What The Deuce?!

Happy Weekend Clammers! Well we’ve all made it through another week and the weekend is here!

All week we field your comments about your frustrations in the game and we wanted to give you (and us) a way for you to voice your frustrations and get it all off of your chest.

So welcome to WHAT THE DEUCE?!

What the Deuce

Here’s your place to vent about anything and everything, Family Guy or not. Consider this your weekly bitch fest and get it all out with a good…WHAT THE DEUCE?! And start your weekend fresh! 🙂

Just be respectful of others & be mindful of the language while commenting. Censor yourselves so we don’t have to!!  

Go on, get it off your chest…you’ll feel a lot better! 🙂


22 responses to “What The Deuce?!

  1. uh oh! FGQS is gone from the Google Play Store!


    • RussianTigger

      Yeah, I’m sure this happened before, was few years ago, then it reappeared. I’m asking TonyCo but responses from them are very slow. Good News is you can still play this week, well I’m able to On my Android device.


  2. I’m really bothered by all of the offers to buy stuff for the event. They have clearly set goals that are not reachable and using these offers as a cash grab. I’ll admit I’ve spent clams or cash 4 times this event. I play 3-4 times a day. And I keep falling further and further behind this event.


  3. really feels lopsided this week for drops
    currently have 24 napkins, 5 completed autographs and everything else is one or two items. Cannot even build any items due to poor BS passes being dropped. only 1 day left for David’s bonus clams and most items are at less than 50% completed


  4. Remember that slap in the face we got from TinyCo\Jam City offering us to buy materials with real money due the horrendous drops?

    Well they’ve remembered we’ve got another cheek. Just had an offer to but a tiny amount of trade items for real money.


  5. Just got a notice in my game that I can buy more stickers for $9.99. Seems to be a lot more in-game notifications to purchase materials the last few events. I admittedly am not playing as fiercely as I would if these were actual Family Guy-themed events (the real reason I play and have stuck around). But the twice-weekly offers to buy materials at special rates would seem to be an admission that there isn’t enough available in the game for even the more-than-casual player to be successful. I play because it is part of my daily routine and I like the concept of the game play but to say my interest is waning is a huge understatement.


  6. I’ve not seen Spinal Tap (or if i have it wasn’t memorable watching) but im aware of it and some of the characters.
    Enjoyed True Grit tho. Defo think if you haven’t seen it then you should find time to watch it at least once.

    I don’t think Spinal Tap they should have been included in a comic-con event as the main attractions as there’s so many other characters in the world of tv, film, and comics that would have fit the bill so much better. I’m not even talking mainstream Marvel/DC superheroes but what about obscure but known ones like The Tick, Dr Horrible (Captain Hammer vs Captain Hammered?), even throw in some re-hashes from previous events but staples at Comic Con like Star Trek characters, Video Game characters, or even the Family Guy characters from the previous Comic Book/Superhero event that won’t need to be licensed.

    Possibly lazy writing on TinyCo/Jam City’s part. Maybe someone watched Spinal Tap the night before the event planning meeting and it was the best idea they could come up with.


    • Totally agree with you on that.

      Even though I couldn’t be bothered at all about Spinal Tap, I would’ve seen the trio more suitable on a music event like the Peterpalooza music themed event we had years ago. With regards to a comic-con event, I would’ve seen more suitable famous actors, superheroes and video game characters.

      Same as with my last post, with such lazy writing and having characters that don’t fit in with a particular theme makes the month-long event seem boring, dull, uninspiring and totally lacking of its usual charm.

      Just like the western event, due to the current lazy writing, Tinyco/Jam City are missing the boat one event after another. The game’s just going downhill to its demise unfortunately 😦


  7. Wow guys, didn’t expect such a big turnout on replies 😀

    I admit I’m not American and although characters from True Grit & Spinal Tap may seem obscure character choices for those who live outside of America, IMHO Tinyco/Jam City should balance out better the character choices for a given event and not concentrate on a specific show/movie for the entirety of a month-long event!

    Take the western themed event as a case in point. By focusing the majority of characters to be solely from True Grit and not “mixing it up” with other iconic western characters such as The Lone Ranger & Tonto, General Custer, Billy the Kid, Sitting Bull, etc., this makes the western event with its major True Grit focus appear overall as something that is lacking, dull, uninspiring and boring.

    Excluding the multitude of costumes (which we already have too many as it is in our game), if we were given more varied characters to unlock each week rather than having just one True Grit character to unlock per week, overall the event would have surely worked out better and True Grit wouldn’t have seemed much of a problem as it wouldn’t have been THE major focus.

    That’s what my biggest gripe at Tinyco/Jam City with regards me saying that their character choices are “uninspiring, dull and obscure” nowadays. There is so much potential as to what characters to introduce in any given event, they always end up “missing the boat” in making an event fun, varied, inspiring and something to look forward to each time the player logs on to the game.


  8. Maybe the developers are targeting an older audience, in the hopes that the “older folk” may be more likely to spend money on the game. True Grit, from the sixties, and Spinal Tap, from the eighties.


  9. You’re not wrong!
    I have heard of spinal tap, but have never been a fan or anything. I keep wondering why I’m working so hard for characters I absolutely don’t care for. This seems to be one of the hardest in awhile. It’s like they want people to lose interest. The only thing I can guess is I like a challenge, but the rewards are sad. Buildings and decos are sad and plain lots of the time now.
    I love our community tho!


  10. Agree on event characters, I was excited for the western event expecting known western characters from history and ended up with ones I could care less about and the current event is nothing to be excited about but it worked out since the game freezes every time I attempted to clear a nerd so haven’t played the game since the first 2 days of this event. Hoping the next event is better and the freezing stops. Also, now charging real money to get the building that you can actually earn clams, Really! WTD!!


