Warning!!! The End Is Coming…. Peter and the Masters of the Universe

Worry not Clammers!!!

It’s not the end of days. Nor is it the end of the world. It’s only the end of the Peter and the Masters of the Universe event, and as much as you’re probably thinking “I need more time”, I’m afraid to say it’s running out.

Yes the doomsday pop up we all dread is now appearing in our games, you know the one, where it tells us the clock is ticking down, usually faster than the speed of light. So now is when you need to start making any last-minute purchases from the limited time items available in store, and more importantly finish unlocking any event characters and outfits, as if they’re not full unlocked they will leave your game when the event does!!!

Remember this event ends on 21st February 2018 @ 3pm PST

So good luck to all you Addicts everywhere!!! And please keep an eye out for our End of Event poll as we love to hear how our fellow players have done.

~ Russian Tigger


7 responses to “Warning!!! The End Is Coming…. Peter and the Masters of the Universe

  1. Easiest event I’ve ever played. Finished every stage. Bought the elephant for the clams and Hordak. Was able to finish 2 days early. I always play freemium, but I figured with the clams from the elephant, in the end I will make out better. Plus I unlocked everyone thanks to Hordak fighting every battle. Tinyco got this one right


  2. Great great event not a bad thing to say about it and hope gets another part in the future so close on Stewie at the end but was not to be no clue what is next mini event I would bet but damn it’s gonna be tough to top this past event


  3. For a good portion of the event I was having hangup issues on my device. I figured it out a week ago but got too far behind. It looks like most thought this event was okay and balanced well enough… or at least better than other recent events.


  4. no end of event items yet ? i have like 3700 amulets


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