Tell TINYCO what you want, what you really, really want to see in the game in 2018

So the New Year partying is over, the fireworks have burnt out, the season of goodwill is behind us and the Best of event is underway in our games. Yes looks like 2018 is here to stay, well for another 352 days at least.

What’s a FGQFS Addict to do once the party’s over and the daily grind has returned? Well apart from enjoying breaking all those new year resolutions, how’s about helping TinyCo to make some? C’mon lift your 2018 already weary heads from their Sunday slumbers and take this once in a blue moon, ok once in a year, opportunity to tell TinyCo what YOU want to see in the Family Guy The Quest for Stuff game in the year ahead.


What would you like to see more or what would you like to see less of? What new characters or features would you like to see, or even what old characters or features you’d like to see brought back? Is there an event you loved that you’d like to see a sequel to, or an event you missed you’d love them to revisit? Is there any changes you’d like to see to the layout of the game, the inventory, anything at all?

Basically this is to ask you to help them make the game better, so share your thoughts with us in the comments and let’s help TinyCo make 2018 the year the game gets it right!!!

~ Russian Tigger

65 responses to “Tell TINYCO what you want, what you really, really want to see in the game in 2018

  1. I’ve got it…!

    All the people who want new districts…Given all the extra land we’ve been given to the northwest and southeast since the original boundaries were established, I can see if TinyCo is hesitant to add any there, as it would almost seem like “punishment” to newer players who would have to buy all that land before reaching the later districts, but TinyCo could always put a new district in the southwest, beyond the Graveyard District, or to the northeast, behind the Griffin home. As I’ve said before, there’s SO much land back there, they could give up some and place event spaces further back (or more likely, to the left or right, since moving it back would make it inaccessible if you haven’t unlocked the new district).

    It’s so obvious what they could do. Create a new district behind the Griffins, and call it the “Residential District.” You could acquire Bruce and Mort’s homes. Maybe Muriel’s ghost could be available to unlock at Mort’s house.

    As for new characters, I’d add Muriel, Mickey, O’Brian, Joyce Kinney, and Carol, for starters. I found this list. It’s not up-to-date, but I see they did add to it since the last time I saw it. I know the Rocky, kung fu, and 80’s (Quahog Heat) characters weren’t on here before. The last update seems to be Quahog Heat. Here’s the (partial) list: It’s more up-to-date than the list that was posted here, on 1/15/16.


  2. Angela Bohnhoff

    I would love some star trek, or other sci-fi show, I was in a hospital last time.


  3. 1. I’d like the ability to convert coins in to clams. I have 5 million in coins but i never seem to have any clams. I’ll watch your glitchy commercials to get clams but i refuse to spend actual cash to buy clams.
    2. More chances to acquire past characters!
    3. A daily spin where you can actually win something. Most days i don’t even bother.
    4. How about a Shot Shot event. Who doesn’t want the Hanson Brothers?
    5. More 80s and 90s themed events.
    6. A Gilmore Girl event. Macfarlane was on it…..


  4. I would like to see a ‘task finished’ button at the top left of the screen like a certain other animated game has, I think Tinyco should TAP into that idea and get it OUT there into our game. Tinyco, you really should just D’oh it for us, make it a little easier 😁


  5. How about bring it back to the first few seasons of Family Guy. How about doing an 80s or 90s sitcoms theme event. They get referenced all the time on tge show. Hell the opening of the theme song is a parody of All in the Family, or they could do a Golden girls vs Fresh Prince thing,


  6. An option to buy old characters like, bruce willes, arnold schwarzenegger… Event Star wars or Marvels pleaseeeeeee!!!! And do something about the coins


  7. MICKEY MCFINNIGAN (and O’Brian) dangit!! :/

    What I want is less “reskinning” of events and using the same unpopular mechanics… Material trains aren’t enjoyable.

    It’s time to start using more characters than just early game ones. The game is going on four years old – stop handcuffing events so much.

    Alphabetize characters in Tan Lines.


  8. I don’t have much to ask save for the usual. I’d be happier with:
    – More returning or new characters on Tan Lines for players to unlock at their own pace while playing other events.
    – More returning or new characters through the Lazarus portal for players to unlock at their own pace while playing other events. I’m sure there are more dead characters in the show.
    – The ability to cancel tasks.
    – No more baddies that need to be grouped and bombed during events. I don’t mind having tons of creatures around my town; they’re sometimes hilarious and the town’s big, but I hate having to remove my streets or modifying the town every phase 3 of events.
    – No more automatic blocking/pulling out characters from Tan Lines during events. Just let us decide whether we want to play and use those guys or not.


