Fear And Loathing In Quahog Week 3 Overview!!!

Let the games begin!

I’ll bring Lady Luck if you’ll bring your American Express!!! Yes the third and final week of the event we love to loathe is here, so let’s spin to win in Fear And Loathing In Las Vegas!


29th November at 3PM PST


Returning Characters/Costumes: There’s some more returning characters available as extra prizes for landing on Green at Roulette. Basically land on green at the Diamond Roulette table and you’ll win a Black Reward Card. These special reward cards can then be used purchase one of the following returning characters, Pimp Stewie, Gigg-Olo Quagmire.








Addicts Area
Main Questline – Busted



And here’s a snippet to get you started.

Part 1

Welcome To  Week 3
Amateur Magicians Are Here
Find Out Who’s Performing Tonight – It’s Liberace and unlocking his character is NOT timed

Part 2

Send Penn Jillette To Clear The Amateur Magicians – 4hrs
Send Lois To Get A Diamond Roulette Token  – 3hrs
Play The Diamond Roulette


Cirque De Stewie (Character Costume): Costs 210  Clams, has 4hr tasks to drop either Silver, Gold or Diamond Roulette Tokens

Should I Buy:  Yes overpriced for a costume buts it’s a great addition to Stewie closet, and you know how much he loves to hang out in there. And the 2 Diamond Roulette a Tokens every 4hrs will be very handy if you want to see out this event. So it’s a Yes from me

Liberace (Full Character): You’ll be directed to place him for unlocking at Pt 1 of the main Questline Busted. Unlocking him is NOT timed.
11 Sequins (Common): No Regrets Tattoo Parlour, Brutus Palace
29 Piano Cufflinks (Always): Win at Diamond a Roulette, Liberace’s  Piano
18 Red Carpets (Rare): Peter Ready The Red Carpet, Joe Roll Out The Red Carpet, Wide Wednesday Bar
22 Liberace’s Cape (Always): Attack Casino Boss
30 Rings (Uncommon): Clear Casino Worker, Clear Casino Thugs

Show Girl Brian (Character Costume): You’ll trigger the Side Questline to starting creating him at Al’s at Pt 2 of the main Questline Busted. Task (3hrs) to drop 2x Bags Of Cash.
13 Fake Lashes (Always): Win at the Diamond Roulette Table
11 Body Tape (Uncommon): Clear Strippers, Brian Buy Body Tape
18 Feathers (Common): Clear Amateur Magician, Big Money Casino
25 Bra Padding (Uncommon): Meg Stuff Her Bra,Bruce Go To A Drag Show, Casino Lost & Found


***The Buildings for this Phase can be found in the The Lucky Fountain – you’ll find full details in that section later***


Liberace’s Car – 200 Drops 2x Silver, Gold & Diamond Reward Cards every 8 hours.

Should I buy: Look these Diamond Reward Cards are hard to come by at first, but 200 Clams for 6 cards a day! Seriously just like last week that’s too expensive. I’d be looking for at least double that to drop. Even with the other cards dropping it’s not tempting to me. This is a tiny 4×2 decoration, that’s sadly overpriced. 100 clams and I’d been tempted but at 200 I’ll just leave it on the shelf.


 Diamond Reward Cards (Always) – Play Diamond Roulette Table, Liberace’s Car

 Gold Reward Cards (Always) – Play Gold Roulette Table, Golden Nugget, Magical Mystery Box, Clear Casino Thugs, Liberac’s Car

 Silver Reward Cards (Always) –  Playing Roulette Wheel, Clear Casino Worker, FGF Fountain, Liberace’s Car


 Diamond Roulette Tokens (Always) – Clear Amateur Magicians, Attack Casino Boss,  Cirque De Stewie Get Tricked Out, Lois Play The Slots, End Of The Line Dive Bar

Bag Of Cash (Always): Show Girl Brian Dance or Buy From Store

 Gold Roulette Tokens (Always) – Clear Strippers, Magical Mystery Box, Ferris Wheel, Raymond Teller Perform Sleight Of Hand, impersonator Peter Perform For Change

Strip Show Board (Common): Magician Quagmire See A Strip Show

 Silver Roulette Tokens (Always) –  Get from clearing Tourists, Wagering Whale, Huge Slot Machine, Raymond Teller Mime

Cigarettes (Always): Win at Roulette


Here is where you will trade the Gold & Silver Reward Cards you collect while playing the game to unlock Buildings & Decorations to use to further your game play in the Event.

