Fear And Loathing In Quahog is LIVE!!

Let the games begin!

I’ll bring Lady Luck if you’ll bring your American Express!!! That can only mean one thing. Yes, it’s Viva Las Quahog as casino fever comes to town. So let’s spin to win in Fear And Loathing In Las Vegas!


29th November at 3PM PST


Please be aware this post is a work in progress as I’m pulling this event from my own game as Bunny has now left the Addicts site which leaves us no access to her test game data and information I’m afraid. I am trying to get TinyCo to consider allowing me to have a similar test game,  but until they say yes or no I’ll do my best to pull what I can as fast as I can. And I know there are Addicts among you that will share your findings. So let’s just get on with things the best we can and hopefully we get lucky with TinyCo letting me be their new FGQFS guinea pig so this site can live on.




There are 2 new strips of land to the bottom right of your game, or South East of the centre of town if you like compass directions.


I’ve covered the current ones HERE.


Addicts Area
Main Questline – Viva As Quahog


Viva Las Quahog

And here’s a snippet to get you started.

Part 1

Welcome To The Lucky Clam
Tourists And Casino Workers Are Here
Find Out Who’s Headlining At The Lucky Clam – It’s David Copperfield and unlocking his character is NOT timed

Part 2

Learn About The Roulette
Send Lois To Lure In Tourists – 4hrs
Collect 2 Silver Roulette Tokens

Part 3

Play The Silver Roulette Table
Collect 2 Silver Reward Cards
Trade In Silver Reward Cards For The Fabulous Quahog Welcome Sign – Costs 2 Silver Reward Cards


Circus Joe (Costume): 210  Clams, has 4hr task to lure Tourists

David Copperfield (Character): You’ll be directed to place him for unlocking at Pt 1 of the main Questline Viva Las Quahog. The character itself is NOT timed but there is a 25 Clam Reward if yo can unlock him within 7 days of repairing him.
19 Straitjacket (Common): Quahog Star Hotel, Impersonator Peter Do Karate
12 Black Suits (Uncommon): Roxul Hotel, Bareback Bronco
21 Magic Saws (Common): Clear Casino Workers
21 Autograph  (Always): Win at Roulette
25 Disappearing  (Uncommon): Mort Sell Magic Kits, Chris Make Himself Disappear, Talking Cricket Pawn

Impersonator Peter (Costume): You’ll trigger the Side Questline to starting creating him at Al’s at Pt 1 of the main Questline Viva Las Quahog. Task to clear Casino Workers.
13 Guitar (Common): Peter Play Guitar, Fabulous Quahog Welcome Sign
5 White Leather Suits (Uncommon): Bruce Shop For Vintage, Rent A Rupert’s Escorts
6 Cape (Always): Win At Roulette
10 Rhinestones  (Common): Clear Tourists


***The Buildings for this Phase can be found in the The Lucky Fountain – you’ll find full details in that section below***


FGF Fountain – 220 Drops 3x Silver Reward Cards every 8 hours.


 Silver Reward Cards (Always) –  Playing Roulette Wheel, Clear Casino Worker, FGF Fountain


 Silver Roulette Tokens (Always) –  Get from clearing Tourists, Wagering Whale, Huge Slot Machine

Cigarettes (Always): Win at Roulette


There are 3 places of interest here:

1: The Lucky Clam

2: The Lucky Fountain

3: David Copperfield


This is where you go to play Roulette, we’ll talk about that more in the Roulette section further on in this post.


***still in progress***

Here is where you will trade the Silver Reward Cards you collect while playing the game to unlock Buildings & Decorations to use to further your game play in the Event.