  9. return of the Wrestlemania storyline


  10. A Game of Thrones event sounds like a no-brainer. I know there is at least 2 parody versions of the Iron Throne and a Jon Snowman but there is so much content they could use for an event. I’m pretty good at saving my clams and I’ve yet to spend more than 200 clams on a single character but I don’t think I could resist any of the GOT characters.


  11. As I always post on threads like this one…
    -Let me sell back my hundreds and HUNDREDS of event buildings and decos. I don’t want or need them in my inventory, I just want to get rid of them.
    -Create new StewieBucks-based options.


  12. Some new content.
    I mean permanent in-game content like a District or something – instead of this endless procession of the same event being re-skinned over and over (collect this item to earn this thing to unlock some other thing to collect another item…).

    Follow through with previously established content.
    Tan Lines was a great idea until you stopped offering stuff for Stewie Bucks – rendering it pointless.

    A “Cancel Task” feature.
    You know, without penalizing a player by charging money to finish.

    An “Opt out of Event” feature.
    Let’s face facts: some of your events are terrible. I would rather not have my game slow down to a crawl because you have 40 squatters roaming the streets – or worse, not have access to characters because they are ‘possessed’ or ‘trapped in a building’ or whatever.

    Actual value for Premium content.
    I still cannot figure out why you reward your cash-paying customers with an item that typically becomes useless after a few days.

    The ability to sell obsolete inventory.
    Another time you failed to follow through. This became a feature years ago, but then immediately stopped after the initial release. Maybe you wouldn’t have so many players complaining about loading/crashing issues if there wasn’t 100’s of megs in data just for the inventory storage.

    Get out of my yard.
    Seriously, you don’t really listen to our advice anyway, so why bother?


  13. Brandon Broderick

    How about Joyce Kinney?


  14. RT, I’ve been trying to post here my suggestions for the past 2 days now, but you aren’t posting them? 😦 How come is that? Have you seen it?


    • Sorry JP I didn’t see it as it wrongly went in to Spam folder, possibly due to the length of it, sorry about that but I’m posting it now. Some fab suggestions and lot thought and work put in to the comment, thanks for alerting me fact it hadn’t shown up.


      • RT, will Tinyco be reading all of these suggestions of ours and take note of them or will this be just a wishlist exercise for us players and will go unnoticed as usual?

        I would really love to hear their comments as regards what they personally think by all of our suggestions and how (if any?) they wish to implement them in the game!

        Please do tell them that we wish to hear from their end regards all this, after we all dedicated some time in giving them fruitful and constructive suggestions for their benefit in the long run!


  15. how about gta event


  16. I want a monster mania one since i missed out on Freddy, Jason, Candyman, and all the rest.


  17. Ways to use money.
    Have completion of main quest line tasks during events give you items needed for characters/skins.
    Remove that stupid spinning wheel that almost always gives you only experience points or cash.

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  18. I’d like to see fewer sports and superheroes events. The former are really boring and the latter have been done too much already.

    Cancel tasks button like in FWOT.

    Gaps (or longer gaps) between events please.

    Some more characters to spend Stewie Bucks on, or if they’re not going to do that then change the daily challenges to always pay out clams. Perhaps allow trading-in Stewie Bucks for clams even if the exchange rate is rubbish, it’s better than having nothing to spend them on yet still being nagged to do the daily challenges!

    American Dad characters back again please, but not all at once in an expensive mystery box like last time, I’m not prepared to pay something like 1000 clams for them!


  19. 1.)

    Extend the concept of Christmas 2016 (where you introduced video game characters like Pac-Man, Q-bert, Princess Peach and Donkey Kong) and have a new major, month-long event where we can unlock new iconic video game characters of different franchises like Super Mario, Sonic and Megaman. Another suggestion could be to have a month-long event where we can unlock video game characters of a particular company, such as Sony’s Playstation iconic characters, which could feature Nathan Drake, Kratos, Ratchet & Clank, Jak & Daxter, Sly Cooper, Sackboy, etc.


