Jesus & Black Jesus are back in store. Yes, the clam dropping sons of God have risen again!

Attention Addicts!!! It’s time to get down on your knees and pray as the sons of God are back.

Why? Well it’s Christmas, so what better time for them to abandon walking on water and wander back into Quahog, so if you’re one of the many thinking about bringing Jesus into your life then hopefully this post will help you decide if you want to buy  Jesus and/or Black Jesus. 

Firstly both are returning characters and both have a hefty price tag of 350 Clams each.

The reason for the high clam cost is simple, both have a 24 hour task that has a rare chance of dropping 2 clams. Now please make sure you read that it is a rare drop, NOT an always drop. So please don’t buy these expecting to get 2 clans every 24 hours, in my experience of having both these characters for a long time, they drop maybe once or twice a week. Maybe other players could share their experience of clams dropping to help those trying to decide if they should buy or not.

Also here’s some of the existing site information on both characters.
Jesus:  Questline
Black Jesus: ProfileQuestline

Unfortunately we don’t seem to have a Profile for Jesus. But I’ll repeat the main information you need to know is they do have a 24hr task that has a rare chance of dropping 2 clams.

Apart from this there’s a few returning decorations in the store. There’s the Gold Gift box which is free, but please don’t expect anything special from it, the description of the item refers to its original use in a previous Christmas event, it does not help in this current event. As well as this you’ll find 3 decorations costing 50 clams each, they are Snoman Rupert, Quagmires Bondage Rack and Rollyhamster..

What do you think of Jesus and Black Jesus? Do you plan to get either of them  this time round ? Also do you plan pick up any of the returning decorations? Have a favourite? Let us know!

~Russian Tigger




7 responses to “Jesus & Black Jesus are back in store. Yes, the clam dropping sons of God have risen again!

  1. I already have Jesus from the “Friends and Family” collection. Black Jesus isn’t worth 350 clams. I can probably get a premium character for Week 4 of the current event or a shot at another character in the Best of 2017 for cheaper.

    Speaking of Week 4 of the Christmas event, I do know there will be an Elf Stewie. I was playing on my mobile device a little while back, and a glitch revealed an Elf Stewie character when I tapped on Balls Sporting Goods, and it asked me to choose which characters to send. It showed Stewie, Bad Santa, Lois, Sloshy, and Jill Frost for just a second, then Stewie quickly disappeared, and the others shifted one spot to the left.


  2. I don’t remember where I got Black Jesus (maybe a ‘Best Of’ event?), but I’ve had him for about a year and he’s drops – as RT says – 1 or 2 clams a week…more importantly, he’s got the best theme jingle and best tag line…I rode into town on an ass…yo’ Mama’s ass…


  3. As always, appreciate the candid comments. Very expensive indeed. Will skip and save my hard earned clams for Best of 2017 event. I’m forever hoping American Dad characters will make a comeback.


  4. by my calculations i will be able to afford one of them by Jan 3 , provided i get the 50 clams for upgrading my tree to level 11 … and I will buy Black Jesus but not for the clams .. he is just so cool … so .. crossing my fingers 🙂


  5. I already have these two, but what about football Jesus? If you remember the football event it was one of those glitchy events and I couldn’t get in to the game for over a week, thus denying me a chance to win him.


  6. I couldn’t agree more RussianTigger. You won’t be recouping your investment for a loooonnnnnggg time. I have both on clam duty and the drop is so infrequent that I still celebrate when they drop. Of the two, I prefer Black Jesus because he has the best vocalizations. “Black Jesus!!!!!” like in a song from a blaxploitation movie and “I rode into town on an ass…your momma’s ass” are my favorites.


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