Here are the items you can unlock during Week One…

Fabulous Quahog Water Sign: Chance Drop of Guitar every 3hrs
Cost~ 2 Silver Reward Cards

Rent A Rupert Escorts: Chance Drop of x1 White Leather Suit every 6hrs
Cost~8 Silver Reward Cards

Roxul Hotel & Casino: Chance Drop of x1 Black Suit every 4hrs
Cost~ 14 Silver Reward Cards

Talking Cricket Pawn: Chance Drop of x1 Disappearing
Cost~38 Silver Reward Cards

The Wagering Whale: Chance Drop of x2 Silver Roulette Token every 4hrs
Cost~ 30 Silver Reward Cards

Bareback Bronco: Chance Drop of X1 Black Suit every 4hrs
Cost~ 31 Silver Reward Cards

Quahog Star Hotels: Chance Drop of x1 Straitjacket every 2hrs
Cost~ 36 Silver Reward Cards

Huge Slot Machine: Chance Drop of x2 Silver Roulette Token every 4hrs
Cost~ ?80 Silver Rewards Cards


David Copperfield is the star attraction to unlock this week. You’ll find full details in the Characters section.


You will trigger them and learn about them at Part 1 of the main Questline Viva Las Vegas. You will find them wandering your sidewalks and you will need to use a combination of a Character and an item tasks to clear them. But don’t fuss on these just now as you not be able to work on these until after you unlock Impersonator Peter but clearing them is pretty much the same formulae used for Zombies etc in the last event.

Basically to clear them Tap on a Casino Worker that’s wandering  around, this will bring up details of the Character-Item combination needed to clear them, it will also show you the rewards.

Simply tap on SELECT to choose the Character and put them on task to clear the Casino Worker. But as you can see you can’t do anything until you unlock Impersonator Peter.

Characters Used:
Impersonator Peter

And of course you need an item, in the case of clearing Casino Workers this is 1x Cigarettes.

Cigarettes (Always): Win at Roulette

So basically you’ll need Impersonator Peter and 1x Cigarettes to get clearing Casino Workers now.

Task Time: Instant

Chance Payout:
+6 Silver Reward Cards  (Always)
+1 Magic Saw (Chance)

Spawn: A few times a day up to a MAX of 8 at a time on your game play screen


You will trigger them and learn about them at Part 1 of the main Questline Viva Las Vegas.  You will find them wandering your sidewalks and you will need to use a Character task to clear them.

Tap on a Tourist wandering around to bring up the Payout and Character needed, you need either Lois or Circus Joe.

Simply tap on SELECT to choose the Character. Please note you can also put the Characters on the tasks directly from their profiles.

Characters Used:
Circus Joe

Task Time: 4hrs.

Chance Payout:
+2 Silver Roulette Tokens (Always)
+1 Rhinestones (Chance)


Roulette is where you gamble away your life away, ok, maybe that’s being a bit over dramatic, it’s actually where you gamble your Silver Roulette Tokens. To play Roulette you can either tap on the Lucky Clam in the event area or the Roulette Icon shown above.

This will bring you up the Roulette choices, at the moment you can on,y select the first one, the Silver Roulette, tap it and it  will bring you up the Roulette Screen.

To place a bet you’ll need 2 Silver Reward Tokens. You’ll get these from clearing Tourists, Wagering Whale, Huge Slot Machine Once you have 2 Silver Roulette Tokens, it’s time to choose your colour, Red, Black or Green. Obviously the odds on landing on Green will be much lower than Black or Red. But remember just like real Roulette this is a game of chance.

Once you’ve placed your bet, tap Place Bet  and cross your fingers you win.  And that’s it, simple as that. I’m going be honest the random nature of this could cause issues with progression, I’ve not been very lucky in my tries, winning on Red only once from 4 tries so far. But we’ll need see how it goes over the next few days before we rush to judgement.

The rewards cry depending on colour you bet on and whether you win or lose.

If you win betting on Red or Black the Payout is:
+1 Cape (Always)
+1 Cigarette (Always)
+1 Autograph (Always)
+4 Silver Reward Cards (Always)

If you win betting on Green the Payout is:
+5 Cape (Always)
+5 Cigarette (Always)
+5 Autograph (Always)
+20 Silver Reward Cards (Always)

If you lose the payout is:
+1 Silver Reward Card (Always)

So go spin that wheel, good luck and don’t forget to boast in the comments if you win on Green.

There you have the overall basics to get you started through the first week of the New Event. Where are you so far? Anything particular you like the most? Suggestions or tips to fellow players? Let us know.

~Russian Tigger

52 responses to “Fear And Loathing In Quahog is LIVE!!