Here are the items you can unlock during Week Two…

Casino Lost & Found: Chance Drop of x1 Bra Padding every 3hrs
Cost~ 8 Diamond Reward Cards, 20 Gold Reward Cards & 48 Silver Reward Cards

No Regrets Tattoo Parlour: Chance Drop of x1 Sequins every 8hrs
Cost~ 14 Diamond Reward Cards, 28 Gold Reward Cards & 51 Silver Reward Cards

Wide Wednesday Bar: Chance Drop of x1 Red Carpets every 6hrs
Cost~ 18 Diamond Reward Cards, 32 Gold Reward Cards & 50 Silver Reward Cards

Big Money Casino: Chance Drop of x1 Feathers every 4hrs
Cost~ 20 Diamond Reward Cards, 38 Gold Reward Cards & 54 Silver Reward Cards

Brutus Palace: Chance Drop of 1x Sequins every 8hrs
Cost~ 27 Diamond Reward Cards, 44 Gold Reward Cards & 55 Silver Reward Cards

Liberaces Piano: Chance Drop of X1 Piano Cufflinks every 2hrs
Cost~ 20 Diamond Reward Cards, 56 Gold Reward Cards & 60 Silver Reward Cards

End Of The Line Bar: Chance Drop of X1 Magic Bullet
Cost~ 65 Diamond Reward Cards, 112 Gold Reward Cards & 160 Silver Reward Cards


You will learn about him at Part 3 of the main Questline Busted. You will find him wandering your sidewalks and you will need to use Bags Of Cash to attack him But don’t fuss on this just now as you won’t be able to attack until after you unlock Show Girl Brian unless your willing spend a lot of Clams. But attacking him is pretty much the same formulae used for previous Bosses. You’ve 24 hours in which to attack him at levels 1 through to 5 with various rewards paid out for each successful attack.

Once you have the amount of Bags of Cash required tap on ATTACK. The rewards you get will depend on the level you attack at.

Attack Cost:
1X – 1 Bag Of Cash
2X – 3 Bags Of Cash
3X – 6 Bags Of Cash
4X – 10 Bags Of Cash
5X – ?? Bags Of Cash

Attack Rewards:
1X – 2 Diamond Roulette Token & 1 Liberaces Cape
2X – 5 Diamond Roulette Token & 3 Liberaces Capes
3X – 8 Diamond Roulette Token & 7 Liberaces Capes
1X – 12 Diamond Roulette Token & 11 Liberaces Capes
1X – ?? Diamond Roulette Token & ?? Liberaces Capes

Bags Of  Cash (Common): Show Girl Brian Dance or Buy From Store

Spawn: 24 hours to defeat him to level 5 before he goes into a 4hr downtime. When this happens simply wait for him to wake or you can instantly revive him with clams.


You will trigger them and learn about them at Part 1 of the main Questline Busted.  You will find them wandering your sidewalks and you will need to use a Character task to clear them.

Tap on an Amateur Magician wandering around to bring up the Payout and Character needed, you need Penn Jillette.

Simply tap on GO to choose the Character task. Please note you can also put the Character on the task directly from his profile.

Character Used:
Penn Jillette

Task Time: 4hrs.

Chance Payout:
+2 Diamond Roulette Tokens (Always)
+1 Feather (Chance)


Roulette is where you gamble away your life away, ok, maybe that’s being a bit over dramatic, it’s actually where you gamble your Diamond, Gold and Silver Roulette Tokens. To play Roulette you can either tap on the Lucky Clam in the event area or the Roulette Icon shown above.

This will bring you up the Roulette choices, at the moment you can on,y select either the Silver Roulette, Gold Roulette or Diamond a Roulette depending on which tokens you have to spend.  Tap on your Roulette choice and it will bring you up the Roulette Screen. We’re going look at the new Diamond Roulette Table this week.