    Other major-long events which you could introduce in the game could be:


    Throughout the seasons of Family Guy, we got to see many iconic cartoon characters in various FG episodes from different studios but were never featured in the game since the game launched back in 2014!

    As you already had struck a deal using Warner Brother’s Justice League heroes, I would suggest to negotiate a new deal to use the many Hanna-Barbera cartoon characters that were featured in various episodes of Family Guy, such as Scooby-Doo, Tom & Jerry, Yogi Bear and Jonny Quest. You may see more for yourself by following the link here:

    Not only WB’s H-B characters were featured in FG but even various Looney Tunes characters were featured in several FG episodes, such as Wile E Coyote, Bugs Bunny and Yosemite Sam. You may see more for yourself by following the link here:

    If you could strike a new deal with WB to use the various Hanna-Barbera and/or Looney Tunes characters, you could have enough new content that could last two major events!


    Have a major event on the era of the 1930s classic ‘silent’ films and characters, which could include:

    * Peter’s ancestor Willie “Black-Eyed” Griffin (
    * King Kong (including its classic skyscraper building)
    * Charlie Chaplin
    * Stan Laurel & Oliver Hardy
    * Betty Boop

    As regards to character costumes, it could feature Peter and Brian to the way Peter and Brian used to be in a segment called “Peter And Brian: Fixin’ The Shed” in their 1930s flashback as can be seen here:


    Have a major event on the era of the Wild West, which could feature iconic film/TV characters best known for this period, such as:

    * Doc Brown and Marty from “Back to the Future 3”
    * Dr. Michaela “Mike” Quinn and Sully from the TV series “Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman”
    * Albert Stark (Seth MacFarlane) from “A Million Ways to Die in the West”
    * John Wayne

    On the other hand, classic existing characters of that era could be included as well such as:

    * General Custer
    * Abraham Lincoln
    * Sitting Bull
    * Calamity Jane


    Make the players be able to re-use Tan Lines’ Stewie bucks as I have over 2k green bucks and 1k blue bucks but nothing to spend them on!!

    One suggestion would be to have those buildings/decos that were featured in the various event ‘hub’ areas but for some reason or another weren’t available for us players to be purchased in a mystery box with its event currency at the end of each event. These could include buildings from the event ‘hub’ area of events such as A Very Griffin Holo-Ween, Greek Life & Peter’s Prehistoric Park and the Quahog Convention Centre from the Comic-Con 2014 event to mention a few examples, where they were never made available to be purchased during the entirety of their own respective event.

    Another suggestion would be to bring back characters/buildings/decos from past events that would originally have costed a certain number of clams or were featured in a clams-only mystery box but would now be re-purchasable using Tan Lines’ Stewie bucks!

    This would give enough incentive for players both old and new to save up again enough Stewie bucks for the possibility in obtaining those previously missed items or characters from past events!


    Have more characters from the FG show be in the game! I’ve been waiting for ages to unlock new characters that got deceased in the show, such as the ghosts of Muriel Goldman, Horace and Thelma Griffin, as well as other FG characters such as Joyce Kinney, Peter’s real father Mickey McFinnigan and O’Brian (could be featured during a St Patrick’s mini-event) and Susie Swanson.


    For every level the player goes up, award clams or a deco/building which is exclusive just by reaching that particular level because, as it is at the moment, there is no incentive as such in levelling up to the max level (level 100); you just level up and that’s it.


    Have the majority of characters contribute to dropping an item for timed events, especially all the premium characters which have been paid for with real money. Almost every premium character introduced for an event is very useful for that particular event only. Once that event is over, the premium character becomes useless and is never to be utilized again for future character or costume item drops. Make these premium characters be worth the money that players spent on them!!


    Have a 7 day log-in system like TSTO & Jetpack Joyride, where each day it rewards the player in some coins incrementing gradually, ex: day 1 (100 coins), day 2 (200 coins), etc. and on the 7th day, award clams or a random deco/building which is exclusive just through this 7 day log in system. Missing a day would reset the system back to day 1. In this way, it ensures players keep playing on a day-to-day basis and they can obtain some exclusive prizes as well.


    Allow for roads to be added anywhere around buildings and not at particular spaces to allow for more space to add more buildings and stuff. At the moment, if a road cannot be placed exactly behind buildings but a few spaces ahead, I have to always fill in that gap by inserting a row of trees.


