Peter and the Masters of the Universe Overview

By the power of TinyCo a new event is here!!!

Time to break out the Lycra and your 80’s cartoon collection as the Peter and the Masters of the Universe event is here!!!


21st February at 3PM PST


***Peter the Barbarian and Trap Jaw Joe are FULL CHARACTERS not costumes***

***Keep checking back as I update the post while checking and verifying all the content as it hits live in the game. But there’s nothing we’ve not seen before in previous events so it shouldn’t be any harder than usual, lol***


Version 1.61.1

***I know Kindle users were once again late to the event launch, I’m sorry, hopefully you’re seeing the update now***


There seems a lot going on and it looks like an overwhelming event but just sit back and remember past events like Kung Pow Quahog and Guys In Black, these used similar gameplay, and of course as usual I will also try to help you through all the event brain fog.


I’m not personally experiencing any. If you are having any issues let me know in the comments.


Addicts Area
Main Questline – Tales From The Crib


Tales From The Crib

And here’s a snippet to get you started.

Part 1

Learn About The Event
Have Peter Play With Action Figure – 10s
Meet Peter The Barbarian

Part 2

Oreo Have Invaded
Learn About Weapons Workshop
Meet She-Ra

Part 3

Collect 1 Magic Dust
Craft 1 Spell Book
Clean An Orko


Trap Jaw Joe (Full Character): 230  Clams. Can fight Barbarians

Should I Buy – Fun new character NOT a costume, and it that will really help you get moving quickly through the first week of the event as he can get you fighting for Peternia, and you get good drops from victories here. I think he’s one of these buys that is down to two things, firstly whether you find the character amusing or not, he’s expensive as an impulse buy. But secondly if you like a head start in events, he’s your guy. So if the character makes you smile, or you want to get moving quickly then bring him to your town. But remember this is a 4 week event, so if you have limited clams you might want to wait to see what comes later.

Peter The Barbarian (Full Character): You’ll be directed to repair him for unlocking at Pt 1 of the main Questline Tales From The Crib. Can fight Barbarians
40 Power Amulets (Always): Clear Barbarians, Clear Orko, Wreck A Camel Gamel, The Wheel Of Gain
15 Headband (Common): Clear Orko
5 Loincloth (Uncommon): Lois Go To A Cave Painting Class, Hide and Seek Tanning Salon
6 Battle Axe  (Rare): Peter Buy Black Market Weapons, Chris Play Barbarians

She-ra (Full Character): You’ll be directed to repair her for unlocking at Pt 2 of the main Questline Tales From The Crib. Can fight Barbarians. The character itself is NOT timed but there is a 40 Clam Reward if yo can unlock her within 7 days of repairing her.
150 Power Amulets (Always): Clear Barbarians, Clear Orko, Wreck A Camel Gamel, The Wheel Of Gain
9 Headdress (Always): Clear Barbarian
20 Swords Of  Protection (Uncommon): Clear Orko
20 Crystals (Rare): Jerome Get Blinged, Herbert Collect Rocks, Bruce Practice Holistic Medicine, Crystal Castle
5 Unicorn Training Manual (Always): Unicorn Ranch


***The buildings for this Week can be found in the Castle Grayskull – you’ll find full details in that section below***


Shrine Of The Ruby Phoenix – 200 Drops 2x Ruby Feathers every 6 hours.

Should I buy – I’d have said snap it up at 50 clams but at a 200, no way. You’d be better off spending few more clams to get Trap Jaw Joe as he can defeat Barbarians which gets you 10 Ruby Feathers. So defeating 1 Barbarian will get you more than this does a day .

Barbarian Weapon Pedestal – 70 Eternia Coins


 Power Amulets (Always) – Get from Defeat Barbarians, Clear Orko, Wreck A Camel Gamel, The Wheel Of Gain


 Ruby/Red Feathers (Always) –  Get from Defeat Barbarians, Shrine of the Ruby Phoenix

 Magic Dust (Uncommon) –  Get from Mort Stock Magic Kits, Joe Seize Suspicious Substances, Bonnie Test Miracle Anti-Aging Products, Quagmire Have A Magic Torch, Get from Store

Spell Book (Always): Craft in Weapons Workshop

Fire Elixir (Always): Craft in Weapons Workshop

Eternia Coins (Always): Get as consolation prize when defeated by Barbarians


You will find the option to buy Magic Dust in your Shopping Cart, the costs are as follows:

8 Magic Dust: Cost 64 Clams
15 Magic Dust: Cost 108 Clams
30 Magic Dust: Cost 204 Clams


There are 5 places of interest here:

1: Weapons Workshop

2: Castle Grayskull

3: Battle for Peternia – Barbarians

4: Peter the Barbarian

5: She-Ra


This will be your “Craft” area where you will trade Materials for the weapons used to attack the Bad Guys in the game.

