A Look In The Rear – Event Ending Soon

Hey there fellows addicts!

Just bouncing by to remind everyone once again that the Event will be ending very, very soon.

***Remember the event ends on 10th October 2018 at 3PM PDT***

Not seeing any event area items to buy in store at this time but keep checking incase something you want drops at the last-minute.

Now let’s take a closer look at the end that’s looming!!! 


Wednesday, October 10th @ 3pm PDT. Keep in mind they are VERY punctual on this. There is no leeway.


No!!! There has been no indications the event will be extended at this time.


NO. When the Event Ends, it takes all the Event items and Currency remaining with it. That means ANY Character/Costume not completely unlocked and walking your game… will go when the Event does. You MUST collect all the items needed for them to get them.

This goes for Buildings and Decorations. Unlock/Purchase all the ones you want as they will go with the Event.


Anything linked to the Event goes with the Event, so that means currency too. Use it or lose it essentially.


Keep in mind the game is set up to pull items from the Inventory Storage first, so if you already have 10 of an item in your Inventory… you will need to pull ALL 10 items out first before the game will let you buy more of that item.

Place items from Inventory first, then you can get more. Continue buying until you have all you want, then store them away.


The ONLY Questlines that usually continue on after an Event are those directly linked to unlocking a Character and isolated from the Main Questline. All other Questlines are directly linked to the Event and will go with it.

There you have it, some basics for closing out of the A Look In The Rear event. Any last-minute items you are picking up?  Any tips for other players finishing out the Event? Let us know. And remember to look out for the End of Event Poll, it will be coming your way soon.

~ Russian Tigger


21 responses to “A Look In The Rear – Event Ending Soon

  1. Was there a clam reward for completing all the new characters in this event? I thought I saw one sometime during the event but can’t find reference to it or the characters in the face space thing. Spent 4 clams to finish the last apron for Horace with 2 minutes left in the event.


  2. I had to buy out Horace for a bit over 100 clams. All I needed were about 10 bar napkins. I figured that wasn’t too bad considering I got a 45 clam bonus for completing a character set. Horace was way overdue to be in the game.


  3. It was quite an easy event, although 2 weeks too long, quite grindy, and the 80’s and 90’s challenges were impossible. I unlocked everything except for those 2 challenges, and probably spent 5 clams to rush a task just before my bed time (to unlock the last building, then when I woke up collect final items to unlock Horace).


  4. Thomas O'Sullivan

    My event hasn’t ended yet. The clock shows at -40 minutes. I think this happened to me with the last event also.


  5. Still in the 80’s, with over 1500 clams to finish Quagmire.


  6. This event was loads better than the last one. The items drops and construction times still some work as it takes too long to progress each week. I made it to the 1980’s Quahog but unfortunately won’t see the 1990’s one which is a shame.


  7. the event never started for me. facebook players don’t seem to be a priority for jam city


  8. I think their timers are not that accurate. Yesterday I needed 13 aprons, that should be 26 hours. I got Horace just a few minutes ago and it took 19 hrs to get. I didn’t use any clams to shorten time. But I’ll take it.


  9. Managed to get Horace this morning after I realized that I needed to devote all the time to aprons despite the “challenge”so at least I was able to get all the characters.

    I’m reasonably certain that finishing up all the challenge tasks for the last two weeks is literally impossible without clams, even if you are constantly playing, due to the “manufacturing” time for the various items needed, which is a shame. Decently interesting event overall that I think is slightly marred by this.


  10. Anyone’s Tan Lines full at 365 characters and no additional floor available to unlock? I cannot find anything reference beyond Dolphin Cove Floor which is what I already unlocked. Thanks.


  11. This is going very badly. Just hours to go now and the only character of any genuine interest for the entire event (Horace) would still cost me nearly 1200 clams right now. So that’s certainly not going to happen… not sure why I even bothered to try this week, maybe I’m more of an optimist than I realised!


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