    Have the ability to add gray concrete ’tiles’ under buildings/decos as having just a green base for certain buildings/decos (especially vehicles) seems a little odd at times.


    Have a cancel task button option. Many times I would have sent characters to do their 1-day tasks and then realize later that they’re needed for some item drop, thus, having to wait the next 24hrs until they become available once more or spend clams to speed up to finish their task.


    Introduce more districts more frequently because the last district (excluding the Tan Lines hotel) was introduced almost two years ago.


    Introduce more homes/houses/apartments that could be added in our town as we currently have a very small amount of houses and it’d be cool to build a whole neighbourhood with all the characters we have. Besides having more homes/houses/apartments, include as well more public buildings/shops/restaurants/etc. in general that aren’t tied to any themed event.

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    • As for more homes, sure…Like Bruce’s house, for example.

      Although they probably can’t change them now, it would be nice if the homes/buildings offered a 360-degree view, rather than just the front and left or front and right, then if you want, you could set up Spooner St. as it’s SUPPOSED to look, with Cleveland across the street, with his house facing Joe, Peter, and Quagmire, plus Herbert on Cleveland’s side, further west.

      Besides that, there’s a lot of space behind the Griffin house, where they always place the hub of activity for events. There’s even more space behind THAT. If they would make some of that available for purchase, and put events behind THAT space, you could hypothetically buy Bruce’s house, where he’d be behind the Griffins, although actually on the next block to the north–as it should be. Maybe Mort’s house could be added, too. Carter and Babs’s place, anyone…? I’ve got an entire neighborhood of homes for wealthier families on the west end of my town (Worcestershire Mystery Mansion from Halloween 2016, Mayor’s Mansion, and Eccentric Billionaire Mansion, a/k/a Wayne Manor, from the DC event–with the Batcave alongside it). The Pewterschmidt home would fit right in nicely.


  20. I would love to be able to get clams for completing long quest chains. Also I wish that the option to watch videos for clams didn’t bug up all the time. And would love to be able to buy old character


  21. Though it is mentioned every time, I would love to see a Star Wars event (but knowing that Star Wars’s rights are harder to get than other things, the likelihood of one is slim). Aside from that, I would also like to see a section on FaceSpace with a full list of every character/costume currently in the game (it would be nice because there isn’t really a full, accurate list anywhere, and I would just really like to see that in the game). Another thing that would be nice is if old characters could return more often (maybe like something with stewie bucks, or some kind of weekly challenge where you have to collect a certain number of something to win a random item from a select large group of old characters and costumes, but probably not from all characters and costumes, because that would be a bit uncontrolled and probably cause for some problems).

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  22. Add more deceased characters to the Lazarus Portal in District 11.

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  23. Supehero event! DC/Marvel would be fun!!


  24. They really need to do something with the Stewie Bucks, because after you purchase the character with them, there is really nothing else worth buying with them.

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  25. The ability to cancel a quest started in error.

    For god sakes, this already.


  26. Brandon Broderick

    How about the old west event?


  27. I would like to see a Star Wars event. I would also like to see another wwe event with more wrestlers male or female. Also would like to see another football event with more players or make it it baseball basketball event, or like another comic con or music event. I would like to see pacific rim tie In event with King Kong godzilla or any other kajui in it. I would like for us to use coins either by buying premium characters or turn them into clams


  28. The discovery of low memory mode did away with my biggest complaint, the gane hasn’t crashed once since I enabled it! They seem to have moved away from timed characters so that’s good, I like the timed clam bonus idea. I would love to see a star wars event!

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  29. The ability to buy old characters, costumes and decos using Stevie bucks, coins or clams.
    Give people who have been playing for years a chance to complete some of the character sets.
    The ability to cancel a quest started in error.
    The ability to build more than one town, so people can use all the buildings they have amassed. Maybe use multiple screens so it doesn’t use up to much memory.
    Introduce more characters from the show.
    More residential houses rather than commercial buildings.
    The ultimate would be the ability to select the event you want to play and be able to play it at your leisure. That way no one misses anything.

