420 Guy: Farm Almanac Week 2

Hey there!

Let’s tip toe through the tulips of the second week of the 420 Guy Event, and see what tasks you will encounter along the way.


These are basically your “Side Questlines” for the Event. The main thing is unlike Side Questlines from other Events, these are actually VERY important to complete as soon as you can so you may earn as many payouts as they are providing. These payouts in return help you unlock critical items for your Event  progress….

And you’ll find a reminder of Week 1’s tasks HERE….


You can get to the current Farm Almanac Screen by tapping on the Icon in the lower right corner of the game screen.

This will in turn take you to a Pop Up Screen showing all the current available Tasks you have unlocked and/or completed so far.


These are the lists of Names & Part #’s for the Farm Almanac I’ve seen so far. Also listed is the is the reward you will get when you CLAIM the completed task. But please note this post is a work in progress, I’ll add the new tasks as I trigger them in my game.

Yours will vary, mainly because it is just trying to get the drops you need AND to complete 30/30 for now. So if you keep moving forward on one… you will possibly see MORE on that particular Task Name then I have shown below. So basically what you see will depend on your progress and th characters you buy or unlock. In other words, there may be MORE than 30 Task options available. It will vary by Player’s game progression and Task use on what YOU complete and see come up next.

Remember: You will only see a small amount of Tasks at a time and you will NOT see more until you complete ones there already and/or progress in the Main Questline, giving you access to the item/area you need to complete the Tasks.

Here is the list of what I currently see in my game but remember when you clear one or progress through the Main Questline, another will appear until at least 30 show up and are completed. But they will only show up if you claim your completed tasks, please remember to do that.

Addicts Tip: Please be vigilant when clearing tasks, buying items etc  that you claim your Tasks in order to trigger the next one. Basically whenever you do anything check to see if you’ve any rewards to claim. Sometimes the Claim alert doesn’t appear as it should above the Farm Almanac Icon or it gets permanently stuck there, so go in and manually check this.


Country Girl
Unlock Farmer Lois in 4 days for Bonus Clams
Reward: 15 Clams

***Ends Here***


Baking To Get Baked Pt. 1
Harvest Sour Clams Once
Reward: 5 Bud Coins

Baking To Get Baked Pt. 2
Harvest 6 Best Buds
Reward: 6 Bud Coins

Baking To Get Baked Pt. 3
Craft 4 Special Brownies
Reward: 24 Bud Coins

Baking To Get Baked Pt. 4
Collect 2 Chocolates
Reward: 6 Bud Coins

Baking To Get Baked Pt. 5
Harvest 15 Sour Clams
Reward: 15 Bud Coins

Baking To Get Baked Pt. 6
Craft 2 Bags Of Grass
Reward: 8 Bud Coins

Baking To Get Baked Pt. 7
Craft 7 Special Brownies
Reward: 48 Bud Coins

Baking To Get Baked Pt. 8
Collect 3 Sugars
Reward: 18 Bud Coins

Baking To Get Baked Pt. 9
Craft 5 Special Brownies
Reward: 30 Bud Coins

Baking To Get Baked Pt. 10
Collect 3 Sugars
Reward: 18 Bud Coins

***Ends Here***


Special Order Pt. 1
Start Ordering 1 Doobie 
Reward: 8 Bud Coins

Special Order Pt. 2
Craft 4 Doobies
Reward: 32 Bud Coins

Special Order Pt. 3
Craft 7 Doobies
Reward: 56 Bud Coins

Special Order Pt. 4
Craft 5 Doobies
Reward: 40 Bud Coins

Special Order Pt. 5
Make 1 Special Brownie
Reward: 10 Bud Coins

Special Order Pt. 6
Make 4 Special Gummies
Reward: 40 Bud Coins

Special Order Pt. 7
Craft 1 Doobies
Reward: 8 Bud Coins

Special Order Pt. 8
Make 5 Special Gummies
Reward: 50 Bud Coins

***Ends Here***


High Spirits  Pt. 1
Build The Girl Troop Cookie Store
Reward: 2 Jean Vests

High Spirits  Pt. 2
Build Stoner’s Gifts
Reward: 3 Jean Vests

High Spirits  Pt. 3
Build Pot Shop
Reward: 4 Jean Vests

High Spirits  Pt. 4
Build Glassware Shop
Reward: 4 Jean Vests

High Spirits  Pt. 5
Build Hippie Van
Reward: 7 Jean Vests

High Spirits  Pt. 6
Build Robo Rollers
Reward: 10 Jean Vests

***Ends Here***


Thug Strife  Pt. 1
Clear 4 Thugs
Reward: 4 Eye Drops

Thug Strife  Pt. 2
Clear 7 Thugs
Reward: 7 Eye Drops

Thug Strife  Pt. 3
Collect 7 Gold Chains
Reward: 7 Eye Drops

Thug Strife  Pt. 4
Clear 8 Thugs
Reward: 8 Eye Drops

Thug Strife  Pt. 5
Clear 5 Thugs
Reward: 10 Eye Drops

Thug Strife  Pt. 6
Collect 7 Security Alarms
Reward: 14 Bud Coins

***Ends Here***


Each Week a New Bonus Prize will show up that you can try to earn by completing ALL the Tasks for that week. Here is what you can get during the first week.

Lowrider: At the end of Completing at least 30 Tasks for the second week as they trigger, you will see the COMPLETE Button turn into a CLAIM Button under the decoration in the Farm Almanac Task Screen.

There you have it. The overall basics of the second week of the Farm Almanac for Week 1. What do you think so far? Are there Tasks you find yourself focusing on more than others? Any favorites? Suggestions to fellow Players? Let us know.

~ Russian Tigger

8 responses to “420 Guy: Farm Almanac Week 2

  1. My game still on week 1 can’t do anything


  2. 27 glasses needed… and glassware store drops (not always, furthermore) one glass each 4 hours, and no other way to collect them. That means that 5 days (!!) are at least needed to complete just this task, that furthermore cannot be started at the beginning of the week since glassware store is needed! That’s insane and not funny indeed…


  3. Be nice if the dam thing worked, now over a week!!!!


  4. have a couple of tasks for you, to add :
    Baking to get baked pt.4
    collect 2 chocolates
    6 budcoins

    Baking to get baked pt.5
    collect 15 sour clams
    15 budcoins


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