  1. Guys, I’m dancing! 👯‍♀️👯‍♀️👯‍♀️ In gold roulette I won when I bet on green!!!🤹🏽‍♀️
    I would be happy to upload my screenshot but I don’t know how to do this!!!🤷🏽‍♀️


  2. I have gold tokens, but I haven’t unlocked the gold roulette wheel, please help


  3. The Roulette is making me crazy. Playing the idea of averages, I decided to always bet on black like I was Wesley Snipes. So far, I am 2 for 15 (conservatively, of course. I know I guessed correctly twice.) I just now was able to buy the fountain.


  4. Just a quick question but are you only able to bet on one colour, say if you collected 4 silver roulette tokens could you place 2 bets like you could in real roulette and cover both black and red.


  5. The Huge Slot Machine costs 80 silver reward tickets, yikes!!!!!


  6. Just wanted to report that the Bareback Bronco costs 31 silver reward tickets


    • Going a little better than I expected. Helps that you get 6 silver reward tickets everytime you have Impersonator Peter clear a casino worker. Of course, it still comes down to having decent luck cuz you need cigarettes to do that and to get those you’ve gotta win at roulette. Guess I’ve been doing ok so far, hope I didn’t jinx myself, Lol. Good luck fellow addicts


    • Thanks Erocman, you’re doing well 😀


  7. First time bet green and won..woo hoo! Second time bet black and won..woo hoo! Third time red….lost. Fourth time green…lost. Hitting green the first time out helped me get the first three items from the lucky fountain but I’m sure it’ll be an uphill battle for the rest of this phase. The fourth item Talking Cricket Pawn requires 38 silver rewards cards!!!! With one silver card after every losing spin – well you do the math.


  8. No go for Kindle, yo!
    (At least not yet!)


  9. Update appears to not be on kindle. Rather inconvenient


  10. Ok, I have a genuine question here: Why is this even a month-long event?
    I would understand if it’s one of those week-long events, where the event is short and you get it or you don’t and there’s not much loss.
    But we have an event that’s literally 100% P2P (you can’t argue this no matter what you say), and an event that’s 100% RNG oriented. On the RNG note, I get that technically the whole game is based on RNG since it’s all drops and chances, but this event is completely RNG because the mechanic will 100% dictate whether you actually progress in the event or not (It’s actually statistically feasible to never complete Phase 1 of this event by the time it ends).
    It’s a constant argument that the F2P Vs. P2P model is terrible, and mobile game developers have always had a back and forth with this. But this event represents everything that a large majority of people actually legitimately despises, and I just wonder why this event was even allowed to go through.
    I get that it’s Vegas oriented so the gambling makes sense, but if we go deeper into Vegas-Style event, then that means we will literally be at a huge loss overall since generally at casinos you never win (you win the first time, but the addiction pulls you in to create a huge loss).


    • The good news is the event is actually only 3 weeks…. But it will feel longer…. And P2P may not even help much here due to the game mechanics, I have both premium items, bought out Impersonatir Peter and I’m still not that far on


      • Thematically it makes sense to me, but that doesn’t mean it makes for a good event. Complete RNG-oriented event is literally the bane of any player ever, since there’s no way to actually tip the scales in your favor.

        At this point I’ve resigned to the notion that I normally have with the typical week-long events: If I get it, I get it. If I don’t, I don’t (no warrants for using clams). I’m just looking forward to the Christmas event and hope it’s not as insanely terrible as it was last year, possibly topping off as the worst event.


        • To tack onto the RNG factor and the scales (since you can’t edit comments here), while P2P may not seem like it’s incredibly helpful, it gives a sort-of advantage.

          More chances at the roulette would technically mean more chances at winning. Theoretically, the ratio of wins to losses would be decreased.

          Example: (for simplistic purposes, I’m only counting the three colors and not the whole board)
          A F2P player would have a 1:3 chance of winning at a 4 hour rate (waiting on Lois without rushing her action)
          A P2P player would actually have a 1:2.5 chance of winning at a 4 hour wait (using both premium Joe’s costume, and Lois).
          I would have said 1:2 for P2P, but mathematically it wouldn’t be a 50/50 chance since you still contend with 3 spots to land on, and this isn’t a real casino so the odds still rely on RNG rather than being house-rigged. If anything, the P2P chance of winning would actually be a little bit higher than 2.5 (maybe something like 2.75 or even 2.83).

