420 Guy Main Questline: Deep In The Weeds

Hello Addicts!!!

Let’s go on our travels through week 3 of the latest event 420 Guy.Yes it’s time for us to gather round and take a look at all you will encounter in the  Main Questline, Deep In The Weeds.  

 Deep In The Weeds Pt. 1

The White Labrador Strain Is In Stock: Tap on “GO” to learn more
DEA Agents Have Arrived: Tap on “GO” to learn more

Completed Task 100  100 

 Deep In The Weeds Pt. 2

Harvest 1 Crop Of White Labrador: 4hrs
Collect 1 Dutch Paper: Get from Herbert Grab A Roll, Bruce Roll A Dobbie, Hemp Muffin Stand
Craft 1 Blizzy: Requires 3 White Labrador & 1 Dutch Paper. Takes 2 hours.

Completed Task 100  100 

***Triggers The Upper Farmhand – Unlock Farmer Chris Side Questline***

***Triggers The Ex-Files – Unlock Tracy Flannigan Side Questline***

 Deep In The Weeds Pt. 3

Have Tommy Chong Collect DEA Papers: 4hrs
Clear 1 DEA Agent: Requires 1 DEA Paper
Place High Foods: Costs 60 Bud Coins

Completed Task 150  100 

 Deep In The Weeds Pt. 4

Clear 2.Thugs: Requires 2 Security Alarms
Harvest 12 Crop Of White Labrador: Each crop of 4 takes 4hrs to harvest 
Place The Drug Rugs Clothing Store: Costs 150 Bud Coins

Completed Task 150  100 

 Deep In The Weeds Pt. 5

Place The Munchies Dispenser: Costs 90 Bud Coins
Send Farmer Chris To Collect 1 Muffin Mix: 4hrs
Craft 1 Special Muffin: Requires 2 White Labrador  & 1 Muffin Mix. Takes 2hrs 30mins

Completed Task 150  100 

 Deep In The Weeds Pt. 6

Place The 420 Stage: Costs 225 Bud Coins
Complete Doped Deregulation Pt. 5: Requires you to get  rid of 12 DEA Agents

Completed Task 200  100 

 Deep In The Weeds Pt. 7

Place Jazz Cigarette Club: Costs 420 Bud Coins
Have Tracy Chain Smoke
Check Back Next Week!!!

There you have it, the Main Questline that will take you along the third week of the 420 Guy Event.

Where are you so far? Any tips for fellow Players? Liking it so far? Let us know.

~ Russian Tigger


2 responses to “420 Guy Main Questline: Deep In The Weeds

  1. I know this is totally OT but I am desperate. I was opening my game and a cat and a kid both crawled into my lap. I glanced down and the clam store was open. As I am trying to close it out, I hear the ping. I just ordered $99 worth of clams. This is not in my budget right now. I am seriously about to have a stroke. I contacted Tiny Co but I don’t even know if they can help. I have tried about 40 different ways to contact Applestore but none of them are working. Has anyone done this and is it a solvable problem?


    • RussianTigger

      If you don’t use any of the clams you should be able to go through the App Store to explain circumstances and request a refund. Good luck….


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