A Family Guy Christmas Carol – Poor House Boss Warning!!!

Just taking a minute out from rocking around the Christmas tree to repeat a warning I gave players in the overview post, only I’m going make it  louder and clearer.

Basically you need to be aware that Part 5 of the main Questline, Beer And Loathing, requires you to “Get 5 Bills from the Poor House Boss”. Not a problem UNLESS  you have gone ahead and attacked him numerous times prior to this and already collected the 9 Bills necessary to unlock Bob Cratchit Brian, as they’ll then vanish as a drop from the Poor House Boss. And unfortunately the Questline won’t recognise you’re previous drops, leaving you stuck. I’ve made TinyCo aware of this, and if you’re stuck ask you message them also. I’m sure a fix will come along shortly.

***UPDATE – This is fixed, you simply need to battle the Poor House Boss 3 times***

~ Russian Tigger


16 responses to “A Family Guy Christmas Carol – Poor House Boss Warning!!!

  1. It is not a big deal. Two of my attacks did not count, so what? In a 4 week event, no big whoop to craft a few more figgy puddings. I have a lot of the stuff needed to craft them. Unfortunate, but no reason to make a big deal of it or make work for an understaffed support team. Perspective people.


  2. This was great that they did this except it wiped away the progress I had already made and now I have to go fight him an additional two times since I was on that part of the quest line. Very frustrating when they do this. I understand fixing a problem for people but what about the people who are advancing and playing the game the way it was presented? I was only going to need to defeat him one more time and had the figgy pudding in progress. Now I have to go back and start the climb all over again when I have strategized to do other things. Even if I complained through customer service, it wouldn’t get looked at until Monday since it is Friday afternoon. I should have expected short-sightedness on this since that is usually the way things are done with this company.


  3. That actually screwed me a bit. I should fight him for the three bills in about an hour and be done with that task but now it changed to fight him three times. I understand why it had to change so people weren’t stuck with no way to proceed but I wish they would have this stuff sorted before the release the event. Hats off to RT though for being an advocate for us all when this glitchy stuff throws a wrench in our cogs of progress.


  4. Yeah. Great that they changed it. But i had the original, had already attacked him twice and gotten 3 bills. When i attacked him the third time, i discovered the quest changed but that the other two attacks don’t count. So folks that started the original got screwed out of progress.
    Have a complaint in. Hopefully they can (and will) credit folks that had gone ahead with the quest before it was changed.


  5. I understand the reasoning behind the change, but I don’t agree with the solution. I just got royally screwed in my game progression because of it. I had the timing of my material making all planned out to get the 5 bills after my 2nd attack. Now I need to reload for a 3rd (originally unnecessary attack). That throws off the timing of all of the items I had planned for my queue. Their “correction” has now delayed my progression 16-18 hours in order to jump back into the correct boss cycle. Not cool. 😦


    • You are in a group of folk stuck in the middle as you were part way through completing when it changed – sorry, I’m not sure why TinyCo chose this way rather than auto completing the task if Bills previously collected


  6. In my game it has been changed to “fight the poor house boss 3 times” – way to go, RT


    • Good for those who are stuck but….


      • But . . . I attacked the boss twice this morning when it said 5 bills and, with the switch to attacking 3 times, the two attacks did not count, says 0/3 – Jam City giveth and Jam City taketh away – If I may, arrrrgggghhhh


        • Yes, those who were doing the task have taken a hit…. sorry, I had thought they would just set the quest to auto check off if you had the Bills but they chose change the task instead


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