No, No, No, Ordinary Joe No Drop Cigars !!!

Hi fellow addicts

Despite covering this in my overview post I’m still seeing a lot of comments from players regarding Joe not having the Light One Up task that drops Cigars for Calamity Jane, and you’re further confused by using the drop requirement information box as it  directs you to Al Harringtons. Keep reading to find out why.

Well the reason for this is simple, it’s the Sidewalk Joe costume that has the drop, and you’re being sent to Al Harrington’s to find it, but unfortunately unless you unlocked it in a previous event, it was released originally in the Boomsday Event, you won’t find it there, so you can’t use it as a source of Cigars.

So to reiterate to find the task to drop one of these you need to already own the Sidewalk Joe costume, and it looks like the one below with the big green tick beside it.

So there you go, the mystery of the missing cigar task solved by your very own Russian Columbo.

~ Russian Tigger

6 responses to “No, No, No, Ordinary Joe No Drop Cigars !!!

  1. THANK. YOU. This was driving me crazy! 👍♥️


  2. Thank you! That was confusing.


  3. True and correct, but I believe both Sidewalk Joe and Aphrodite will be offered as a $4.99 or $9.99 special between now and Wednesday based on previous experience and the list of Characters.Outfits used for Week 2. So those without Sidewalk Joe will soon have an opportunity to get him (and have more chances for cigars)


    • RussianTigger

      Not necessarily, they had Hillybilly Stewie for sale last week and he does nothing in the event


    • Aphrodite showed up in my game today. However, I already had all of the items that she is supposed to drop, so she is pretty much useless.
      I’m just trying to figure out Ruth. She’s in the mystery box, but I already have her. She doesn’t have any drops for the event (at least not yet). Hopefully she’ll be used at some point.


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