V Is For Mystery II Week 2 is here…..

Week 2 of the event is afoot dear Addicts!!!

Yes the second and final chapter of the V Is For Mystery II Event is here and  it’s time for us to work together to get this mystery solved!!!

I’m seeing the week 2 content  on IOS, and pulling info now and will get the LIVE post up as soon as I get a chance, I’m afraid it might not be until a little later as I’ve some early appointments. But this week shouldn’t be too stressful as there’s only 1 freemium  character to unlock.

And as it’s the final week there’s obviously no unlock timer on Dr Brian Watson. 

But remember you will only see Week 2 if you have completed the  Gone Guy Questline from Week 1.

~ Russian Tigger

10 responses to “V Is For Mystery II Week 2 is here…..

  1. The drop rate for Rat Traps are very frustrating. 2/6 so far.
    Just hope I don’t have to get many of these Giant Rats over the next 6 days! Will be better once one of the buildings that drops Rat Traps is built. Shame there’s only one Freemium character this week though.


  2. Professor Carter? Seriously?? Carter Pewterschmidt with a hat on!? For ( potentially) 4 x 125 clams?!? Lamest costume EVER!
    I won’t be buying the case closed mystery box!


  3. it’s gonna be tough with only Scottish Brute Peter to fight the Robots .. 8hrs tasks !!
    Constance Lois is Premium and I’m broke 😥


  4. Is anybody else’s drop rate for this task terrible?? Clearing chimney sweepers yields two haggis, but my drop rate is 50%!! Only half way to getting Scottish Peter. Only getting 2 of 3 tennis racquets each time too. Even my case file purchases are rarely dropping items. Not sure I wanna even bother with this task :-/


    • My drop rate for the giant rat traps is absolutely terrible. Going to take forever and a day to get all the Notebooks for Dr. Brian Watson. If something is going to stop me completing this event, it will be that.


  5. Easy week so far… I’ve already unlocked the first 4 buildings. But it’s no surprise as I did finish last week 3-4 days early


    • In just over a day I’ve got all the buildings but the last one cuz like you I finished early and had like 500+ files ready to go. But I think we’re gonna have to grind this week out. So far I’ve only gotten 4 out of the 27 notepads for Brian (from clearing the rats) in a day and a 1/4. It is marked as rare but I have a feeling I won’t get Brian until day 6 or 7, but it doesn’t really matter cuz that’s all there’s left to do


      • Yeah, I think so too… I have all the buildings now, but still have a lot to collect for Brian. The drop rates for notepads are terrible, so I only have 13/27. Walking sticks are slow to obtain too, but at least they drop regularly. The other items are nearing completion so I’ll just be waiting for notepads until the last day!


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