Fear And Loathing In Quahog Week 2 – Addicts Area

They say what happens in Vegas usually stays in Vegas, apart from when we choose to share it here…. Yup you asked for a readers page where you could share event tips & tricks and I’ve only gone and called your bluff and created one. So here’s where you can lay all your week 2 event progress on the table for your fellow addicts to see.

And it’s also where you can share any strategies, or advice, hey you can even share your problems. So c’mon Addicts lets see if we can hit the event jackpot together.

~ Russian Tigger

33 responses to “Fear And Loathing In Quahog Week 2 – Addicts Area

  1. well im not making it to week 2 yet still need alot of stuff for david copperfield and hes the last task to get to week 2 😦


  2. wait… there’s a week 2?
    I’ve only hit BLACK once and GREEN twice.
    I’m hoping to get Copperfield before the event ends in 8 days. lol πŸ™‚


  3. I’m kind of at a crossroads with this event, I’m 0/7 playing gold coins, Penn’s buyout is 2097 clams (not getting him anytime soon, if at all), the Quagmire costume is at a buyout of >650 clams (may be able to get him, but we’ll see), and Lois has a task to drop for Penn as well as dropping silver coins, which are needed to earn Quagmire and Penn…earning buildings for Penn will be difficult at best, so I’m thinking of just playing green on the gold coins in hoping to earn the Peter costume…beyond that, I’ve elected to play this one totally freemium as I don’t want to reward bad behavior on the part of TinyCo…ugh, this one is really slow-going…


  4. i just started week 2 and omg I hit Green twice in a row !!!!
    (one with silver , one with gold) … i was just betting for the hell of it since im not pressured by time still !!!
    how can i post screenshots here ? i took screenshots !!!


  5. Try always black on the roulette


  6. For those thinking about the mystery box for Teller, if you’re going to try for it and haven’t yet reached week 2 (as in, done David Copperfield’s part of the main quest for week 1), try it *before* you get to week 2. The prizes in the box don’t repeat, and if you’re not in week 2 the gold chips don’t appear as a possibility, giving you better odds to unlock him.

    I strongly dislike the mystery boxes, but knowing I could get him for a maximum cost of 445 clams, and my clam reserve having grown considerably from ads and such, I was willing to take the chance (cost me 300 clams and I also got some silver chips)


  7. Agree with ya both, this is the first time I haven’t finished phase 1 in time for phase 2 drop…and also agree with the probability, I have chosen black every time and my win rate is about 33% rather than the expected 46% after so many spins…weird!


    • I have played black exclusively with the exception of two greens – I’m at a win rate of >20% and closer to 15%…it’s all about the algorithm built in, it’s not a truly random event as one would see in a real wheel…had I played red exclusively, I would expect the same results, not the converse of what I saw from playing black…in all the spins I’ve had, only one green result which I unfortunately did not play…


  8. So far off week 2 it’s a joke and I’ve been playing constantly. The roulette table is just awful. Wait for hours to lose on roulette with both attempts. Seriously, there is no way the probability of the drops is fair. I’m winning maybe 1 go in 3 or 4 consistently. So clearly not right.
    Still need so many saw blades for David Copperfield it’s going to take a day or 2 at least with the odds they give.


  9. Wow! For the first time ever, I didn’t finish phase 1 and move on to phase 2. I actually want all day thinking today was Tuesday anyway. Those silver coins are extra rare.


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