Fast Times At Griffin High Event Phase 4 Is LIVE!!!

Back in the day, I was the coolest kid in class…  Like Oh My Gosh, Gag me with a Spoon, AS IF, No Shoes… No Shirt… No Service… I LOVE SPICOLI!!!

A New Phase has dropped into our Quahogs giving us all sorts of High School and Blasts from the Past Flash Backs. Just what will the final Phase of the Fast Times at Griffin High Event have in store for us? Let’s take a peek.


First up, the Basics

  • Players will need to be on the App Market Version 1.54.0 or higher in order to see the event. Also try restarting your device and check App Market again. Or see if going into the game will trigger it.
  • Note: Facebook and Amazon App Markets do have delays of up to 24+ hrs on their launches.
  • Also, you may have to go directly to the App Page to force an update on some devices.
  • Players will need to have at LEAST District 3 Unlocked and Al’s complete.
  • Players will only see this on the Mobile App Version (iOS, Google, Amazon, Facebook). NOT Windows Stand Alone
  • PLAY THE GAME! Items unlock in stages and as you progress, so if you do not see an item it is most likely you have not progressed far enough in the Main Questline to unlock it. Check details below for more specifics on unlock points
  • Don’t have a TON of Tasks open in your Task Menu. If you have too many open, no new ones can arrive. (Keep it under 10). If you do not see new Tasks popping up, clear out some incomplete Tasks already on your List to make room for more

Sorry about the delay but I’m trying pull this info from my game. Good luck with the final phase everyone and if you can share any info I’ve not got yet please do so in th comments.


CLUELESS and FERRIS BUELLER’S DAY OFF ©2017 Paramount Pictures. All Rights Reserved

For anyone out there, who like me, is addicted to 2 TinyCo games, remember we’ve now set up a FWOT Addicts site, just like you asked us to. Just click here to go there.


Main Questline – Schools Out


Two 3 day limited time offers triggered for me at start of the Phase:

Gotta Give Up The Toad – Buy $19.99 or more clams and get 12 Toads and 5 Hall Passes

Dont Croak – Buy $9.99 clams get 12 Toads for free


Toad Lickin Peter Statue: 125 Clams, Always drops x Toads every 8hrs


150 Clams per try

Zac Sawyer (Costume for Stewie, has tasks to drop Rat Trap, Rat Tail, Spatula and Fake Cheerleader)
140 Dodgeballs
35 Sloppy Joes
21 Toads
7 Hall Passes
14 Scrap Plastic
18 Pom Poms
155 Clams


Principal Shepherd (Full Character): 250Clams, Comes with a Questline, Fully tasked, individual tasks to drop Radioactive Cheese, Towel, Scrap Plastic and Pom Poms. You’ll find a Should I Buy here.

Chemically Castrated Chris – Triggers after School Out Pt. 2
9 Curlers (Always):: Clear Cheerleader
10 Hormone Pills (Common): Clear Science Experiments, Dr Nolibido’s Castration Clinic
16 High School Diplomas (Uncommon): Attack Michael Pulaski, Principal Shepherds Office
51 Khaki Pants (Rare): Clear Dropouts, Connie Shop Til She Drops, Dr Hartman Buy Slacks

Cameron Frye: Triggers at School Out Pt 2, you will need to go to the Security Office and purchase The Frye Garage for 3 Hall Passes, once placed you will be able to see Cameron Frye and what items he will need to be unlocked.
5 Hockey Jerseys (Common): Clear Locker Room Bully, Seamus Play Hockey
30 Cough Medicine (Uncommon): Clear Dropouts
20 self Help Books (Uncommon): Jerome Host Speed Dating, Quagmires Office Bathroom
13 Car Keys (Rare): Frye Garage, Fidget and Didgets


These gals trigger at Schools Out Pt. 1. These are the Bad Guys of the final Phase of the Event. Similar to other Bad Guys, you will create an item to use to Clear them from the Quahog Streets. You will use a Fake Cheerleader to clear them, drag them around the screen until the Dropout is in the Target Zone and turns purple, then tap on the checkmark to launch the Fake Cheerleader at them, then collect your rewards. I had 5 of them appear to start off with.

