Even More Freakin’ Thanks!!!

Hey there fellow Addicts, thank you for joining us, thank you very, very much!!!

Well it’s been a strange couple of weeks since Bunny hopped off into the sunset, or should that be bunset. It would have been easy to just say all good thing come to an end and wave goodbye to this site, but no, we didn’t give up, I nstead we pulled together as a community to carry on. And I wanted let you guys know that all your comments and encouragement during the last couple week haven’t been in vain as TinyCo have agreed to help me keep the site going.  So big pat on the back to you all, and of course a big pat on the back to TinyCo. We’re quick to let TinyCo know when they do something wrong, so now it’s time to thank them for getting it right, because without their willingness to continue their support of the site I fear I wouldn’t have been able to sustain it in the long term. I’d have tried but as you know it takes a lot of clams to pull the info needed, and now I’ll have some courtesy of TinyCo. Now I just need work on spending them efficiently, pfft.

So fellow addicts feel free to say thanks to TinyCo in the comments, especially the Community Support team who were instrumental to us getting TinyCo backing.

Russian Tigger


16 responses to “Even More Freakin’ Thanks!!!

  1. Grrrreat!


  2. Yay! Thanks TInyco and double thanks to you RT for stepping up and keeping FGA alive!! xoxo


    • Thanks, but it’s not me that’s kept the site alive, it’s US as a community, I think we all agree we might as well suffer the roulette misery together 😀


  3. Finally, some good news. I’d like to thanks the Community Support Team, TinyCo & especially Tigger. This would not have happened without all of your hard work. Thx again. We addicts need you!!!


  4. Thanks, TC!
    This site is a lot of why I have stuck with the game, so good on ya.


  5. Hi RT, really good news that they are giving support to this site!

    Does this mean that Tinyco has given you access to Bunny’s test game? Or do they just supply with you clams to give you a boost to accelerate in the game?


  6. Great news, RT!!! And thank you to TinyCo and especially the Community Support team to help keep our addition going and this community together! Seriously, THANK YOU!!!

    Now, fix the roulette wheel odds…and we want more land…LOL!


  7. Nice, glad to hear it RT. And thank you TinyCo for the continued support.


  8. Anne-Marie Davey

    Thanks for continuing to provide the support RT needs to keep this community going.


  9. Thanks RussianTigger and TinyCo !!!!!!!!!!


  10. Woohoo! Thanks, Tiny Co! And of course, thanks, again, RT: We appreciate all you do, and anything that makes it easier for you is great.


  11. Huge thanks to both you Tigger and to TinyCo for continuing to support the site and the players! 😃🤘❤️ You’re doing an amazing job Tigger. I hope you’ll find someone to help you out so you won’t have to do all the work yourself. Keeping this site updated as well as you have can’t be easy. We as players can be grateful for your insomnia, but I hope you don’t wear yourself out. 😉


  12. Roll Tide Russian Tigger, Roll Tide.


  13. That’s great news! Thanks TinyCo, and thanks RT!!


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