Here are the items you will Craft for Week One…

Spell Book 

Cost to Craft: 1 Magic Dust

Time to Craft Spell Book: 15 mins

Fire Elixir 

Cost to Craft: 2 Magic Dust

Time to Craft Spell Book: 30 mins

You can be making up to 6 items in the QUEUE at a time in the Gun Store. Then you will have to wait until one finishes before adding more into the Queue.

And here’s a reminder of where you’ll find that Magic Dust.

 Magic Dust (Uncommon) –  Get from Mort Stock Magic Kits, Joe Seize Suspicious Substances, Bonnie Test Miracle Anti-Aging Products, Quagmire Have A Magic Torch, Get from Store


***still in progress***

Here is where you will trade the Event Currency you collect while playing the game to unlock Buildings & Decorations to use to further your game play in the Event.

Here are the items you can unlock during Week One…

Ancient Ruins: No drops
Cost~ 20 Power Amulets

Wreck A Camel Gamel: Drop of 2 Power Amulet every 3hrs
Cost~10 Power Amulets

Hide And See Tanning salon: Chance Drop of 2 Loincloth every 6hrs
Cost~ 30 Power Amulets

The Wheel Of Gain : Drop of 3 Power Amulet every 4hrs
Cost~ 75 Power Amulets & 10 Ruby Feathers

Crystal Castle: Drop of 2 Crystal every 8hrs
Cost~ 45 Power Amulets & 15 Ruby Feathers

Unicorn Ranch: Drop of 2 Unicorn Training Manual every 8hrs
Cost~125 Power Amulets & 32 Ruby Feathers

Swift Wind: No drops
Cost~350 Power Amulets & 100 Ruby Feathers

 Power Amulets (Always) – Get from Defeat Barbarians, Clear Orko, Wreck A Camel Gamel, The Wheel Of Gain

 Ruby/Red Feathers (Always) –  Get from Defeat Barbarians, Shrine of the Ruby Phoenix



During the Main Questline, Tales From The Crib Pt 5, you will trigger Barbarians in the event area. You will have to wait for him to appear before you can battle him and have one of this weeks event characters available. So unless you bought Trap Jaw Joe you’re not going to be going into battle for a while. So concentrate on unlocking Peter the Barbarian and/or She-Ra for now and don’t panic, you’ll get there.

Battling Barbarians will be similar to the battles we’ve done in other events, most recently seen in Guys In Black and Kung Pow Quahog. Basically you will select a Character to battle, where you will probably lose health and probably need to battle more than once to defeat the Barbarian. Then when defeated, you will earn Materials for the Event.

You will find the Barbarian in the Event Area when he shows up.

Tapping on him will bring you up the Battle For Peternia screen, which gives you all the battle information.

I’ve simplified the information from the Attack screen below.

Opponent – Barbarian:
4 Hit Power, 8 Health, undisclosed chance of knockout

Characters You can Use (you can select only select 1):
Peter The Barbarian ~ 4 Hit Power, 8 Health, 20% Chance knockout
She-Ra~ 6 Hit Power, 10 Health, 20% Chance knockout
Trap Jaw Joe~ 4 Hit Power, 8 Health, 20% Chance knockout

WIN Payout:
35 Power Amulets (Always)
10 Red Feathers (Always)
1 Headdress (Always)

10 Eternia Coins

Cost To Battle: 1  Fire Elixir (Always): Craft in Weapons Workshop

Battle Example: I tested this out using Trap Jaw Joe, but Peter the Barbarian has the same stats, so this applies to him also. The Barbarian and Trap  Jaw Joe have the same Health (8) and the same Hit Power (4), so unless you get a lucky knockout blow will need to attack the Barbarian twice to defeat him. Of course he also might get lucky and knock Trap Jaw Joe out. And there’s also chance either of you could miss.

I attempted 2 Battles with Trap Jaw Joe and here’s my results…

Battle 1:
Trap Jaw Joe: Hit Barbarian -4
Barbarian: Hit Trap Jaw Joe -8 (Knocked me out)

Battle Result: Loss

Battle 2: (Note – Barbarian only has 4 Health as I hit him for -4 in the previous) battle
Trap Jaw Joe: Hit Barbarian -4 (this takes Barbarian Health to 0 and he’s  defeated)
Barbarian: Hit Trap Jaw Joe -4

Battle Result: Win

Now another point worth mentioning about your character’s Health is it only starts to restore once it hits 0, so if you’ve 4/8 Health it will NOT go back up to 8/8 over time, it will only start to restore once you’re at 0/8.  And once you’re health starts to restore it will take time, Trap Jaw Joe currently takes 6 hours to get back his health. So you need to wait unless you want to splash out clams to Revive your character. It costs 64 Clams to revive Trap Jaw Joe.