Dropout: Requires 1 Fake Cheerleader to clear

Fake Cheerleader: Requires Pom Pom to be created in Griffin High Gym (See Griffin High Gym for more info), Crushed Convertible, Zac Sawyer Listen To Angsty Music

Chance Rewards:
+2 Toads
+1 Cough Syrup
+1 Khaki Pants


These Guys show up during Schools Out Pt. 1. This is another Bad Guy for this Phase of the Event. You will use Cameron Frye to Clear them. I saw 2 Dodgeballers appear at first.

Cheerleader: Use the following to clear them…
Cameron Frye

Task Time: verifying

Chance Rewards:
+?? Toads
+1 Curlers


This will be your “CREATE” area where you will collect Materials to turn them into items used to attack the Bad Guys in the game.

Here are the items you will Create for Phase Two..

Fake Cheerleader: Requires 1 Pom Pom to be created in Griffin High Gym, Zac Sawyer Listen To Angry Music

Pom Pom (Always): Meg Try Out Cheerleading, Bonnie Try On Old Uniform, Dionne Try Out For The Cheer Squad, Bruce Be A Model Cheerleader, Principal Shepherd Binge Drink, 2 Cool 4 School Mystery Box

Time to Create Fake Cheerleader: 2hrs

You can be making up to 6 items in the QUEUE at a time in the Gym. Then you will have to wait until one finishes before adding more into the Queue.

You can have a TOTAL CAPACITY of 8 items at the same time, unless you purchase premium building, High Rollers Backpacks, this will increase your TOTAL CAPACITY to 12. To create space you need to use up some Rat Tails.


Here is where you will exchange one group of Materials for another. For Phase One, you will be exchanging Hamster Wheels for Hall Passes. Here are some of the exchanges I’ve seen so far, more to come on this.

17 Toads  = 7 Hall Passes

Toads (Always): Clear Dropouts OR Clear Cheer Leaders OR Toad Lickin Peter Statue OR 2 Cool 4 School Mystery Box


Here is where you will trade Materials you collect while playing the game to unlock Buildings & Decorations to use to further your game play in the Event.

Here are the items you can unlock during Phase One…

The Frye Garage: Comes with Cameron Frye to unlock. Chance Drops 1x Car Key every 4h
3 Hall Passes

Fidget & Didget: Chance Drops 1x Car Key every 4h
7 Hall Passes

Quagmires Office Bathroom: Chance Drops 2x Self Help Book every 4h
16 Hall Passes

Hooter Shooter:
6 Hall Passes

Principal Shepherds Office: Chance Drops 2x High School Diplomas every 8h
17 Hall Passes

Dr Nolibido’s Castration Clinic:  Chance Drops 3x Hormone Pills every 8h
14 Hall Passes

High School Hangout (Decoration)
24 Hall Passes

Movie Makeover Salon (Decoration): Drops 1x Pom Pom every ??h
59 Hall Passes

Hall Passes Always: Trade at Security Desk, Hall Pass Printing Press, ?Gym Class Mystery Box OR 2 Cool 4 School Mystery Box


Toads (Always): Clear Dropouts OR Clear Cheerleaders OR Toad Lickin Peter Statue OR Gym Class Mystery Box OR 2 Cool 4 School Mystery Box

Pom Pom (Common): Meg Try Out Cheerleading, Bonnie Try On Old Uniform, Dionne Try Out For The Cheer Squad, Bruce Be A Model Cheerleader, Principal Shepherd Binge Drink (Always), 2 Cool 4 School Mystery Box (Chance)

 Fake Cheerleader (Always): Requires 1 Pom Pom to be created in Griffin High Gym, Zac Sawyer Listen To Angry Music


For this Event, you will be able to keep an eye on the upcoming Weekly Challenges in the Main Event Hub. Just tap on the Event Icon in the lower right corner of your play screen. On the front page below Peter you will see “CHALLENGE”. Tap on it to see the information currently available.

