The Good, The Bad And The Griffins – End of Event Poll

Hey there readers, I’d like to welcome you to the Wild West , where today I’m going to be drawing on your experience of the event that just was, The Good, The Bad And The Griffins. After 4 weeks of shooting, it’s all over but for the poll, and that’s where we will find out if this event saw you earn your spurs or not.

So if you can please take a minute to complete the end of event poll I’d be very grateful. Please note for those that experience the jump glitch when answering poll questions, there’s a direct link at the bottom of the page that will help you avoid this problem, just keep scrolling to the bottom.

And just incase you can’t see the poll or find it jumps about when you’re trying answer, here’s the direct link:

Poll link 

~ Russian Tigger


12 responses to “The Good, The Bad And The Griffins – End of Event Poll

  1. I still haven’t received the 40 Clams for unlocking Rooster Cogburn within the time limit. I have contacted support a few times, but never received any response. Any others?


  2. I had to spend maybe ~36 clams to speed up a couple of things to unlock Rooster last minute, but at least I recovered them with the clam reward. I only had 25 bank notes at the end and never unlocked the train station for eye patches but Seamus got ’em.


  3. Given the problems they had with this event, they should have extended it a week.


  4. I couldn’t keep up with the materials, either, I was a day behind after the first phase, two more (three total) after the second phase, and then a total of five days behind after the third phase, so with two days left, I had no shot at Rooster Cogburn. I just did the side quests and left all the rest to just evaporate into the Ethernet…very discouraging event, too much x to get y to get z, drop rates were bad, just not a lot of fun…

    My job is complicated, my life is complicated, last thing I need from this game is frustration…

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  5. This is the 3rd event in a row that I was unable to finish in the required time. My game play has not changed but I have gotten further and further behind with each of the last 3 events. This time I didn’t even finish week 3. Prior to these last 3 events I was always able to complete the weeks quests and unlock the characters before the next week started.


  6. I couldn’t keep up with the materials to trade for cash in the last week. Therefore I didn’t get all the buildings and didn’t get Cogburn.


    • That was the same for me too. No matter how much or often i collected i got stung on the amount required to trade so wasn’t able to buy the buildings needed to Rooster.

      Shame, that was the only one I really wanted!


    • X2. It seemed like all of the drops were one level above their stated frequency, I.e., rare was really epic.


  7. For the poll question about Tinyco support, it might be helpful to have an option for “did not contact support, had no issues.” I know – players can just skip question, but it might be interesting to compare the numbers of those that needed support or didn’t need support. From the comments this event, though dominated by many terrible problems, I sensed there were quite a few of us that didn’t encounter any problems at all. I play on phone with iOS and was lucky enough to to have any issues. I earned all costumes, characters, etc and fully completed the event- but just purchasing John Wayne really helped its week really made that more possible. There, now I jinxed myself for next event I guess!


    • RussianTigger

      I had stopped asking about support but as there were issues this event I popped it in, it’s only for those who contacted them, and there was many unfortunately


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