To place a bet you’ll need 2 Diamond Roulette Tokens.  Once you have 2 Diamond Roulette Tokens, it’s time to choose your colour, Red, Black or Green. Obviously the odds on landing on Green will be much lower than Black or Red. But remember just like real Roulette this is a game of chance.

Once you’ve placed your bet, tap Place Bet  and cross your fingers you win.  And that’s it, simple as that. I’m going be honest the random nature of this in Week 1 has caused issues with progression, but it is what it so just keep calm and bet on.

The rewards vary depending on the colour you bet on and whether you win or lose.

If you win betting on Red or Black the Payout is:
+1 Eyelash (Always)
+1 Piano Cufflink (Always)
+5 Diamond Reward Cards(Always)

If you win betting on Green the Payout is:
+5 Eyelash (Always)
+5 Piano Cufflink (Always)
+25 Diamond Reward Cards(Always)
+1 Black Reward Card to get past characters/costumes such as Pimp Stewie & Gigg-Olo Quagmire if you don’t already have any of them.

If you lose the payout is:
+1 Diamond Reward Card (Always)

So go spin that wheel, good luck and don’t forget to boast in the comments if you win on Green. I’ve not as yet in my test spins.

There you have the overall basics to get you started through the final week of the New Event. Where are you so far? Anything particular you like the most? Suggestions or tips to fellow players? Let us know.

~Russian Tigger

46 responses to “Fear And Loathing In Quahog Week 3 Overview!!!

  1. At 5PM Eastern my countdown showd 1 day left in the event. The next time I went in I was forced to reload the game and was returned to regular Quahog. I still have tasks to unlock Liberace and Brian but nothing remains of the event. Anybody else?


  2. I was just greeted with a message of “due to technical difficulties we had to end fear and loathing in vegas a day early for some people.” Well, that some people included me. I was just another couple of drops away from getting Liberace tonight. What a shame.


  3. I was just greeted with a message of “due to technical difficulties we had to end fear and loathing in vegas a day early for some people.” Well, that some people included me. I was just another couple of drops away from getting Liberace tonight. What a shame.


  4. I was just greeted with a message of “due to technical difficulties we had to end fear and loathing in vegas a day early for some people.” Well, that some people included me. I was just another couple of drops away from getting Liberace tonight. What a shame.


  5. The event ended for me this afternoon – I was prompted to reload the game as “the casinos have been cleaned up, reload to return to Quahog…” So, I did, and sure enough, it was over for me a day early…

    Not a great loss, I had just gone into “Week” 3 and placed Liberace with no chance of unlocking him…the only bummer was I had saved 8 diamond coins with the intent of just going for green on the very slim chance of obtaining the Stewie costume, this one ended for me as it started, a total dud…totally lost the algorithm lottery in this one, at least I saved my clams…


  6. Why did the event end today in my game? Didn’t get a chance to use all my leftover tokens. Did the general FAQ state it ended on the 28th? Events have never concluded on a Tuesday.


  7. Anyone’s event just ended? Thought I had another day left.


  8. For the last week I almost always bet on Green and was able to win all of the special costumes and character. So, Diabeto, Pimp Stewie, Mob Boss Peter and Fight Promoter Cleveland. Also got a few things during the black friday sale. 🙂 Looking at Liberace’s requirements just reminded me how bad gambling is.


  9. For some reason Fear and Loathing has ended on my game. Has this happened to anyone else?


  10. Its the 28th and my game reset itself to normal!! There is supposed to be another day left to the event……


  11. “Welcome to week 3!”

    Event ends in: 01D 00H



    • Uh… my event just ended!


    • Mine when from saying 1 day left to the event ending and booting me out sayn reload to return to quahog even though its not supposed to end until tmrw. Did this happen to anyone else or just me? Plz someone answer. I’m soo upset!

      This is the 2nd time one of their event timers has gone from saying 1 day left then disappearing rather than counting down under a day. It happened during the halloween event which i tried to explain to them but they simply said “it shows you ran out of time” so they wouldnt do anything. & yes obviously if the timer was gone it should be out of time, not disappearing a day early.

