New Event Teaser! – Santa Griffin Is Coming To Town

….and he’s going to bring some Christmas crackers with him.Yes, the Christmas event update is hitting App stores as I type. I’m currently seeing it on IOS, so check out your stores. You’re looking for App version 1.59.1 However please note the event is NOT yet live, so don’t starting rocking around the Christmas tree just yet.

So go check out the update, hang up your Quahig stocking, and then come and join us in the festive live post later if you’re still sober enough.

~ Russian Tigger


16 responses to “New Event Teaser! – Santa Griffin Is Coming To Town

  1. It won’t update on kindle!


  2. When is the event going to start


  3. I just got the update on the android app store and now its saying to upgrade to the newer version when I already did. Is there anyway around this or did I just lose all of my progress? Anyone else having the same issue on android?


  4. I just updated in the store and now the game is giving me the “Please upgrade” message when I try to login. I get that the event hasn’t started, but I should be able to get in *sigh*. I haven’t tried to fix it yet (uninstall/reinstall) but will have to do it sometime soon


  5. Why would an iceberg from the movie titanic be related to Christmas? Unlikely. Heck most the extra cast we get do zip nads ziltch not a darn thing for events. Which sucks. I’m slowly earning spa cash for that monkey ever since that event started. (I work a lot = zero play time). Sure the missions are alright, but come on DEVS I want to see if mayor west gets Christmas confused, or New Brian chase after Brian like the ghost of Christmas past. Ect… it’d be cool if God got a visit from his boy Jesus this year.


  6. I bought the North Pole Credit Union on Tuesday. Hoping this event is fairly relaxing!


  7. I wonder if the iceberg is connected to the Christmas event because it won’t let me put it in storage.


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