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  30. I like the events with the achievement tasks. I also like that the characters are no longer timed but that you can earn clams in certain amount of time. However, for purchasing event buildings I would prefer they not lock them and make us buy in a certain order – I would rather that I can decide what order to purchase these buildings as part of my game play strategy, Like many others, I would like to have worthwhile things to purchase with my Stewie buck as well as my coins. I have in excess of 10M coins and nothing to buy. About 80% of my buildings/decos are in storage as it slows my game loading when they are all out. Also it would be nice to see an incentive/prize for leveling up – perhaps we could win a clam. It would also be nice if the prizes on the Spin n Win could be more specific to what we can use during the current event. Other than the clams (I have won 3 clams 4 times in the 6 months I have had the wheel in my game) I have no use for the other prizes as I can’t spend the money I currently have and there is no incentive to level up with the experience. I have never won a jackpot and have only seen 1 other person on this site indicate that they have. Other than this it appears that TinyCo is listening to us – sometimes – and the events have gotten better than earlier this year. Thanks for your efforts – it really helps with game play.


  31. A Walking dead event would be cool!

    Or make an event with Star Trek + Star Wars + Stargate all in one… ok I’m soo geek it hurts :/

    **Also the stuff we have to get in events (whats left like the Presents or the peppermint Schnapps on the christmas event) when the event its over we could be able to trade for something… like clams or something else

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  32. We should have better opportunities to unlock characters without having to use clams. And the missions should be able to be met without buying things to complete them. Also what are the Steele bucks going towards


  33. I’d like a rest from events. It would be nice to have a pile of new districts to just work through at leisure.
    Sort out the stewie bucks. They are going down the coin route where weve tons of them but nothing to do with them any more
    Some islands might be nice and some different type of road surface like paths
    Use more characters in events. We’ve a ton of characters who never get used. Olivia for example, Tom Tucker etc
    Is there any further use for the spirit portal item? If not can you allow it to be stored away, as it takes up space


  34. Hi there. Thanks for the opportunity to for us to share.

    1. I agree with the other posts stating events need to be more manageable.
    2. I also would like Tiny Co to actually respond to my messages. Over the past few three years, I’ve probably sent ten emails. I’ve never received a reply, ever! It’s not in my spam folder, etc. I was just ignored. I have had legitimate issues (like the latter one below) and have not reached out because of it.
    3. I love clam TV. Thanks for this wonderful addition. However, I would encourage Tiny Co to review its provider’s technology and communication policy. In my game, about 40 percent of the time, other videos cannot load after the initial few–well under the seven allowed. Furthermore, the reporting mechanism for missing clams is ineffective. They (the clam TV privider), ask you to send proof via screenshots, etc., but the screen shot file requested exceeds their file size capacity, even if you shrink the file size. (That’s the case for my Samsung S7.) There is absolutely no other way to contact them. They make it very clear they won’t respond to any request unless they have a screen shot, yet they can’t process a screen shot. I feel the clam TV provider acts unethically by not hosting an effective resolution center.

    Again, thanks for this opportunity to share. I enjoy the game and look forward to everything to come. Happy new year.


  35. I’d like to see a use for Stewie Bucks, new stuff to buy or to use another way i.e. trade for clams or character packs. Offer regular characters like Neil Goldman, I’m sure s9me others I can’t think of right now.


  36. I’m sure something else will pop into my head after I submit this 🙂

    1 Faster game load times
    2 Alphabetical inventory listing with a ‘jump to a letter’ feature, same could be done for characters in Tan Lines
    3 As previously mentioned, Stewie Bucks reward change. Happy to use them on spin to win for increased odds of winning the prize
    4 Character task changes, not all characters can perform 24hr tasks
    5 Ability to delete characters, (I really despise Richard Sherman and want him out of my inventory).
    6 Another Star Trek or DC Superheroes event
    7 Create a long term challenge similar to Stewie Bucks for Angry Monkey
    8 Drop rates need to be defined to avoid frustration and confusion in events. Uncommon = 75% chance Rare = 15% etc
    9 Glitches aren’t as prevalent as they used to be, keep doing what you’re doing in this space as it’s working


  37. Jeffrey Ferguson

    I’d like a return of football and wrestling characters


  38. No more shutting down Facebook on your way out the door, on a Friday night! Wait til Monday and have the fix READY TO GO! (Should be true of all fixes.)


