The Good The Bad The Griffins Week 4 – Where Are You Now

Hey there Addicts, it’s time to find out where how you’re getting on in the latest event to hit our games!Yes with the final week halfway over I thought it was time for the Where Are You Now Poll.

So  you best get busy casting your votes Addicts. And remember the results will show and update as players answer, so it will also let you gauge where you are compared to others.

Thanks as always and feel free to leave any other helpful feedback or thoughts in the comments. And of course if your feeling like venting you can vent it out in the What The Deuce post HERE.

~ Russian Tigger

7 responses to “The Good The Bad The Griffins Week 4 – Where Are You Now

  1. Completed my first event major Questline with two hours to spare! Managed to unlock the final character and buy the last building today. Result!


  2. Started A week behind got to week 3 and no greedy boss…. didn’t get to go to week 4… no support


  3. Haven’t even started week 4:( . Just earned Cheney finally, getting items to exchange for bank notes has been pretty much impossible, every trade has taken 2 or 3 days to earn. Glad to see the back of this event, I always run at least 3 or 4 days behind after week one but this has been beyond difficult. Still wish those of us who’ve been playing from day one could actually get some advantage from having 100+ characters. Oh well onwards and upwards.


  4. Wow, 23% of players couldn’t even start the week four questline. What a sad situation for game support, if it even exists anymore.


  5. This was one of the easiest events so far. Earned Rooster Cogburn with over 2 days left on the 40 clam timer. I liked how the event currency was consistent and allowed me to pre-load certificates for the next week. I was able to get 3-4 buildings as soon as the new weeks started. Played freemium and only bought John Wayne.


  6. All the bank notes I had saved up from last week allowed me to get all but the last building (and get really close to that one), which helped a lot to make sure I was on track for unlocking Joe and Rooster as quickly as possible. Unlocked Mr. Cogburn yesterday afternoon, and now I’m basically just going through the character/costume questlines and slowly building up more bank notes for the end of event items.

    This event would have been doable without the one premium character (John Wayne) that I bought, but it was pretty easy with it…which I feel like is exactly how it ought to be, rather than nearly-impossible without premiums and decently-doable with them.


  7. Very annoyed that the game on Facebook regularly starts events a week behind.


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