The Good, The Bad And The Griffins – Event Ending Soon & Final Items in the Store

Hey there fellows addicts!

Just bouncing by to bring you some information on the new items that dropped into the store and to remind everyone once again that the Event will be ending very, very soon.

***Remember the event ends on 20th June 2018 at 3PM PDT***

Now let’s take a closer look at what’s just dropped in store!!! 


We all wondered if there would be any last-minute items to buy, and the answer is yes and here’s a quick look at them.

Western Bank
Cost: 150 Bank Notes

Stage Coach
Cost: 100 Bank Notes

Horse and Carriage
Cost: 50 Bank Notes

Shooting Gallery
Cost: 175 Bank Notes

Bar Brawl Saloon
Cost: 250 Bank Notes

Old West Train Station
Cost: 200 Bank Notes


Wednesday, June 20th @ 3pm PDT. Keep in mind they are VERY punctual on this. There is no leeway.


No!!! There has been no indications the event will be extended.


NO. When the Event Ends, it takes all the Event items and Currency remaining with it. That means ANY Character/Costume not completely unlocked and walking your game… will go when the Event does. You MUST collect all the items needed for them to get them.

This goes for Buildings and Decorations. Unlock/Purchase all the ones you want as they will go with the Event.


Anything linked to the Event goes with the Event, so that means currency too. Use it or lose it essentially.


Keep in mind the game is set up to pull items from the Inventory Storage first, so if you already have 10 of an item in your Inventory… you will need to pull ALL 10 items out first before the game will let you buy more of that item.

Place items from Inventory first, then you can get more. Continue buying until you have all you want, then store them away.


The ONLY Questlines that usually continue on after an Event are those directly linked to unlocking a Character and isolated from the Main Questline. All other Questlines are directly linked to the Event and will go with it.

There you have it, some basics for closing out of the The Good, The Bad And The Griffins event. Any last-minute items you are picking up?  Any tips for other players finishing out the Event? Let us know. And remember to look out for the End of Event Poll, it will be coming your way soon.

~ Russian Tigger


5 responses to “The Good, The Bad And The Griffins – Event Ending Soon & Final Items in the Store

  1. The drop rates for canteens to earn Rooster have been nowhere near “uncommon”. I’m lucky to get 2 per day. With about 8 hours left until the end of the event I still need 7 to unlock Rooster.


  2. Dang, I was hoping to get at least the saloon, but at 250 I’d have to get over 100 bank notes in less than 11 hours. I usually don’t have issues collecting at least most of the after event offerings 😦


    • Double dang, with a few clams I would have been able to get 55 notes and 85 notes, which would have left me with 245. I’m throwing in the towel and just getting the bank. My western town will have to be saloonless. :.(


  3. Bank Notes were quite hard to get in this event. I haven’t unlocked the last building yet, and won’t bother as I already have Rooster. The prices on those extra buildings is huge and would take me a whole extra week to collect. I’ll probably just get the coach and carriage and forget about the rest.


  4. ready 4 it to end mini event next no doubt


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