A Look In The Rear Week 5 is here….. and remember it’s the final week….

It looks like we need to get more batteries put in the old TV remote as Week 5 the A Look In The Rear event is here.I’m seeing Week 5 of the event on IOS, app version 1.76.6, and pulling info now and I’ll get the LIVE post up as soon as possible. Until then get going as it’s the final week and you’ve only got until 10th October 2018 at 3PM PDT to unlock this weeks character, Horace.

You’ll need to travel to 1980’s Quahog for Peter to trigger this weeks main Questline.

Also be aware you can trade Charge Cards for Benjamins in the store in 1990’s Quahog.

So let me repeat the bad news, get to work as you’ve only got until 10th October 2018 at 3PM PDT to finish up this event.

I also know it’s been tough to get here so please let me know how you’re all doing by voting in the poll below.

~ Russian Tigger

9 responses to “A Look In The Rear Week 5 is here….. and remember it’s the final week….

  1. As of today I’m on Gen X Marks the Spot pt. 7 and need 100 more charge cards to unlock the last building (80s Goldman Pharmacy) plus 11 Hats to finish unlocking 80s Quagmire, As others have said this event requires prioritizing the order in which you complete tasks and is something I didn’t pay enough attention to until late Week 2ish , The drop rates have been pretty bad either way tho which is unfortunate, but overall not a terrible event.


  2. I’ve just started week 4. I asking how all of you can finish all the weeks so fast… do you use clams maybe or do I do something wrong?


    • I’m using Clams.


    • I am on week 5, never spend clams and could not check in for 56 hours due to a storm here. I get everything you can free with few exceptions by checking in every 4 hours when awake – but do not underestimate strategy. There are side quests and other distractions and times you have to choose wisely which task to prioritize, such as when one character can get two different items. Missing something, like exchanging currency in this event, or wasting time or resources can kill you.


      • I agree, this isn’t Tapped Out, you need plan and be vigil, and even then it can be tough if you hit a glitch or issue as game moves so fast


      • Still whining about a little wind, eh? 😉 Happy Canuck Thanksgiving! Hmmm…. Chicken, stuffed in a duck, stuffed in a Canada Goose: Canucken! 😀


        • I think being from the other side of the “duck” pond all this Thanksgiving Chicken goes over my head…. but I do know an event post all about rears should not be the place to discuss wind, or should it 😅😅😅

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    • Hi, Fede! I’m not sure how long you have been playing, or following this site, but some of us play “Freemium”, using only free Clams that we earn by playing, while others play “Premium”, spending real-world cash to by Clams. Russian Tigger is special (in a LOT of ways! ;-)), and has to spend Clams (LOTS of them) to be able to tell us all how the event works. Most people take the full week, sometimes a bit more or less, to complete a phase, unless playing Premium. If you don’t want to spend Clams, then you MUST play every few hours, to be sure you never miss a drop, AND plan your strategy very carefully, to progress within the time allotted. By spending a few Clams here and there, such as “rushing” a task or two, to get more drops, just before heading to bed, you may be able to keep up with the game. (Ideally, only using Clams you win from the Wheel, Ollieland, quests, etc.) Just don’t get discouraged, as all of us have hit an event or two where we fall behind, but eventually scratch our way back. 😀


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