FaceSpace Update

Hi Clammers!

Yes FaceSpace has had a life of its own over the last few weeks and now we know why. Yes it’s got a brand spanking new look.

You will be alerted to the new look by a one part Quest task.

Clicking on “GO” will take you to the new look FaceSpace which now has 3 tabs to let you look at Citizens, Guests and Districts, remember those.

But once again this only deals with Facespace Sets and isn’t a catalogue of every character and costume in the game.




What do you think of the new FaceSpace?  Are you still having fun collecting characters? What do you think of the Sets, and are there any others you’d like to see? Share your thoughts with us in the comments, as you know we love hearing from you.

~ Russian Tigger


12 responses to “FaceSpace Update

  1. I am failing to see what this added to the game. Now if/when I want to find a character who is not part of the sets that are being displayed, there is no quick click method. A fourth page that lists all of the characters not already displayed on the first three would be the only realistic solution.


  2. I like the new find character button. Wish it had a send to Tan Lines button as well.


  3. I liked the old version better. At least I saw every character and outfits I had and the exact number I have.of each. Now I have no idea exactly how many I have of each. I can figure out how many I have by sending everyone to Tan Lines, but that disrupts the rhythm of my game.
    Also I have both Johnny and Vaudeville Guy ( I got both during the anniversary sale) but only Vaudeville Guy shows up as one of the characters I have. Johnny is still grayed out???? I only started playing 8 weeks ago and now working on Fine Arts District. I’m hoping for another character sale soon so I can get more characters for Tan Lines


    • I have the same problem. I have Johnny but he appears as unlocked in the set.
      I’m not sure I like this new friendsoace. The tabs are fine, but it’s working quite badly.


      • I have to correct myself (besides the mistake I made above where I meant that Johnny is locked, not unlocked). I have two Ghosts of Vaudeville sets. One shows Johnny locked, and the other shows him unlocked and with the clam reward. Evidently they need to revise the friendspace issue…


  4. I don’t really see the point in updating the FaceSpace look when the content is still just blank, blank, blank. If they ever want to reintroduce status updates from any character, then I’d be happy to entertain the idea of a UI update, but when there’s no point going to this area of the game, I can’t help but say ‘meh!’…


  5. Can’t see the point with these cosmetic updates when there are major problems with the game or maybe them messing about with this has broken it on the facebook version which has now been unplayable for 3 weeks


  6. Before this update to FS I used to have a “New Characters” section in the original format listing all those event characters we unlocked/purchased which didn’t used to form part of any set like Zeus, He-Man, etc.

    However, with this new update to FS, these have all gone missing sadly.

    Has this happened to you to and, if so, why did Tinyco take these all out in the new listing?


    • RussianTigger

      Yes, I don’t see these either. Just the clam Sets


    • I had submitted a support ticket the first time they did this update and I couldnt see my other characters rank. Support said they were working on it, which was fine. A few days later, they rolled FS back to the original settings. Now they deployed it again with the same issue. I assume they are working on this in the background.


  7. Still having the same problem. All of my Facespace postings are blank. What is the point of having updates?


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