Beachy Keen mini-event is here!!!

We’re all going on a summer holiday, no more worries for a drop or two….

Yes it’s  time to get your flip-flops on as we’re heading to the beach for the Beachy Keen event!!!IMG_6680

I’m seeing the full event on IOS, app version 1.70.0, and pulling info now and I’ll get the LIVE post up as soon as possible. Until then you can throw caution to the wind and get started as on unlocking those new costumes ASAP as this is only a one week mini event..

Yes let me repeat that, you’ve only a week to unlock Vacation Peter & Sunburnt Quagmire so get going NOW.

~ Russian Tigger


16 responses to “Beachy Keen mini-event is here!!!

  1. I bought Death in the hopes he will help with this event but drop rates have not been great for a week long event. The completionist part of me wants to get it all and do it all without spending clams, but I think I have little chance of earning either skin for Peter and Quagmire.


  2. I already have Death, does that mean if I want to have the costume I still have to pay $10 for just a costume?


  3. I bought a pack of 10 beach balls and used them all before I realized I wasn’t getting credit for the party supplies that were dropping. Contacted TC but still waiting for a reply.


  4. Started the event last night, went to collect this morning, out of, what, 7? 8? characters that can drop items for the event, I got ONE, REPEAT, ONE, item, flip flops from Lois, no beach balls, nothing else…so, I’m already a day behind…for whatever reason (and I apologize as this should probably be in the WTD area), the last three events have been terrible for me, drops are horrible, and I’m beginning to just lose interest, when you lose two days each week of an event, my enthusiasm quickly wanes…


  5. crappy mini event with content i’m not remotely interested in.

    am i gonna play it – yep, because im an addict.. but at least i can play leisurely and not care if i miss collecting something every 4th hour


  6. not really interested in any of them


    • Agreed, will play as usual but just skins means no clam spends to rush anything.


    • No, none of the character outfits really float my boat, however if I can pick them up without spending any clams whatsoever then that’s a good thing, yes? And no need to get obsessive setting timers and checking in religiously every 4, 6 & 8 hours, so it’s almost like a week off!


  7. By any chance, would you happen to know if the next (major) event after this has got to do with comic-con because when it reloaded for me after the western theme, there seemed to be a zoomed-in image of Patrick Stewart’s face with a blue background and something red in the loading screen? It then crashed for me and loaded with the normal loading screen after. Strange…


  8. It’s too bad. I don’t own Death and was hoping to finally get him in this event. But I will have to pay 10 euros to get the bundle. That is way to pricy and they are ripping you off. Getting the feeling I will never ben able to collect the older characters.


    • Yeah, switching (in the past 6 months) from clams to “cash only” deals is really scummy of them. I would spend my free clams on some of these characters, but there is no way in hell anything in this game is worth $10. I’ve never understood their pricing model, nor the price of competing games – if it was $0.50 or $1 then I’d be more inclined to buy it (and they’d probably get $10 out of me in a short time) but $10 is a smack in the face and I just ignore it.


  9. I can’t believe I’m saying this, but for practically the first time ever, the update is up for Kindle Fire tablet users at the same time as for everyone else.


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