Fear And Loathing In Quahog Main Questline: Busted

Hello Gamblers!!!

Let’s get reasoning those states as gamblers anonymous beckons us in the latest event Fear and Loathing In Quahog.

Yes it’s time for us to gather round and take a look at all you will encounter in the  Main Questline, Busted.  *** Please note this is not complete, I will be updating it as I go but this is what you’ll see until after you unlock Show Girl Brian – and of course being the final week there is no need to complete this Questline***

 Busted Pt. 1

Welcome to Week 3: Tap on “GO” to learn more
Amateur Magicians Are Here: Tap on “GO” to learn more
Find out who’s performing tonight: Go to the event area and complete repair to reveal Liberace. The character is NOT timed.

Completed Task 10  & 10 

 Busted Pt. 2

Send Penn Jillette To Clear Amateur Magicians: 4hrs
Send Lois To Get A Diamond Roulette Token: 3hrs
Play Diamond Roulette: Requires 2 Diamond Roulette Tokens

Completed Task 20  & 20 

***Triggers Shakin Tail – Unlock Show Girl Brian Side Questline***

***Triggers Key Figure – Unlock Liberace Side Questline***

 Busted Pt. 3

Trade Diamond Reward Cards for the Casino Lost & Foun: 8 Diamond Reward Cards, 20 Gold Reward Cards & 48 Silver Reward Cards
Casino Boss Is Here: Tap on “GO” to learn more
Clear 2 Casino Thugs: Requires 2 Strip Show Boards  and Magician Quagmire

Completed Task 30  & 20 

 Busted Pt. 4

Build The Wide Wednesday Bar: 18 Diamond Reward Cards, 32 Gold Reward Cards & 50 Silver Reward Cards
Clear 2 Amateur Magicians: Requires Penn Jillette, takes 4hrs clear each
Clear 2 Strippers: Requires David Copperfield, takes 6hrs clear each

Completed Task 30  50   

 Busted Pt. 5

Build Big Money Casino: 20 Diamond Reward Cards, 38 Gold Reward Cards & 54 Silver Reward Cards
Have Show Girl Brian Dance & Earn 1 Bag Of Cash: 3hrs
Attack The Casino Boss: Attack at any level using required amount of Bags of Cash

Completed Task 40  & 50 

 Busted Pt. 6

Build Brutus Palace: 27 Diamond Reward Cards, 44 Gold Reward Cards & 55 Silver Reward Cards
Attack The Casino Boss Two Times: Attack him at any level twice  using required amount of Bags of Cash 

Completed Task 40  & 50 

 Busted Pt. 7

Build Liberace’s Piano: 20 Diamond Reward Cards, 56 Gold Reward Cards & 60 Silver Reward Cards
Have Impersonator Peter Dance His Pants Off: 6hrs
Have Liberace Perform For A Crowd: 6hrs

Completed Task ??  & ?? 

There you have it, the Main Questline that will take you along the final week of Fear and Loathing In Quahog Event.

Where are you so far? Any tips for fellow Players? Liking it so far? Let us know.

~ Russian Tigger

17 responses to “Fear And Loathing In Quahog Main Questline: Busted

  1. This has been worst event by a mile,paid loads for clams and still need over 1200 to unlock liberace with only hours to go.the roulette wheel almost never pays out and most items for showgirl Brian took 3-4 tasks to get 1 to pay out,even the common ones.im quite literally stuck in the house as I can’t afford to go out and being disabled and needing the fresh air, this game is doing me no good.i don’t mind paying a little but it’s every few hours they force a clam sale or try to sell 1 character for 14.99, they should be like 0.49 at most,it costs them nothing yet costs us a fortune just for a drawing in a game


  2. The event ended today for me. It’s a day early and the event tasks are still showing up for me. I was still working on unlocking Penn. I messaged TinyCo just now. Did this happen to anyone else?


  3. Just finished the event. All I have left to do is spin for the black rewards cards to get Pimp Stewie. Bought all 4 items with rainbow cards (and two extra rainbow cards to spare) with 76 gold tokens left over. After the first week of hell trying to get the hang of the wheel, things fell into place. All I bought with clams the whole event was Teller, but all I ever used him for was getting gold tokens, so he seemed useless in the end for me, although I really wanted to have the pair of Penn and Teller together.

    Hopefully others have had better luck as the event went on like I did. I almost quit after the first few days but stuck it out. Glad I did now.


  4. open the diamond roulette wheel and win Green.~~get the prize rewards!
    it’s strange that Green Rewards include one black card!(Peter head), that also happen when you win Green in sliver roulette wheel !! get one colorful reward card!!(Peter head)also. these cards are different from common reward cards (brain head)!
    i can’t find the (Peter head) cards i received in game. And any ideas where or how to use these SPECIAL cards won in green wager ??!!


    • The special reward cards you win on green allow you to purchase returning characters such as Pimp Stewie etc, so check in your store and Al’s to see if there’s anyone you can buy, but if like me you already Have all the returning characters/costumes you song see anyone and Yar cards are useless.


  5. Ya I am on Busted pt 2 but can’t complete it because one of the tasks is to play the diamond roulette wheel.


    • Not seeing other reports of this,info you’ve got game saved to an account, a complete reinstall may solve problem. And hopefully you’ll get help from TinyCo


  6. I am unable to open the diamond roulette wheel. I have a number of diamond chips but it just won’t open – the gold and silver still open no problem. I have contacted TinyCo but it is the weekend. Anybody else having this issue?


    • Not saw any other reports, gave you started the week 3 main Questline. Busted, you need be fully in week 3 content fir it to work


  7. Is anybody else having problems with the absence of clam tv,not had it in my town for weeks…😬


  8. ☕Burnin-Seed☕

    Side Note: There is a Black Friday Sale with some characters like Forklift Peter and Ida. Will there be a post soon?


  9. im still trying my luck on Green with Diamond Wheel and nothing .. i have zero eyelashes … also i really want Pimp Stewie …
    i think i’ll hoard some tokens until i have enough for 5 or 6 spins


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