Quick Questing & Character Tasks: Katie – Adventures In Quahogland

Greetings Addicts!

Rise and shine cause its Questline time!!!

Yes let’s gather round and take a look at all you’ll encounter in Adventures In Quahogland Questline.  


Adventures In Quahogland

Earn Katie

Completed Task 150  100 

Adventures In Quahogland

Have Katie Do Roadhouse: 10hrs

Completed Task 150  100 

Adventures In Quahogland

Have Katie Be Promiscuous: 6hrs

Completed Task 200  100 


  • Do Target Practice  (4hrs)
  • Watch TV (4hrs) 
  • Be Promiscuous (6hrs)
  • Play Football (6hrs)
  • Be Family (8hrs)
  • Fart In Public (10hrs)
  • Do Roadhouse* (10hrs)

* Animated Task

There you have it, the lowdown on Katie.

Where are you so far? Any tips for fellow Players? Liking it so far? Let us know.

~ Russian Tigger


8 responses to “Quick Questing & Character Tasks: Katie – Adventures In Quahogland

  1. This is yet another abysmal fail. Besides the excruciating boredom from waiting for turkeys to emerge (or not) from behind buildings, the ‘hit’ rate for the parade balloons is ridiculous. I’ve written to the Helpdesk (with the typical lack of response).


  2. I finished all of Katie’s tasks and have had the second kid to earn for awhile but it keeps telling me waiting on week two, and we are down to 6days.. I’ve looked for updates and have completely closed the game and reloaded it. Not happy that I can’t move on to try and complete this event and have spent clams to get me where I am now


  3. Still unable to play , been what ? Three weeks , I guess they don’t really care , very disappointed as I really enjoyed the game


  4. More abysmal drop rates. Seems pretty standard now. 2 bb guns to attempt the mini-game and I hit ZERO (even though the entire screen is covered with them).


  5. Please forgive and delete if this is a double post, I couldn’t tell if the first one submitted or not 😁
    I have enjoyed this site and all the amazing mods for a while. Thank you for all you do for the players. I finally uninstalled this game. I downloaded and played it since it first came out. When it was fun. But I got really tired of not being able to complete quests and/or only being able to get one of the freemium players from the quests. The drop rates and items needed plus time allowed just aren’t enough to complete everything without spending 24/7 or a lot if money (I realize Tinyco is a business and their priority is to make money but the greed that increased with the popularity of it; I just couldn’t take it anymore)

    The space on my phone needed to run the game and the excruciatingly slow load times also contributed to my decision.

    Anyway, you don’t necessarily have to post my comment I know none of it has to do with you great girls; you are not Tinyco. I just really needed to vent my frustrations with someone that plays the game and can understand where I’m coming from. I just also wanted to thank you for your help throughout the years when I have needed it this is the first place I go for help and you guys are great and I hope you keep up the great work and continue to help people that still enjoy this game.


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