          Basically, a P2P player can use clams to get more chances at the roulette, and that would technically increase their odds of winning as they have more chances to go within a 4-hour time span. However, the increase in odds is still quite miniscule compared to F2P and may not even make a major mathematical difference.


          • I built up 12 Silver Tokens, lost every bet, think my odds are in the gutter. But thanks for sharing your working, always great see the effort & thought process some put in to playing the game.


        • Agree lets all just get to Chrustmas, and hope TinyCo make it a Merry one.


  11. I think this is a freemium only event for me. I need to spend more time re-arranging my town anyway. I’ll hold off until the Christmas event, it’s usually pretty good.


  12. Just to echo everyone else…this roulette wheel suuuuucks. Already regretting buying Circus Joe, should have put this in the “freemium only” category with the other terribly-balanced events like Grimm Knight.


  13. The Clams video does not work. It crashes the game and freezes up or resets to download the game from the Play store. Fix it or get rid of it. I am sick and tired of this CRAP!!!!


  14. Just noticed that David Copperfield had John Wicks voice…😱


  15. i hate David Copperfield because as an adolescent I was in love with Claudia Schiffer …

    i’ve played the Roulette twice now .. once on red (stopped on black) and once on black (stopped on red)


  16. If the roulette wheel is anything like the lame Spin ‘n Win then it won’t go well.

    Liked by 1 person

  17. On the advice of Wesley Snipes from Passenger 57. I have always bet on black. 0/4 at the moment.


    • I’ve not had much better on red, 1/6… But it stopped on green twice unfortunately I didn’t pick green, can you believe that.


    • That’s the same reason I’ve gone for black, too. 0/2 so far…


    • I’m 0-7 on red. At least with mystery boxes you have a choice not to play. This is nothing short of torture. About ready to skip this event.


      • I get your frustration, I’m having the same rotten luck.but stick with it hopefully TinyCo will se everyone is struggling and help us out


      • I’m already skipping it completely.

        Using math, it’s actually very likely that a majority of players (at least 60%) will not progress past Phase 2 of the entire event, at the very most. Considering that you literally can’t progress in the event without the rewards from the wheel.

        At this point, just log in to get the daily friend clams, 7 clams from videos, and using actions on characters that aren’t max level. The event isn’t worth it, and this actually tops off as ‘The Worst Event Ever Created’, next to the Mob event and the last Christmas Event (that itself wasn’t bad, but a HUGE bug literally made the event unplayable for at least 2 weeks).


      • I won’t skip it, but based on the comments so far on game play and the Circus Joe costume, I may not be spending many clams…come on, TinyCo, thought you’d embraced the RT ‘Happy Player Marketing Philosophy’…


  18. This game has long been a problem that you really can’t be successful without the generous information that this completely selfless site has provided. If there is anything that we as players can do to assist in the convincing of TinyCo to provide you access to a test game so this site can provide this necessary and required information, please let us know. There has to be some value to TinyCo to not lose an entire chunk of the playing base because they leave the game en masse due to frustration in not being able to progress through/complete events. God bless you RT and know the community is supporting you.


  19. Feels like my real luck at gambling, not good LoL. However I did go big (green) first 3 attempts, last one thinking 3rd time is a charm. Last spin went for black because all the previous attempts resulted in red, again trying to play the odds. So far 0-4, gonna try Black a few more times and hopefully get a win. The wheel is similar to the other wheel in the game and that has pretty bad pay outs as well based off my spins. It also appears it will land on a particular space based off the speed of the wheel but ends up on a different space in the end, kinda frustrating but what can ya do. Just gotta stay positive because it is very early still, good luck out there fellow clammers!


  20. Yes, I agree. Not a fan of roulette so far. Takes so long to get a chance to spin and there is nothing we can do to improve the odds of landing on a winner. 4 tries one red win for me too.


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