      Now this happened to my entire event! The events main quest line is still open but the rest of event is gone. I was so close to finishing Penn and didnt get to use the rainbow card i had just gotten. I sent screenshots showing the event ending. I’m beyond upset. What can be done? Someone plz help.


  12. Hooray finally got Penn and made it to week 3. With two days to go… think I will take a bteak from the game now as there is no poont starting trying for any of the prizes.


  13. Green colour is something like 1/15-1/17 chance, i don’t see any reason to buy End of the Line bar just to sponsor two costumes from 3rd week, if we can win them anyway


    • I feel your pain. I’m stuck needing 7 decks of cards to finish Penn and I can’t win on the silver roulette wheel for anything. I’ve done really well on the gold wheel sitting with 150 gold certificates and I’ve just been stockpiling stripper boards for week three so I’ll have a bunch more when I clear thugs. I thought I was doing pretty well in this event but it all went down the tubes since the end of last week due to bad luck on silver.. Definitely a painful event


  14. wont make it to week 3 of this event still on week 2 trying to unlock quagmire costume so close


  15. How long does it take for Show Girl Brian to drop a bag of cash? And is it 1 bag of cash each time or more than 1?


  16. I am unable to place Liberace’s Car, I purchase it but it won’t place.


  17. For some reason the mission “K-9 on the case” has started in my game. Isn’t that from two years ago lol? This happening for anyone else?


  18. I still have half the clam value of Penn to earn, so I SHOULD get him by the end, but it will be almost a full two weeks to earn him…I lost the algorithm lottery in this event in a big way, roulette wins have been consistently sporadic, few and far inbetween, uncommon drops have been rare (Bonnie’s cup drops over a four day period was 1/16), it’ll be the first time since I started playing almost two years ago that I will not progress to the final quest line…

    I’m addicted to the game, totally addicted to this site (thank you, RT!!), and I like a challenge, but this one, IMHO, has been unnecessarily difficult and discouraging, oh, come on, TinyCo, it’s a game and it’s supposed to be fun…


  19. My Amazon fire tablet keeps shutting me out of the game. Is this a usual glitch/issue or is it just me?


  20. I don’t seem to be getting anything from having Copperfield clear showgirls- anyone else?


    • My drops sometimes showed away at the other side of town not beside where Copperfield cleared the showgirl. Could be why you’re not seeing things


      • My Copperfield pay out’s are showing up at the other end of town, but also I’ve cleared 3 strippers dude the showgirl Brian task was triggered, and not one roll of tape. Highly frustrating. Anyone else having a no tape drop issue?


  21. 4 tries and 0 Bra Padding so far from Meg and Chris .. didn’t place that building first since i need 8 diamond coupons …


    • The drop rates on just about EVERYTHING this week is ridiculous. They may as well have labeled them all “rare.” The best I’m doing is Peter getting rings from the casino workers, but even that’s only about 2 out of every 3 times. This diamond roulette wheel sucks worst. I was hitting about 33% on the silver, and actually doing quite well on the gold, I’d say 60%. On the diamond wheel? I’m hitting about 20% of the time. It seems like whatever you choose, it’s already decided it will land on the opposite. This last time I spun the wheel…B.S. You know how when you spin, it goes around quickly, then eventually slows down, and where it looks like it’s going to stop, actually it crawls slowly to the next space to the left? This last time I spun, it SHOULD have landed on my color, but stopped abruptly on the color before, like it was already decided there was no way the game could allow it to hit on the color I chose.

      Thank God for the buildings that drop tokens, because some actions that are supposed to earn them aren’t doing it. I’m glad I got the fountain to get those silver cards, because I’m certainly not earning many on the silver wheel. Otherwise, I’m getting pretty disgusted with the event. I’m not getting sandwich boards so I can clear thugs, I’m not getting the piano cufflinks or eyelashes from the wheel (because it’s predetermined you’ll lose), I’m not getting the feathers, and I’m not getting the body tape. I don’t see the point in even having a Week 3 if they don’t want anyone to complete it. Consider Liberace and Show Girl Brian to be premium characters. You’ll have to buy them to get them.


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