Quahog Con – How Did You Do? Poll Results

Hi there fellow addicts.

Yes, finally they’re in, the poll results from the Quahog Con Event that many of you will be keen to see.

Firstly I’d like to take a minute to thank everyone who voted, seriously big thanks to all my fellow addicts who take the time to respond to these polls, without your interaction it just wouldn’t be possible to have posts like this, or to show TinyCo what we are thinking and would like to see in our games going forward. So thanks for taking that minute out of your day to be part of this community.

Quahog Con event Fun Factor Rating:

TinyCo Event Customer Support Rating:

Most popular new character or costume released during the Quahog Con Event:

And now here’s the ins and outs of what we spent, who we unlocked and everything in between.

Which of the following freemium characters/character costumes did you unlock?

Character/Costume Percentage
Captain Quahog 97%
Nigel Tufnel 97%
John St Hubbins 93%
Cardboard Armor Chris 84%
Will Robinson 59%
Comic Strip Stewie 19%
None 03%

Which of the following premium characters/character costumes did you purchase?

Character/Costume Percentage
Derek Smalls 22%
ALF 08%
The Robot 12%
Mutant Neil 04%
None 72%

Did you Buy the premium rock stage?

Character/Costume Percentage
Yes 07%
No 93%

Did you try the premium Out of this world Mystery Box?

Character/Costume Percentage
Yes, I tried it and won ALF 08%
Yes I tried but didn’t win ALF 07%
No I didn’t try it 85%

Did you try the premium Super fan Mystery Box?

Character/Costume Percentage
Yes, I tried it and won Mutant Neil 04%
Yes I tried but didn’t win Mutant Neil 02%
No I didn’t try it 96%

Where were you when the event ended?

Character/Costume Percentage
Still in Week 1 02%
Still in Week 2 09%
Still in Week 3 33%
Still in Week 4 44%
Completed the Event 12%

Did you purchase any clam packs during the event?

Answer Percentage
Yes 08%
No 92%


Answer Percentage
Yes 57%
No 43%

There you have it fellow addicts, please feel free to share your thoughts on any or all the results in the comments. And if you still feeling the need to vent, there’s a What the Deuce post waiting for you HERE.

~ Russian Tigger

3 responses to “Quahog Con – How Did You Do? Poll Results

  1. Pretty sure if there was a fun factor of -1, that would have won…this was not a good one, JC/TC, just sayin’…they really have to realize, while it may be THEIR job and livelihood, it’s supposed to be FUN for the customers, i.e., people who can very quickly decide that their discretionary entertainment time and money might be better spent elsewhere…make sure people realize value for their time and money, or people quickly lose interest…JMHO…


  2. Fun factor rating 1 again, lol!


  3. Good to see that ALF was the most popular character. Who else could it have possibly been? 👍😁
    It is just a shame that he was inside a mystery box. Lucky (no, not the cat! 😄) for me, I was able to get him on my second try. My 1980s self had to have him!
    I was just going through a box of stuff from my childhood the other day. I came across the vinyl (record) of “Stuck On Earth”. I think it was the only record that was ever released for ALF. I remember my parents giving it to me for my birthday back in 1987 (the year it was released). Classic! 😀


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