Santa Griffin Is Coming To Town Week 2 is here…..and Sloshy The Snowman is NOT timed!!!

Ho, Ho, Ho!!! Merry F… Frickin Christmas. Yup it’s time to put the more jingle in the bells, as week 2 of Santa Griffin Is Coming To Town is here.

Yes, the festive fun continues. and you can throw caution to the wind as there is NO timed character to unlock.

Yes let me repeat the good news, there is no unlock timer on Sloshy The Snowman, he is not timed so go ahead and repair Sloshy in the event area to start working on him.  However you will win 40 clams if you do unlock Sloshy within 7 days, but as I say it’s only these bonus clams that are timed not the character.

~ Russian Tigger


13 responses to “Santa Griffin Is Coming To Town Week 2 is here…..and Sloshy The Snowman is NOT timed!!!

  1. not even close to week 2 still havent unlocked bad santa yet 😦


  2. This event has been good so far, no complaints. It’s nice when the drops are decent and the tasks overall aren’t really too tough.
    As a bonus, I tried the mystery box and got Jill Frost on the first try!! That has never happened before. Just makes the event that much better!


    • Wow! Well done on getting Jill Frost first go! I would love to take a punt, but I have no interest in the presents, ( which accumulate fast enough anyway) the eggnog or the remotes, so that’s just too big a risk! I never understand why they include what are basically week 1 rewards in a week 2 gift box?


  3. The only issue I have seen (android) is that the sports supports shop can only be placed facing the trees on the right hand side of the map. When I try to rotate it the foot print moves but the building doesn’t.


  4. Sloshy is disgusting …. but ill have to get him to go on with the event


  5. Minor bug…. The “Claim” has been stuck on since I collected the Swole Pole. (Facebook). Went back and completed an unnecessary Bucket prize, so there’s nothing left. (If they mean that I’m required to buy the Rabid Reindeer, I’m not doing it. But that doesn’t seem connected to the Wish List.)


  6. I am unable to open Balls Sporting Goods to go shopping or the mall to get the new buildings. Anyone else having these issues? Am sending message to TinyCo and hope I get quick resolution.


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