North Pole Credit Union Collection Update

Evening Merry Makers!!!

Just a final post to remind any of you that bought the North Pole Credit Union that it’s crucial that you remember to collect promptly every 24hrs, hopefully you’ll be less likely to forget now there’s a better visual reminder, as TinyCo have acted on our request that a clam symbol should appear above the building when collection is due. And please remember and that you need to manually tap on the building to collect as Consuela’s Vacuum still DOES NOT collect from it automatically. So set a timer and make sure to manually collect those clams every 24hrs when you see the clam above the building.


5 responses to “North Pole Credit Union Collection Update

  1. I set timers, and the game is consistently 1-2 minuets slower each time. And aother day it didn’t sync with the server even though I visited neighbors.


  2. Would’ve been nice to show a clam over head,just saying.


  3. Thank you TinyCo! The updated icon is much appreciated.


  4. Well, that was good of them. People won’t be wondering how to collect the Clams anymore. 🙂


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