  11. The drops in this event are so [expletive] atrocious that it’ll take me two weeks to complete the first week questline. It’s King Butt all over again.


  12. Apparently JP needs to watch Spinal Tap. I thought that was required viewing. That’s right up there with Rob Reiner’s other classic Princess Bride. True Grit should have just been a western event rather than focusing on that one story. I agree with most of the other points… but seriously watch Spinal Tap.
    I definitely feel the game is in it’s twilight years. It’s dwindling and becoming more apparent that the effort just isn’t there. Insipid events that have become completely redundant. I told my wife recently that once my clams are gone so am I.


  13. Somehow the Memorabilia Shop Owner knows what you don’t have and always wants that. What the deuce?!?!


    • I’m experiencing the same problem. Last time I went to him I figured he would rotate currency which would have finally unlocked Nigel for me, but he went back to what was used in the first round 😦 Also I somehow continue to end up with 1 backstage pass which doesn’t help at all.


  14. Reposting this WTD from last week’s in case not everyone had seen it:

    In these past few events, Tinyco seem to be choosing rather obscure and unknown characters to have in our town. I’ve never heard of “True Grit” (for the western event) and never heard of Spinal Tap, to mention a few examples. I was expecting better comic-con celebrities similar to what we had in 2014, such as Liam Neeson, Conan O’Brien or Gilbert Gottfried.

    To add insult to injury, buildings nowadays are totally uninspiring, boring to look at and extremely tiny compared to the buildings they used to have in the beginning years of this game. Decos are almost non-existent as we’re having 1-2 decos available to purchase throughout the entirety of a month long event.

    In conclusion, overall, these past few events (including this):
    * are a total rehash of one another, no new gameplay is ever brainstormed to be introduced in an event nowadays – just a ‘rinse and repeat’ approach one event after another;
    * buildings & decos are extremely downgraded in quality when compared to the events we had in 2014-2016;
    * uninspiring, dull and obscure characters to choose to have in our game when better, more well known characters could have been chosen instead – who ever heard of True Grit and Spinal Tap?!?
    * feels more and more of a chore to keep on playing. I just continue to play and invest my time in this for the sake of just because I wouldn’t like to “throw away” over 4 years of gameplay time in this + I had forked out my real money to buy clams and wouldn’t want them to go to waste that’s all.

    It is very evident that the creative team who had worked on your 2014-2016 events are all long gone and were substituted by totally new ones. Seriously Tinyco, is this the best you can come up with nowadays unknown characters, ugly buildings/decos and repetitive gameplay?!?

    I’m sure you can come up with better ideas. You may start by reading RussianTigger’s post of “Tell TINYCO what you want, what you really, really want!!!” as a starter 😉


    • While I agree wholeheartedly on the overall game aspect, the game, for better or worse is written by Americans that likely grew up in American media culture. And for them, True Grit is an iconic Western film starring John Wayne, it was even the focus of a reboot recently. Spïnal Tap is the titular band focused on in a comedic “mockumentary” by Rob Reinerentitled This is Spinal Täp, an aging heavy metal band played by a group of comedic actors, following them on a “comeback tour”. If you have never heard of it or them, I highly suggest watching it. It is an over the top look at the internal machinations of a band as it hits the road and the music industry at the time. It can be that deep if you wish it to be.
      I don’t fault the developers for their lack of worldliness and awareness that this game may be played the world over, Family Guy is an American show and will draw on American culture. If you are American and unaware of True Grit and This is Spinal Tap, well, I can only pray for your lost soul. 🙂 (see, I added the smiley, I’m not attacking you, calm down)
      All that other stuff, rinse and repeat, yep. It would appear they have a couple artists doing artwork and someone matching the art to the pre-existing framework. Likely, one that has now proven to draw clam purchases for them. I very seriously doubt the makers of this game ever expected it would last this long.


    • And, like last time, I am astonished you consider True Grit and Spinal Tap characters “obscure.” Spinal Tap is a classic move known as th greatest mockumentary of all time directed by the great Rob Reiner. The actors were on SNL and also performed as Spinal on SNL. they released records, too. True Grit was 2 movies, for the first John Wayne won a best actor Oscar for. The remake was also hugely successful. Ever think that because they are obscure to you, maybe they they are not to almost everyone else?

      See the movies, they are very good.


    • I’ll give you Spinal Tap as being fairly obscure and well within the realm of cult classic material, but True Grit is not even remotely obscure. Obviously you haven’t seen it which is fine, but both versions are massively popular movies. The original is arguably John Wayne’s most famous role (and only Oscar win) as well as being one of the greatest westerns ever made. It was remade a few years ago with Jeff Bridges taking over John Wayne’s role and also featured Matt Damon and Josh Brolin. This version was also successful both critically (best picture nominee with multiple others) and commercially. I saw this post on the last one and refrained from saying anything, in case i came across as insulting (hopefully i don’t, that isn’t my intent) but seeing it again I figured I would offer up a bit of film trivia. Maybe westerns aren’t your thing, but I would highly recommend both the original and the remake 🙂

      PS, Spinal Tap is quite good as well, it took me quite awhile to realize that it wasn’t a real documentary.


    • he must have missed the memo where jam city bought them


    • X2. I don’t really care about collecting spinal tap characters and it is very disappointing to have past Comic-Con characters not included. Including them in drops could have been a way to reward long term players. Also, growing very tired of the “get this, to build that, to maybe get” something towards a character.


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