Daily Archives: October 11, 2018

Wicked Glitch Alert – App Version 1.77.0!!!

Hi fellow addicts

It would seem there’s another wicked glitch at work and it’s causing those who’ve updated to App Version 1.77.0 to experience loading and crashing issues.

I’ve reported it to TinyCo, and here’s hoping it will be sorted soon so.

Also a quick reminder the new event hasn’t gone live as yet, so if you’re not seeing it in your game don’t panic. I’ll let you all know when it kicks off.

~ Russian Tigger

Spin ‘N Win Addicts Area!!!

Hey Addicts, it’s time to get your lucky pants on, as we’re heading on down to the Spin ‘N Win….

Recently I’ve seen an increase in comments chatting about the daily Spin ‘N Win feature some of us have in our games. But it dawned on me rather than that chat being lost in event post discussions I’d give it an Addicts Area post.

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