A Very Griffin Holo-ween Main Questline: Quahogian Horror Story

Hello Addicts!!! Let’s joi the dead as they rise and shine cause it’s Main Questline time.

Yes it’s time for us to gather round and take a look at all you will encounter in the  first wave Main Questline, Quahogian Horror Story.  Please note you must  complete this Questline to move on to the Second Wave of the event next week. 

 Quahogian Horror Story Pt. 1
Peter Starts

Welcome To Holo-Ween: Tap on “GO” to learn more
Learn About The First Wave: Tap on “GO” to learn more
Check Out Who Stopped By To Help: Tap on “GO”  to be taken to the event area where you will repair Buffalo Bill to start unlocking him. He is NOT timed

Completed Task Earns: 45 

 Quahogian Horror Story Pt. 2
Peter Starts

Zombie Boars abs Monkeys Are Here: Tap on “GO” to learn more
Check Out Achievements To Earn Stuff: Tap on “GO” to learn more
Collect 2 Gas Cans: Get from Quagmire Fix Women’s Cars, Jerome Turn Moonshine Into Gas, Axeman Peter Juggle Chainsaws, Slayer Peter Statue

Completed Task Earns: 65 

***Triggers Tubby The Zombie Slayer – Unlock Axeman Peter Side Questline***

***Triggers Well Suited – Unlock Buffalo Bill Side Questline***

 Quahogian Horror Story Pt. 3
Peter Starts

Get A Chainsaw At The Gun Store: Requires 1 Gas Can and will take 2 hours
Kill A Zombie Boar With A Chainsaw: Requires 1 Chainsaw and Chris or Axeman Peter

Trade Liver For Brains At The Quarantine Tent: Complete 1 exchange

Completed Task Earns: 50 

 Quahogian Horror Story Pt. 4
Peter Starts

Use Brains To Build The Chainsaw Store At The Lost Hope Hospital: Costs 3 Brains
Get 4 Chainsaws At The Gun Store: Create 4 Chainsaws at the Gun Store, you will need 4 Gas Cans to do this, and it will take total 8hrs
Complete Prepped For Success Pt 4 Achievement: This tasks requires you to put complete the following character task – Have Chris Get Under His Skin

Completed Task Earns: 60 

 Quahogian Horror Story Pt. 5
Peter Starts

Kill 6 Zombie Boars With Chainsaws: Requires 4 Chainsaws and Chris or Axeman Peter
Build Zombie Pig Farm: Costs 7!Brains
Have Bonnie Marathon Horror Movies: 6hrs, Earns $65 & 45xp

Completed Task Earns: 80 

 Quahogian Horror Story Pt. 6
Peter Starts

Completed Prepped For Success Pt. 7 Achievement: This tasks requires you to put complete the following character task 2 times – Have Axeman Peter Juggle Chainsaws
Build The Bath & Dead Body Works: Costs 8 Brains
Have Axeman Peter Kill A Zombie Monkey With A Chainsaw: Requires Axeman Peter and 1 Chainsaw

Completed Task Earns: 100 

 Quahogian Horror Story Pt. 7
Peter Starts

Build Buffalo Bills Basement: Costs 8 Brains
Complete The Off The Chainsaw Pt. 5 Achievement: This task requires creating 8 Chainsaws in The Gun Store
Complete Prepped For Success Pt. 9 Achievement: This tasks requires you to collect 10 Gas Tanks from character tasks 

Completed Task 80 

 Quahogian Horror Story Pt. 8
Peter Starts

Build Hannibal Lecter’s Jail Cell: Costs 7 Brains
Recruit Buffalo Bill To Help In The Second Wave: Fully unlock Buffalo Bill
Check Back Next Week

****Wait til next Wednesday for the Second Wave release****

There you have it, the start of Main Questline that will take you along the second phase of the Quahogian Horror Story Event.

Where are you so far? Any tips for fellow Players? Liking it so far? Let us know.

~ Russian Tigger


8 responses to “A Very Griffin Holo-ween Main Questline: Quahogian Horror Story

  1. Do we know when the next phase will start? I was thinking Wednesday at 3 but I seem to recall Buffalo Bill’s timer running until Thursday…implying it mighht not start until then. Thx


  2. im on last part of week one story just need to unlock bill… which is a very slow process might finish him by tomorrow if i get the drops today even though drops are a hit or miss sometimes


  3. I wish more of the main characters had some kind of task for the first week. Gathering the items for Buffalo Bill is very time consuming (in order to beat the clam reward timer). I’m not really a fan of getting items drops exclusively from the buildings, some of them just take forever to even unlock!

    Liked by 1 person

  4. So if you don’t get Buffalo Bill before the timer runs out (complete part 8), does that mean you can’t move on to week two


    • He’s not timed, it’s the clam reward that’s timed. Basically if you unlock him within 7 days you get 40 clams as a reward. That’s the offer that will disappear, Buffalo Bill will still be there for you to unlock after 7 days, but until you get him you won’t see the week 2 content.


  5. I much prefer the “Acheivements” gameplay – at least you will be 100% successful on the claims for the tasks undertaken. 🎃
    P.S. Also, I completed All 4 weekly tasks and got Mike Pulaski, I usually miss the third or fourth week but this last event I finished with 36hrs left on the event clock… ah, contention, that fleeting feeling…

    Liked by 1 person

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