up pushing the character quests aside while working on the current event’s main quests.

        This always leaves me with character quests to try to clear up after the event is over, but this has to be done during the following event, when the SAME eight or so characters are again needed to earns items to progress through an event. This means I inevitably delay my current event progress trying to clear character events from the last event.

        Hope this rant made sense.

        Also, my personal WTD is lipstick. WHAT THE HELL TINYCO?? Four days of grinding and I have 10 of 46 needed. Damn Tinyco and their ridiculous habit of requiring dozens of rare items to unlock characters. At least Cher isn’t timed tho. Figure I’ll have her by the end of phase 2 anyway.

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    • I agree with RT – I just cleared the last tasks from the Camp Wars event…there’s no law that says TinyCo has to launch an event on Wednesdays…yes, I agree, we will see the end when they stop launching events, but in the meantime, they should work on glitches and, yes, TinyCo, we will keep complaining until you give us more land for our buildings…

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    • Yah. What this guy said. Lol


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