Fast Times At Griffin High Weekly Challenge – Week 1 – Blast From The Past

Hey Addicts, it’s time to blast into the past.

Yes our old favourites, not, the Weekly Challenges are back.  And it’s time to clear out some Science Nerds as things are getting silly in this first of the Fast Times At Griffin High Event’s Weekly Challenges.

Now for a while these had got easier, then in the last couple of events TinyCo seemed to be making these challenges a bit tougher again and we were seeing a lot of unhappy players who were unable to complete the full set,so it’s hard to predict what we will get in this events set of challenges.

But this week’s challenge, if you should choose to accept it, could be tight unless you keep on top of resetting the necessary task, especially if you only have Cool Kid Peter to clear the Science Nerds.

If you should complete this challenge what will you get? Well  you’ll win yourself this glamorous Ferris Carjacked Convertible.

And as per the last few events TinyCo have also released an image of the grand prize should you complete the full set of weekly challenges, and it looks like they’ve listened to the players who want something better than a decoration for all their hard work, as the grand prize is a Full Character this time around. If you complete all 4 Weekly Challenges you’ll win Michael Pulaski.

What do you need to do to complete this weeks challenge, well here’s the deal, you will need to complete the Blast From The Past Quest which consists of:

Blast From The Past
Peter  Starts

Check Out the Prize: Tap Go to see the prize
Clear 8 Science Nerds: Use Cool Kid Peter or/and Ferris Bueller to clear Science Nerds 


So there you have it the first of this events weekly challenges. Are you going to go for it, or give it a miss? Let us know by voting below.

~ Russian Tigger


28 responses to “Fast Times At Griffin High Weekly Challenge – Week 1 – Blast From The Past

  1. I finished the weekly challenge but can’t find the convertible


  2. Agree this is better than Leaderboard. I’m going to try since I need the currency to exchange for more passes to unlock items needed for Cher anyway.

    RT, just curious, since we are talking about leader board, which prize did you get for MIB event? Got what you wanted?


  3. going at my own pace with this event what ever i can get done i will no clams will be used just waiting 4 halloween lol


  4. Just got this month’s Event to show up on FB. Bit to catch up on!


  5. I do prefer these “Weekly Challenges” over having a leaderboard. At least everyone gets a chance to get the prizes (and not only 100 people or so). I usually purchase some of the characters / buildings etc. in the store as well and that can sometimes help with these challenges. For example, of course I purchased Ferris Bueller (being the 80s child that I am), having Peter’s costume unlocked AND Ferris Bueller both working on it this week will make this challenge a breeze.
    Also, you can get every prize with the weekly challenges as compared to the leaderboards. I remember a time when getting first prize on the leaderboard also meant that you got the 2nd and 3rd prize as well. It seems like that was not the case recently with the MiB event. I won first prize but only got the first prize (Boris the Animal) and not the other prizes (I would have also have liked that Statue of Liberty deco). At least with the Weekly Challenges you CAN get every prize. Making this weeks challenge a full character is also a very good incentive.

    So in summary (for me) – Leaderboards = BAD
    Weekly Challenges = GOOD (or at least alright). 😄


  6. … and two hours later, still none appearing.


    • I just got a spawn


    • So I wasn’t able to see my game for four hours (!!! Four whole hours!!! Yikes!!!) and Peter was able to get his 4 hour task done per game play task, so that was nice. Still no nerds. I cleared up some other characters, took out some wheelie hamsters, checked to see that I was still WAY away from getting the next 4 passes, came out of that and was about to in game message TinyCo AGAIN about the nerds, when lo and behold, a tiny pop and a shimmer and two nerds started their walkabout. If the task is four hours, will their be nerds waiting, available, when this task ends or is there going to be some indeterminate delay?!?! Maddening!!! I have both Ferris (of course I bought him! He’s Ferris Beuller!!!) and Peter doing their nerd clearing thing to try to gather hall passes and this seeming built in delay is frustrating as all get out!!!


      • And now an hour after THAT, I have two free radical nerds on walkabout, in addition to the ones kibitzing with Peter and Ferris. Oh TinyCo!!!! You frustrate me to no end!!!


  7. As soon as this dropped, I had zero nerds in town.


  8. So, you have to complete 8 6 hour challenges in 48 hours? That’s only going to happen for paying players.
    Remind me again why I play this game.


    • 8, 4hr challenges, do you can do it freemium.


      • What if you still need 18 lipstick and need Peters help getting cheese for hamster? Freemium may have difficulty if they want to move to week 2 on time.


        • Then you need decide whether or not just to ignore the weekly challenge, some players do and just concentrate on getting through the phase, but the point I was making is it can be done freemium time wise, the commenter felt it couldn’t be done in the time given.


        • One thing to consider is that staying in week one could be an advantage as you can keep picking up hamster wheels to trade in for hall passes. In previous events as soon as the new phase hits the trade in rates become difficult without the new currency for the week. Starting week 2 with a big bunch of passes even a day or two late can be a big advantage.


  9. I’m going for it. Knowing that the grand prize is a full character drives me to finish all the challenges.


  10. Nice easy challenge for week one…..well I say easy assuming that most of us have unlocked Cool Kid Peter by now? And even easier if you’ve bought Ferris Bueller!


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