NOTE: Weekly Challenges usually hit on a Monday’s. The next will arrive on Monday October 2nd

You can also see the Final Prize available for completing all 4 of the Weekly Challenges. The Final Prize will be Michael Pulaski (Character).

There you have it, the overall Basics of the final of  Fast Times at Griffin High Event.  What do you think so far? Any specific Character you are most wanting to get? Any tips for fellow Players? Let us know.

~Russian Tigger


35 responses to “Fast Times At Griffin High Event Phase 4 Is LIVE!!!

  1. Do we know if there are any shared tasks with Cam and Ferris? I just finished a 2x Clams task and have a thousand of the little buggers burning a hole. Love the movie, but now that Ferris is useless (and poorly voiced from what I’ve heard) I may let him go…


  2. I must be losing my mind! I swear the last few days fake cheerleaders took an hour. Now I see is 2 hours. Did I just think I was collecting every hour? Impossible! I really think I’m losing my mind! Uhm…


  3. Anybody want to do a leader board for hamster wheels? Cause I have 422! Lolol


  4. The PomPoms are not “always”. It says “common” in the game. For me, I got 7 out of the first 12 tries. I wouldn’t call that “common” myself. 🙂


    • Sorry the Always us for the premium Principal Shepherd, everything else is a chance. I’ve had decent drops although now I’ve said that they’ll probably sop, lol


  5. Does anyone know the cost for the movie hangout and is it timed?


    • A reader shared with us that It’s 24 Hall Passes but I don’t know if the last item is timed, it doesn’t seem like kind item that would be. Hopefully someone will answer you here.


      • The last item (Crashed Convertible) isn’t timed but it is 59 tickets!! It’s the only thing this week I have to get. I haven’t bought any of the last items for each week (movie salon, Cher wardrobe) and skipped the timed character as it was Donna Tubbs and I don’t care about the character. I had 73 tickets and could’ve easily got Tubbs but decided to get all the buildings for this week instead.


  6. Just to double check…. is Cameron timed?


  7. How do you get Stewie to stuff his pants?


  8. Well, this is a surprise. The World Expo Towers no longer produce 10 Clams for each collect, and the waiting time is now 6 hours instead of 24 (1 day). What do you think about that?


  9. Surely, this leaves the final weekly challenge pretty tight in terms of time to complete?


  10. i will probably start this phase on Saturday once i’m done with Mike’s bandanas … i want Chris but not sure i want Cameron … we will see .. most importantly i finish the 4th challenge


    • You have to have Cameron to get Chris


    • What? I would ALWAYS go for a full character over a costume, so for me Cameron is much more preferable over Chemically Castrated Chris!


      • *You have to have Cameron to get Chris*
        :OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO what …….. why !!!!!!!!

        * I would ALWAYS go for a full character over a costume*
        Usually yes .. but i never cared for Cam in the movie … Chris’ episode where he gets castrated is so funny though *An App A Day*


  11. Are the lunch ladies gone in this level rendering my bombs useless once I move on?


    • They are still there but no Phae 4 drops, they may or may not play part in the last Weekly challenge so I’d have a few stink bombs banked just in case


  12. Think im gonna sack this event off. I struggled with drops for Cher, then the whole Fogle fiasco put me behind, now collecting the bandana’s for Dionne is taking ages because of the 3hr wait for spatulas. It’s now Phase 4 and i’m only part way through Phase 3.
    At this rate it’s going to be about Sunday before I join Phase 4 and that won’t give me enough time to unlock Cameron or Chris’s costume.


  13. Crashed Convertible
    Cost ~ 59 Hall Passes


  14. Ouch just tried the mystery box about 30 times and still no stewie outfit. After three long years I think it’s finally time to say goodbye to this ridiculous game and their money grabbing ways. This community has been great during the past years! Goodbye and thanks!


  15. High School Hangout (Decoration)


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