Daily Archives: April 24, 2018

Bud Coins Shortage!!!

Hi fellow addicts

It would seem a gremlin is at work and he’s holding some of your hard earned Bud Coins to ransom.

Im still comments from players saying they can’t earn enough Bud Coins to purchase buildings or complete the Farmers Almanac Tasks. Many of you are reporting being stuck, so if you’re stuck please help us to try get this sorted by answering the  following questions in the comments.

1:  Details of your Device, Platform and App Version?
2: How many Bud Coins do you currently have?
3: What building are you currently trying to place from the Farmhouse?
4: What exchanges do you see in your Dispensary?
5: Did exchanges in your Dispensary change each time you visited it, even if you made no exchange?
6: Have you unlocked Farmer Peter?
7: What Farmers Almanac Tasks do you have available to complete?

~ Russian Tigger

Too Many Griffins In The Kitchen – How Did You Do? Poll Results

Hi there fellow addicts.

Yes, finally they’re in, the poll results from the Too Many Griffins In The Kitchen Event that many of you will be keen to see.

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