A Look In The Rear – Backup Dancers

Let’s Party Like It’s 1999!!!

The time travelling TV is still active and ready to take us on another trip down memory lane. Yes it’s time to tackle those decadent Backup Dancers in Week 5 of A Look In The Rear.

Why Am I Repeating What’s In The Overview Post?

Basically as I’m already seeing comments from players who think the Da Funk isn’t clearing Backup Dancers, whilst the Glitter is. Why is this, well it’s because the Glitter is stronger, Glitter clears Backup Dancers with 1 hit, but Da Funk isn’t as strong so you need to hit them with this twice.

Simply the Backup Dancer has 4 Heart Points, Da Funk reduces this by only 2 Heart Points, (so you need to use 2 to take his 4 Heart Points to 0), whereas  Glitter reduces this by 4 Heart Points, taking him straight to 0 Heart Points. The difficulty is making sure you hit the same one twice with Da Funks.

As I say as when you hit him with Da Funk his health will only reduce from 4 to 2 Heart points, so you then need hit him again with another Da Funk. But finding the same one isn’t easy the way they dart around, took me nearly 10 minutes of tapping them and checking their Heart points at the top of their attack screen to find the one I’d reduced to 2 Heart Points. I’ve asked TinyCo to add an indicator to show which one you’ve hit before but not sure if they’ll do so as yet.

But pay attention to the Heart Points at the top of the attack screen.

And remember only use Glitter hitting Backup Dancers with 4 Heart Points. Don’t use glitter on ones you’ve already hit with Da Funk!!!

Below is just a repeat of th information from the Overview post….

Backup Dancers

You will be able to start seeing Backup Dancers in your 1990’s Quahog when you trigger Pt. 2 of the main Questline.

Like Backup Dancers you will find them wandering your 1990’s Quahog Playspace, so look there and you will find them. Be aware if you place a Sidewalk that’s where they will gather. and you will find them. I’ve only had 8 max available at any one time, and they seemed to be released in my game every 4 hours.

These are the other baddies in this week of the event and are quite simple to deal with, it’s just more of the tap, aim and fire we’ve seen in previous events. Before you can clear them you’ll need to get some Glitter or Da Funk, you’ll get them here:

 Glitter (Always) – Get from Crafting in the Clam Garden

 Da Funk (Always) – Get from Crafting in the Clam Garden   

Once you have a Glitter or Da Funk you will find Backup Dancers wandering on your 1990’s sidewalks.

Simply tap one of them to bring up the targeting screen.

Now you’ll see something different from the previous baddies, there’s the 2 items to attack him with and he has a heart level, it’s 4. Basically you’ll need either 2 Da Funks or 1 Glitter to clear them, as Da Funk do to 2 Heart Damage and a Glitter does 4. So if you Hut him with 1 Da Funk, in the usual way. Move the Da Funk until the green target circle is on a Backup Dancer, you’ll know it’s in target as it will turn purple, then simply hit the check mark to damage  the Backup Dancer.

If you tap him again you’ll now see his Heart Level is down to 2. So you need hit him with another Da Funk. Don’t use a Glitter, save that for full health Backup Dancers.

Now finding the same Backup Dancer to hit is a pain in the rear, it took me ages as they dart around so much.

Now as I mentioned the best way to clear Backup Dancers is Glitter as 1 of these takes him right out. Just tap, aim and fire as usual.

So remember:

 Glitter – Does 4 Heart Damage, clearing the Backup Dancer instantly

 Da Funk – Does 2 Heart Damage, clearing the Backup Dancer in 2 hits, but make sure you hit the same one.    

I am seeing up to a maximum of 8 in my game.

The event rewards for clearing Backup Dancers are as follows:

Per Backup Dancer Cleared
1 Benjamin (Always)
1 Bow Tie (Chance)

There you have the overall basics to get you started through the final Week of the New Event. Where are you so far? Anything particular you like the most? Suggestions or tips to fellow players? Let us know.

~Russian Tigger

12 responses to “A Look In The Rear – Backup Dancers

  1. Da Funk is Da Stupid
    it’s make on purpose to slow us down
    im lucky i found out about it before i waste all my glitter on half-hit dancers
    im at a point where i have to craft 12 da funks for the TV GUIDE .. that’ll take 24hrs and only get rid of 6 dancers .. i’m not doing that before I get all the bow-ties for Horace .. but by then it’ll be probably too late to finish all the TV guide tasks …..


    • I’ve spent Clams to pull info and I’m pretty sure I won’t Finish TV Guide Week 4 or 5. Concentrating on Horace, should have him tonight.


      • Totally agree and once you get all the buildings can’t see the point of completing the task just to get a couple of decorations. They have made the task, especially for weeks 4 and 5 to difficult and almost impossible to complete.


      • yeah i came here now just to write exactly that . week 4 and 5 tv guide is virtually impossible to finish


  2. Man, this “da funk” thing is just a big fail…


  3. Dear RT, They should highlight dancers that have been hit once with Da Funk (so you are not wasting glitter on them).I agree with what Tanya has opined. Thank you for keeping a great, resourceful website going. 😉


    • I’ve asked them to put an indicator above the Dancer damaged – otherwise make sure you’ve 2 Da Funk so you can hit time in quick succession.


  4. Wow, that really wasn’t obvious. I just thought “Da Funk” was broken or a hopelessly bad drop that I didn’t notice. Oh well, good to know now


  5. Thank you for this.


  6. Thanks RT. I didn’t read the overview and came here to find out why nothing was happening with da funk. As always you had just the info I needed.


  7. WTD – wouldn’t it be easier to have Tinyco change it to require 2 Da Funk in order to use and therefore clear at the same time?


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