All In The Family Guy Week 2 is here….. and it’s the final week….

It looks like we Peter’s still expanding the family brood in the latest All In The Family Guy event.

I’m seeing the Week 2 content on app version 1.79.0, and pulling info now and I’ll get the LIVE post up as soon as possible. Until then you should throw caution to the wind and get going as it’s the final week.

***Freemium wise there’s only Tasheka to continue unlocking this week***

~ Russian Tigger


13 responses to “All In The Family Guy Week 2 is here….. and it’s the final week….

  1. Agree with all the complaints, this event is the worst one they’ve had in some time. When it’s impossible to accomplish, what’s the point.


  2. I play three times a day, every day. Morning before work, and twice each evening. I am long used to only ever getting though week one by the end of week 2, and never completing an event, so it is so good to see that I am not the only one looking at tasks and drops with complete disbelief!! 🤪


  3. I have Moritz from the mystery box but he only drops a toy every 24 hrs. I would like to unlock Takesha but I beginning to thinks it impossible!!


  4. how in the hell are you suppose to pop the parade balloons ?!?.. i know 2 guns whatever they are a piece BUT when i tapped to shoot it says 0 popped…but yet literally the whole entire screen is FILLED with those parade ballooons and i have popped any seriously?? where’s the WTH post lololol


  5. i agree …had bonnie for 4 days on a 2 hour task and only collected 3 fake nails


    • You’re doing pretty good compared to me. Bonnie has dropped one and only one for me since the event started! I’ve given up.


  6. This one is ridiculous – we’re supposed to depend upon the randomness of a mystery box to unlock Takesha?? Really?? It takes about 8 hours to gather the 10 bucks needed (Quagmire, Lois and Peter each drop one per 4 hours, and the turkeys seem to drop about 50% of the time, so ~6 per 4 hour cycle), and then we cross our fingers and hope its something useful?? So, at BEST, we’re clicking the mystery box three times a day, but more realistically (life, family, jobs, sleep), twice a day for seven days, so a total of 14 – 21 items dropped and no idea as to what it could be…even the one clam is kind of useless here…

    And we need to gather how many lipsticks and presents to clear the shoppers?!? SERIOUSLY, TC/JC, WTD???

    Why are we still collecting sperm cups? There’s nothing in the store beyond the only building needed for Takesha (Gold Brackets), so am I missing something?

    I know this really should be in the WTD thread, but they’ve totally lost me on this one, it’s supposed to be FUN, Tiny Co., not a frustrating, useless task…they do realize we could be spending our entertainment time and money for other things, right? Geez…

    I certainly hope this isn’t an omen for the Christmas event…


    • you also need to get sperm samples to buy the building that drops bucks, which you need to get the freemium mystery box – that is what you are missing


  7. I don’t like to give up on events without giving them a fair shot but I am afraid I am going to enjoy a week off for the second half of this one. I collected my six guns in advance of coming to that point in the week one questline on Tuesday. Even though I had read the tutorials and knew the shooting would be difficult, I still was able to only pop one balloon in three tries. So I resigned myself to the fact that I would not be starting the second phase on time. After the second empty collection for Katie today and having no guns in storage and still needing to pop two balloons just to move past Part 6 of the questline, I am deciding to take the week off which I have never done and I have played the game from the first week. I am already starting behind on a timed character and there are 26 hair dyes required of which I have two in 48 hours. The gameplay for this one is not very well planned: four hours for one gun as a common drop (which has been less than “common” for most), eight hours for the possibility of shooting (assuming you get two common drops of a gun which is available from one freemium character), a difficult shooting game which doesn’t seem to have an established methodology so difficulty in popping balloons and followed by an uncommon chance to get a hair dye (which has been 50% thus far for me). I am going to rest and see what is in store for the Christmas event. My fear always becomes consciously staying away from the game turns into unconsciously staying away from the game and it results in app deletion.


  8. It’s getting ludicrous. Lets make one of the tasks involve a mystery box! Yeah! They DO have some concept of time do they not? Like how many hours are actually in a week??


  9. Takesha is impossible to unlock


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