These are the little baddies in this event and will appear when you hit Tales Of The Crib Pt. 2. They are quite simple to deal with, it’s just more of the tap, aim and fire we’ve seen in previous events. Before you can clear them you’ll need to get a Spell Book, you’ll get them here:

Spell Book (Always): Craft in Weapons Workshop

Once you have a Spell Book you will find Orkos wandering your sidewalks.

Simply tap one of them to bring up the targeting screen.

Then move the Spell Book until the green target circle is on an Orko, you’ll know it’s in target as it will turn purple, then simply hit the check mark to clear the Orko.

I am seeing up to a maximum of 6 in my game and immediate respawns.

The event rewards for clearing Orkos are as follows:

Per Orko Cleared
6 Power Amulets (Always)
1 Sword Of Protection (Chance)
1 Headband (Chance)

There you have the overall basics to get you started through the first Week of the New Event. Where are you so far? Anything particular you like the most? Suggestions or tips to fellow players? Let us know.

~Russian Tigger


29 responses to “Peter and the Masters of the Universe Overview

  1. My game shows it’s
    150 Power Amulets to unlock She-Ra, not 40.


  2. Could sure use some healing potions!!!!


  3. Any reason they only let you battle with one character at a time vs on the past you could use more than one as long as they were unlocked. I have Trapjaw and Peter the Barbarian umlocked but can only use one at a time in battle.


    • As this is what they consider a low level opponent, you’ll find as weeks go on opponents get tougher and your fight team will increase


  4. Has Trap jaw Joe got a voice?


  5. First 5 Battle Results:
    Hit -4 (both)
    Miss (both)
    Miss (both)
    Miss (both)
    Miss (Joe) Hit -4 Barbarian, Joe knocked out
    …Such a waste of resources and wretched RNG. Thanks TC!


    • Updated stats (Next 5 battles)
      Hit -4 (both) Barbarian knocked out
      Miss (Joe) Hit -4 Barbarian, Joe knocked out
      Miss (Joe) Hit -4 Barbarian
      Miss (Joe) Hit -4 Barbarian, Joe knocked out
      Miss (Joe) Hit -4 Barbarian
      That’s an 80% miss rate for a premium character!


    • Damn… mine was:
      Hit 4 (both)
      Hit 4 (both)
      Barbarian defeated, Peter knocked out
      Hit 4 (Peter), Miss (Barbarian)
      Hit 4 (both)
      Barbarian defeated, Peter with 4 health


  6. I hope Orko is releases as a full character sometime later in the event, because he’s one of my favorite he-man characters


  7. What exactly do the Red Feathers do ? In FAQ it says you use at Grayskull but looks like only using Power Amulets.


  8. Interesting premium Trap Jaw does less damage than She-Ra. If opposite would have bought immediately.



    Part 4
    Clear 3 Okros
    Place the Ancient Ruins

    Part 5
    Place the Hide and Tan Tanning Salon
    Create 1 for exilir
    Have Barbarian Peter Fight a barbarian

    So the question I’m struggling with is whether it’s a better investment to purchase Trap Jaw Joe for 230 clams or 30 Magic Stardust for 204.

    TJJ, you can start fighting Barbarians but you need Stardust in order to do that which means your not making magic books to defeat Orkos, which you need to do in order to get BP.

    Right now I’m seeing about 2 Stardusts every 3 hours from the 4 characters that can drop them….so I’m leaning towards thinking the Stardust is a better investment, due to how fast you can produce both Magic Books and Fire Exilir and the fact that only 1 character can battle Barbarian at a time. Although you don’t get a full character out of it whom may be useful in the next phase…

    Ideally TJJ and a Stardust pack if you have the clams.


    • Thanks, the full Questline is here

      Yes buying both will see you sailing through unlocking Peter the Barbarian but it’s a big investment in first week of an event. I always prioritise character over materials but I understand your thinking. Let us know what you decide.


      • Yeah, I think you’re right RT. I got stuck on the idea that you can only use Magic Dust for creating either Magic Books or Fire Elixier. But thinking about it some more the important thing is to get the Crystal Palace placed in order to have plenty of chances to collect those 20 Rare Crystals for She-Ra. Thus getting her within 7 days and then Trap Jaw Joe only cost you 200 clams ultimately. Better investment then the Magic Dust packs to be able to clear Okros faster, can clean them up near the end getting BP and She-Ra around the same time if need be since you don’t need him (except for the MQL) if you have TJJ.

        Plus ya get the character, whom will likely be a little more useful in the coming weeks. (And if need be get one of the smaller MD packs later on if you find you have trouble with their drops.)

        Yup…going with Joe. 😉


  10. You think there’s a x2 clam offer coming ?..been awhile.


  11. Even though the FAQ under Orko says he drops Ruby Feathers., I don’t think he does. I am 0 for 3 and the FAQ for the feathers now says only the barbarians & shrine drop them.


  12. Psst. You called She-ra “Santa Griffin” 😀


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