Don’t Get Your Feathers In A Flap!!!

Hi fellow addicts

Seeing some comments from players regarding The Bandit not dropping those much-needed Feathers to unlock the Painted Lady Lois costume so I thought I’d try help alleviate your fears.

I also encountered this the first time I fully depleted the Bandits Heart Points when I reached the Week 2 content. Yup I fully defeated him, and not a feather left his nest. Why? Well I reckon it’s because I started attacking him during Week 1 so his coding didn’t yet have a Feather drop. So if you’re having this issue it’s probably because you started attacking him and depleting his Heart Points before the Week 2 content fully hit.

So the solution is once you fully deplete his Heart Points tap him again and he should now show Feathers as a drop.

They will also now show as a drop in Al Harringtons.

The amount of Feathers you get depends on the Heart Points level The Bandit is at:

2 Heart Points Bandit will drop 1 
3 Heart Points Bandit will drop 2 
4 Heart Points Bandit will drop 3 

So there you go, the mystery of the missing feather drop hopefully solved. If you’re still having a problem let me know in the comments.

~ Russian Tigger

9 responses to “Don’t Get Your Feathers In A Flap!!!

  1. Have defeated him at various heart levels, more than enough times and still only 2 of 11 feathers! Is this a common glitch? Everything else I need is completed, but with no feathers dropping, there’s no way I’ll unlock her within the bonus time window!


    • RussianTigger

      Feathers are an always drop, but amount you get depends on his heart level, you only get for the full defeat not attacks


      • That was the issue I was having – the “always drop” item wasn’t dropping, even though I had defeated the cowboy on numerous occasions (not just when I attacked him). I used the “Contact us” in-game option to raise awareness of it and my game now seems to be working correctly. I’ve definitely missed out on feathers over the last couple of day, though!


  2. Corsets and the holsters from the tumbleweed drops are terrible…I get 1 or 2 each round…no way I’ll get 120 by 6 days.


  3. yes i had this problem only the first time i killed him
    but then he started dropping them normally


  4. I had no problem with feathers. What I don’t get is, I’ve completed all of her drops for everything but corsets. For some reason I can’t seem to get even one. I’ve sent Lois & Semus every 8 hrs & not one drop. Are you kidding me?🤔


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