  39. I’d like to see a option to cancel a task that a character has been sent on,because once you put them on- sometimes by accident the only way to stop the action is by spending clams,Futurama gives you this option its time family guy followed suit…

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  40. No more cash for character packs! Give us more to spend these Stewie bucks on. 🙂

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  41. I think a lot has improved recently, such as the removal of timed characters and introducing bonus clams for completing tasks within a certain time frame instead, but I’d like to see any of the following;

    Something to spend Stewie Bucks on.
    Something to buy with my 30 MILLION coins
    No more cash only character purchase bundles.
    Not hiding characters/costumes in mystery boxes.
    Clam rewards for completing quest lines.
    Clam rewards for maxing a character to level 15.

    These suggestions are nothing new, but maybe if we keep asking we’ll see some of these trickle through to the game.

    On a personal note, one set of characters that I’d love to see return are the classic horror characters which I missed first time round (Chucky, Pinhead, Ghost face

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    • I think having some characters exclusive to mystery boxes, but I think they should make all of the other possible prizes at least be something worthwhile and not event currency. It’s annoying how much clams it costs for those just to get the “main prize” of the mystery box


  42. First of all, I’d like to have TinyCo develop a way to give a player back his event currency in the case of a mistaken purchase, especially when it was accidentally done by a pet!!! Second, I never want to see a timed character ever again for the life of this game. Third, I would personally like to see a new Star Trek event because I had not discovered this game when the original one took place.

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  43. Make the quests more manageable to do like, more time to finish each part. Also, make each level the same, don’t make them harder and harder to do.

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  44. Michiel Klaassen

    Hi Clammers,

    Today I watched the emmy episode in which the family tries to earn a emmy in every possible category. And I really enjoyed the usage of the modern family characters. Stewie as Mitchell Pritchett, Gloria as Loïs and Peter who wants to change into a female. Would be a nice one-week challenge I would love to see in the game.
    Next to that I still miss characters as Muriel, Carl, Peters mom and dad, Glen’s father, Dianne Simmons, death and many more I would love to add to my collection without having to spend many clams.

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  45. I’d like to see events that we actually have a chance to complete and don’t feel like after 3-4 days I’m so frustrated and far behind I just stop playing. This has been the case the last year and I’m on the verge of quitting bc this game stopped being a fun escape from the day and feels more like a chore

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  46. I’d like something else to use Stewie Bucks on. After eventually saving up enough to get Evil Monkey there has been no purpose to collect them. Yet there is still a daily event of the tasks to do to get them and a stream of them from Tan Lines based on your occupancy levels.

    Don’t let Stewie Bucks become a pointless currency. Maybe if we could use them to unlock older characters that players missed out on.

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  47. I’d love to see more characters from the show. There’re plenty we haven’t seen yet, like Muriel or Peters mom and dad.


    • Francis Griffin was in the game, before I was playing. I only know, because on the page that shows all the characters I have, flanking Mr. Weed’s ghost are silhouettes for the ghosts of Diane Simmons and Francis.

      I’d still like to see Carol Pewterschmidt-West. It seems kind of pointless to have Patrick, and not Carol. I can’t really think of other characters that haven’t been included yet. I know there’s some that appeared before I started playing (a year & 1/2 in), that I’d like to see return, like Bertram and James Woods.

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    • Which of Peter’s dads are you talking about as Francis is in the game.


  48. In 2018, I would like to see:

    1. A return to districts (even one!)
    2. The Daily Challenge to expand its choices of needed characters and eliminate using “core” characters (and any of their skins) at all. The current event got me looking through Tan Lines and I saw characters I had forgotten I had even had. And there is no reason Peter or Chris should be presented as a task when they are critical to the advancement of the current event. Let some of the other kids play!
    3. Stewie Bucks should return to usefulness and be used to purchase former characters and/or skins but with a choice. I don’t care if the purchase numbers are outrageous, at least there would be a purpose/goal to work toward. I would love to see a past character available for 100 gold Stewie Bucks or a past event costume for a character available for 1000 blue Stewie Bucks. Put them in the shop and make them available for players to work toward. Maybe they rotate different ones weekly or by the event. Should I spend my Stewie Bucks now on The Black Knight? What happens if Bertram comes on sale next week? Give players some options and let them be engaged in the decision making as to how they want to spend.


  49. Make it so the Daily Spin actually hits the jackpot sometimes. Been playing every day since it showed up and haven’t hit the jackpot once.

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  50. I would love to see marvals in game like ironman, the hulk, thor etc would make a change from just seeing the normal run of the mill charators in game

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