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A Family Guy Christmas Carol – Poor House Boss Warning!!!

Just taking a minute out from rocking around the Christmas tree to repeat a warning I gave players in the overview post, only I’m going make it  louder and clearer.

Basically you need to be aware that Part 5 of the main Questline, Beer And Loathing, requires you to “Get 5 Bills from the Poor House Boss”. Not a problem UNLESS  you have gone ahead and attacked him numerous times prior to this and already collected the 9 Bills necessary to unlock Bob Cratchit Brian, as they’ll then vanish as a drop from the Poor House Boss. And unfortunately the Questline won’t recognise you’re previous drops, leaving you stuck. I’ve made TinyCo aware of this, and if you’re stuck ask you message them also. I’m sure a fix will come along shortly.

***UPDATE – This is fixed, you simply need to battle the Poor House Boss 3 times***

~ Russian Tigger