Quahog-Con Week 2 Reminder!!!

Just wanted to remind you all that to complete Week 2 you’ll need to purchase all the buildings in the Exhibit Hall AND unlock David St. Hubbins.

So get working up a sweat, after all that’s what Cons are really about aren’t they.

Russian Tigger



5 responses to “Quahog-Con Week 2 Reminder!!!

  1. Going to be pretty much impossible to unlock St Hubbins within the 6 day clam limit, due to lack of dressing room keys.
    Basic maths says, you need 31 keys in total, therefore you need to collect over 5 per day. As they’re at a 4 hour drop rate, perfect collecting (no sleep) could only ever yield 6 per day. But they’re a common drop, not an always drop, and therefore it will be extremely difficult to achieve without using clams to speed up time (which I occasionally have).
    I’ve still only dropped 17 keys in the 4 and a half so far, which ain’t bad, but I’ve realised the clam prize is off limits.
    Would be interested to hear if anyone has managed it……


  2. RT, your run of hilarity continues!!! I likely won’t even get Nigel til early next week at these drop rates… Patron saint of quality footwear, indeed!


  3. I meant Nigel 😂


  4. Week 2 has just started and I haven’t yet unlocked david st hubbins. Have they realised how ridiculously hard this event is?


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