The Making Of A Monster Hunter – Unlocking Franken Chris!!!

Never fear, the Addicts are here… and today I want to remind you once again that Franken Chris has 5 unlock requirement items as I’m seeing a few comments from players concerned that there’s a clam cost to unlock Franken Chris even although you think you’ve collected everything. If you’re seeing this you’ve probably not been collecting the 9 Sewing Kits needed to unlock him.

Yes as I highlighted in the overview post, Franken Chris has five collection items, of which one is off Screen in Al Harrington’s..

You can only see the fifth item, Sewing Kits, by scrolling along his requirements.

So remember you need those Sewing Kits, which you get from defeating the Vampiress. There you go, panic over….. until the next time!!!

~ Russian Tigger


14 responses to “The Making Of A Monster Hunter – Unlocking Franken Chris!!!

  1. Merci avec votre aide je sais enfin comment débloquer franken Chris ,car je n’avaid pas vue les boites de couture bien cachées à mon goût.Donc un grand merci pour votre aide.


  2. where’s phase 3?


  3. Thanks for clearing this up – I was unaware of the requirement for Sewing Kits, but I was wondering about the extra item that was being dropped by the Vampires.


  4. Never mind… it’s working now 🙂


  5. I’m on 3 from 11 on collecting sewing kits, which isn’t a good return on a ‘common’ drop item


  6. i saw it by chance as i killed one vampiress and got a sewing kit … which led me to Franken Chris .. you have to scroll to see it in the requirements

    either way i killed 3 vampiresses in a row and got 0 of those so they’re not as common as we might think (i still need 4 of them) and Grandpa Munster power is same as Peter’s so it takes 2 hits to kill the vampiress as well while im saving books to fight the Frankenstein Monsters for unlocking the buildings … and they have been killing Peter with one shot (critical hit) easily … maybe 4 or 5 times now . while Peter only got 1 critical hit against one of them (the game is very biased in the favor of the monsters)


  7. Hi there, it won’t let me log into my game? Are you experiencing this? Or is it just me…


  8. Wow. I am playing on android(thanks to the FB version beng down). The first day of week 2 I was surprised to see a 5th item was needed but the edge of the fifth one was and is clearly visible.


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