Best In Beau What Where Are You Now?

Hey there Addicts, it’s time to find out where the latest mini-event to hit our games is leading you!!Yes with the event over halfway I thought it was time to see how everyone is getting on. To find out whether you’re howling happy or just barking mad.So best get busy casting your votes Addicts. And remember the results will show and update as players answer, so it will also let you gauge where you are compared to others.

Thanks as always and feel free to leave any other helpful feedback or thoughts in the comments. And of course if your feeling like the Grinch you can vent it out in the What The Deuce post HERE.

~ Russian Tigger


15 responses to “Best In Beau What Where Are You Now?

  1. Got Max this morning and now I’m desperately trying to clear all the 8 (!) open tasks before tomorrow.


  2. Did anyone spend clams on getting Max?

    I swear I’ve been playing every single 4 hours, missing maybe a session or two, just to pick up the actions to get the items, and Max seems virtually impossible to get without having either spent clams or literally playing every 4 hours.
    Ellie is possible and maybe it’s the fact that the drop rate for tranquilizers is literally the worst, but for what seems like a fairly small amount, Max’s 33 Ribbon requirement is now looking absurd without the usage of clams (buying tranquilizers).


    • Got Max yesterday after getting Ellie a few hours earlier. I played it a little different in that I went for the tranquilizer building first (before anything else). I also was strategic with how I attacked him and dealt with his rest period. I actually ended up ahead of schedule (I planned I would get him today). I collected the four-hour tasks five times daily (did not interrupt sleep) and didn’t spend a single clam. I also finished the main quest line this morning and have had everyone clearing tasks since yesterday afternoon. IMHO the key was grinding (collecting every four hours while I was awake) and planning the attacks on Max.


  3. It was easy! I unlocked Max yesterday. Buying that dog park or what helped me a lot. He had still like 17 hours in him. I must say, this event was well balanced. I had day left and unlocked everything. It was maybe too easy in the end, I had my twelve hours of sleep few times and yet I gathered enough.


  4. Looks like I will be 1 ribbon short when the event ends. So close… Currently on 25 with Max about to wake up but the lack of tranquilisers is killing me. Will be disappointed to miss out on a character but least I managed to unlock Ellie.


  5. I saw Max asleep this morning and now he is no where to be found…What??


  6. Max just woke up and i attacked him 3 more times for 6 ribbons (i had 21 not 18 , sorry) … so now i just need 6 ribbons. There’s 1 Day 9 hours left on my timer (33 hrs) .. he is up for 24 hrs + 6 sleep = 30 hrs .. which gives me 3 hrs to attack him 3 more times and get the last 6 ribbons .. which seems doable .. he is now at level 4 which requires 10 shots to get 4 ribbons .. which makes no sense .. it’s better to hoard and use the shots when he wakes up … even using 18 clams to wake up will be a waste because he will wake up at level 4 as well … so .. my only hope is i can keep the timing right and send him to sleep 24hrs from now (hopefully ill be back from work by then) …


  7. I’m collecting tranquilzers for the last time, after Max wakes up, he’s mine. I have 25 ribbons, it’s 4x and done.


  8. i have 18 ribbons .. im not sure if i can get 12 more ribbons in time ..


  9. hehe love what were getting for next event thats pretty sweet.


  10. Hi RT, hope you are balancing yourself well between family, personal, and FG.

    I unlocked Ellie yday morning but my aim is to get Max with 2 days to go. Pleasantly surprised to see Ellie having a task to collect tranquilizer. With 3 characters, one obstacle course and Ellie, I have an improved chance of getting 3 to 4 tranquilizers each 4 hour. I calculated yday and needed one more cycle to hit Max up to level 4 to get Max. With 25 ribbons now, 5 tranquilizers, I just need 15 more rest of today.

    This reminded me of why I play FG. Not a simple game and requires some planning and strategy to get what you want, which makes getting the reward a little sweeter.


    • I’m juggling like an expert, keeping busy keeps me out of mischief, lol. But busy January for sure. And I prefer QFS and FWOT because of the challenge, as long as it’s fair I prefer to work har to gain my stuff, it’s when it’s unbalanced that irks players.


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