Fear And Loathing In Quahog Event Glitches & Issues

They say what happens in Vegas usually stats in Vegas, apart from when it comes to Quahog…. Yup all bets are off in the latest event to hit our games, Fear and Loathing in Quahog.

Now there’s few issues hitting our games and I’m going have quick look at them here.

IOS Upgrade Loop – This is where when you try to load your game your told to upgrade, and when you click upgrade nothing appears to happen apart from the game reopens and tells you the same thing. It’s frustrating, I get it as I’ve been stuck in this loop a couple of times. TinyCo offer the following advice to try get your game out of it.

  • Make sure you manually visit your App Store and upgrade there not through the game alert. You’re looking for version 1.58.3. This is due to the fact on some devices when you use the upgrade option through the game alert it simply opens the game again rather than updating.
  • The other option is if you’ve saved your game to an account, uninstall and reinstall the game.

Updated to IOS 1.58.3 but no event launching: Again if you’ve saved your game to an account the quickest fix for this sees to be uninstalling and reinstalling.

Not seeing Ver1.58.3 in my Store: I’m afraid this is mainly impacting Android and Kindle users, yes you are going to be coming to the party a little late as the Playstore hasn’t pushed the update yet. But it’s coming, just keep checking.

Thats all the main info I can give you just now, please be patient as remember with Bunny gone I have NO access to any of her test game/data, I’m pulling what I can from my game and your comments. And if you’ve any helpful advice visit and share it in our new event Addicts Area HERE.

~ Russian Tigger

18 responses to “Fear And Loathing In Quahog Event Glitches & Issues

  1. Was anyone else booted out of the event? Half an hr ago i opened the game it said the event was over even though today is the 28th. The event questline is still there but event gone. I was so close to finishing Penn and had a rainbow card to get Cleveland, the only character i didnt have, but before i got to use it the event said it was over even though its not supposed to end until tmrw.


  2. I am having the same problem as Olly. The facebook version has the frame messed up.


  3. I am getting the same FaceBook glitch that poster Olly is having. It is really annoying.


  4. “Fear and loathing” is live on Facebook, but there’s a glitch. The “frame” with all the info (level, characters, missions, neighbors, store icon, zoom commands and so on) is located too much to the bottom left, and remains at the same size, even if I go full screen. This means I have the zoom commands at two-thirds to the right of the screen, for instance. Does anyone playing on FB have the same experience ?


  5. I haven’t played in a few days because anytime I do anything it crashes. I hope they fix this


  6. For iOS users I updated my devices to 11.1.1 and then I was able to download the event. Before doing this event wouldn’t load.


  7. Thanks for the update, really appreciate it. Btw, really enjoy this site as its been a very helpful guide. Thanks so much for keeping this going for us RT. I’ll be sure to start participating in the polls and commenting much more coming forward. Thanks again, really got me enjoying the game again!


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