Quick Questing & Character Tasks: Farmer Peter – Green Thumbs Down

Greetings Addicts!

Rise and shine cause its Questline time!!!

Yes let’s gather round and take a look at all you’ll encounter in Green Thumbs Down Questline.  

 Green Thumbs Down

Earn Farmer Peter

Completed Task 100  100 

 Green Thumbs Down Pt. 1

Have Farmer Peter Tends To His Crops: 4hrs
Have Bonnie Kills Houseplants: 4hrs

Completed Task 150  100 

 Green Thumbs Down Pt. 2

Have Farmer Peter Make Topiaries: 6hrs
Have Chris Be A Couch Potato: 2hrs

Completed Task 200  100 


  • Paint His Thumb Green (2hrs) 
  • Tend To The Crops* (4hrs)
  • Shop For Ingredients (6hrs) 
  • Make Topiaries* (6hrs)
  • Work At His Friends Farm  (6hrs) 
  • Get His Hands Dirty (8hrs)
  • Sample The Merchandise (10hrs)

* Animated Task

There you have it, the lowdown on Farmer Peter.

Where are you so far? Any tips for fellow Players? Liking it so far? Let us know.

~ Russian Tigger

6 responses to “Quick Questing & Character Tasks: Farmer Peter – Green Thumbs Down

  1. Is this quest line for Farmer Peter necessary for the event, or can it wait until later? I need him to keep shopping for chocolate bars for the edibles.

    Poor Peter has several such quest lines in my list from events long ago. So I hope the answer is that it can wait….


  2. Is anyone else having issues with the brownies? I can’t get it to count when I craft. It only seems to count when I make e changes for coins. If that’s the case, the brownie tasks will take forever since it takes multiple brownie to exchange. My game only counted each exchange even with multiple brownies used. Sigh.


    • I had complete the craft to get mine to count rather than just start making them. But didn’t need do exchanges. What part of the Farmers Almabac is this happening on?


  3. so when the hell is it going to start working again!!!!!


  4. ive used some clams to speed things up a bit
    i may be able to unlock him tomorrow night


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