New Event Teaser!!!

There’s more than a hint of what’s coming to a Quahog near you soon in the latest game update hitting our app stores. If you want to know more continue reading, if you don’t then move on to the next post until you update your App.

Warning Spoilers Ahead!!!

Best get your beach towel out Addicts as it would appear our annual summer vacation event is coming to our games soon!

Now there’s no word on an exact time when the event will go live, obviously we will see it sometime after the current event ends later today, 20th June at 3PM PDT.  As of now I can only see the update on IOS, (App Version 1.70.0), but don’t panic if you’re not seeing it as it will cone to the other app stores soon. But if you’re not seeing it and want to know more here’s a sneak peek at the App Store info:

The Griffins Beach Day Is Picking Up Steam! Party with Vacation Peter, Sunburnt Quagmire and Beach Bum Death before the cops are called.”

“It’s Beach Day for the Griffins. Lois makes plans to spend time with the family while everyone else finds something better to do. Can the Griffins manage to stick together or will beach parties be too exciting to ignite? Play our Summer Vacation event to find out”.

So if you peaked, what do you think of the upcoming event? Let us know in the comments. And please keep your comments on the current event for the end of event post which will be up later!!!

~ Russian Tigger


17 responses to “New Event Teaser!!!

  1. looks like a week with just costumes for freemium payers – looks like i get a week off. Wonder if I will come back after the glitch that killed the last event for me


  2. I am fishing !


  3. Darn im gonna have to start tomorrow it’s getting to late here it’s like 1:10 where I am. Good night


  4. Update on Android out now


  5. Oh my game just got this teaser its all just a matter of time now I guess


  6. Did anyone else’s game revert back to the very beginning as if just starting to play the game? I only have griffin house and peter, Chris, and Bonnie. Everything is clouded over for me to eventually unlock.


  7. What are the chances that the event area is actually over by the water? Yeah, probably low.


  8. This may finally be the event where I get death I’m so pumped for this yeah.


    • don’t worry, eventually we all get death! Have a nice day, lol


    • Would you like to use all your clams to buy him? You would?! Too bad, it’ll cost $10 of real money because TinyCo say so


      • RussianTigger

        I don’t like this set up either but it seems to be eating common in these types of games

        Liked by 1 person

        • Yeah, even Tapped Out are having character/building bonuses when you buy doughnuts… but at least they don’t feel intrinsic to events or anything. I reached a point in my farming that I can buy almost everything there, so the game is a lot more enjoyable. It’s much harder to farm in FG, but I’d still like to use my clams for good things. I mentioned it in another comment, but if they charged us $0.50 – $1 for things then I’d be more inclined to buy them. I just don’t see the value charging $10 – I can buy a bucketload of great games with many hours of entertainment, or a single character that’ll give me 5 minutes of amusement and end up in Tan Lines… or a building that I don’t have anywhere near enough land to display appropriateky


          • RussianTigger

            I don’t donut farm personally – but many do and it’s one reasons that the donut price of premium items continues to soar to a point that I’m no longer willing to drop real money for donuts. So I’ve gone from a premium spender to freemium and broke, and I’ve 2 donuts to my name to prove it, lol. I’d love see a game that finds the right balance.


  9. That last event was uninspired. I pray the summer event is better.


  10. Well, leaving next Thursday for two weeks at the beach, so should be interesting…it’s hard to follow the game while on vacation, there’s not much service (although I can sometimes connect to a random beach house if their wireless is not secured, but it’s not a focus…still pretty funny…


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