Here Comes Santa Griffin Main Questline: The Fright Before Christmas

Hello Christmas Cheermeisters!!!

Let’s get ready to visit party with Santa in the latest event to hit our games, Here Comes Santa Griffin.Yes it’s time for us to gather round and take a look at all you will encounter in the  Main Questline, The Fright Before Christmas.  

 The Fright Before Christmas Pt. 1

Tori Whispers Is Open For Business: Tap on “GO” to learn more
The Lingerie Angels Are Here: Tap on “GO” to learn more
Check Out The Wishlist For The Lingerie Shop: Tap on “GO” to learn more

Completed Task 100 

 The Fright Before Christmas Pt. 2

Clear 1 Lingerie Angel: Requires Sloshy The Snowman or Reindeer Brian, 3hrs
Get 2 Bottles Of Peppermint Schnapps: Get from clearing Ball Lingerie Angels, Peppermint Schnapps Stand

Find Krampus In The Mall: Tap on “GO” to be taken to the event area where you’ll find Krampus waiting to be repaired – he’s not timed

Completed Task 100 

***Triggers Winging It – Unlock Snow Angel Bonnie Side Questline***

***Triggers Seasons Beatings – Unlock Krampus Side Questline***

 The Fright Before Christmas Pt. 3

Shop At Tori Whispers: Requires 2 Peppermint Schnapps and 1 or more of the following characters, Caroler Lois, Snow Angel Bonnie , Krampus
Upgrade the Tree to Level 9: Requires 3 Red Ornaments, 7 Footballs & 3 Bras
Place Victor’s Secrets: Costs 475 Presents

Completed Task 100 

 The Fright Before Christmas Pt. 4

Upgrade Blitzen’s Bat to Level 9: Requires 6 Remote Control, 6 Basketballs & 2 Thongs
Complete Rent A Cop Pt. 2: Requires you to clear 6 Mall Security Guards (Mall Cops)
Complete In The Arms Of An Angel Pt 4: Requires you to clear 5 Lingerie Angel

Completed Task 150   

 The Fright Before Christmas Pt. 5

Upgrade Tree to Level 10: Requires 5 Red Ornaments, 11 Footballs & 7 Bras
Place Peeping Tom Binocular Shop: Costs 560 Presents

Completed Task 150 

 The Fright Before Christmas Pt. 6

Shop With Snow Angel Bonnie: Requires 2 Peppermint Schnapps – 3hrs
Complete Rent A Cop Pt. 3: Requires you to clear 12 Mall Security Guards (Mall Cops):

Completed Task 150 

 The Fright Before Christmas Pt. 7

Upgrade Blitzen’s Bat to Level 11: Requires 5 Remote Control, 8 Basketballs & 5 Thongs
Complete Show Me Your Balls Pt. 6: Requires shopping 2 times as As Seen On You Tube TV 
Complete In The Arm Of An Angel Pt. 6: Requires you to clear 2 Ball Salespeople

Completed Task 150 

 The Fright Before Christmas Pt. 8

Place Muffs And Stuffs: Costs 675 Presents
Check Back Next Week

Completed Task ??  & ?? 

There you have it, the Main Questline that will take you along the third week of Santa Griffin Is Coming To Town Event.

Where are you so far? Any tips for fellow Players? Liking it so far? Let us know.

~ Russian Tigger

16 responses to “Here Comes Santa Griffin Main Questline: The Fright Before Christmas

  1. My Pt. 7 is requiring me to upgrade Blitzen’s Bar to Level 11. Is that just me? With Bonnie and Lois busy at Tori Whispers earning burlap sacks for Krampus, I only have Willie Stokes available to earn basketballs. It’s slow going. I mean, the event’s nearly over, and I’m not even on the final week’s questline.

    As an aside, the last couple of events (Vegas, Titanic) have been too difficult to excel at for anyone with demands on their time beyond gameplay. With Vegas, it was the roulette wheel paying out (statistically) less than 50% of the time, and with Titanic, as I recall, it was the sheer number of items required to unlock the costumes that made the event so frustrating and success so elusive.

    Speaking of wheels of fortune, I play that spinner every time it comes up, and I have yet to earn a jackpot or the large clam payout. This seems to me to defy the laws of probability. It’s the kind of thing we’d call shenanigans on, if it were at the state fair. Please don’t get me wrong: I appreciate the offer of free stuff, and I know the company doesn’t have to provide even the offer. It’s just that this lack of worthwhile payouts is, well, peculiar.


  2. wish i made it to week 3 😦 im still trying to unlock sloshy but oh well been very slow getting things to upgrade the tree and the bar


  3. The football drops to upgrade the tree are killing me. Can’t believe that there is only one character that can get a football.


  4. What about touchdown Jesus? Why isn’t he up for sale???


  5. So I am into week 3 and have unlocked Santa Griffin, Willie Stokes, Caroller Lois and Sloshy yet I am still collecting sleigh bells, limes, cloaks etc. Does anyone know for what purpose? Do we think we may use these in week 4? Or am I missing something?


  6. Anyone notice the Gold Gift Box building? Its under the Building tab and appears to be free, pays out over time and appears to let you place an unlimited amount. May be a good way to up the daily money count. The description says “Gifts so amazing you just might get to keep them all”
    I’ve placed about 20 of them. Not sure if this is some sort of glitch. Seems like TinyCo would have made more fanfare of its release. 🤷‍♂️


    • For most long term players we’ve more game money than we know what to do with, I’ve over 10 million sitting. So I don’t need lots gifts for under my tree but enjoy spoiling yourself


  7. Thanks for this. Any info on the new Gold Gift Box Building you can buy for coins? Says (in the shopping cart) that it gives “gifts so amazing you just might keep them all.” Does it give you anything but coins and XP? I have placed 5 and each time, when I place one, I see it drop a small red graphic with the word “pow” in it but I have checked all over and do not see any gift.


  8. Hi. Does anyone know the Jesus clam drop rate? They’re 350 clams each so I would hope it’s good? And for how long?


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