Luck of the Irish Griffins Addicts Information!!!

Seeing quite a few comments with players feeling they’ve run out of luck just as the new event, Luck of the Irish Griffins, has started. Why? Well because you wrong,y believe you need Leprechaun Stewie to unlock the freemium character Mickey McFinnigan.

But fear not, other ways to get Local Brew and Beer Trimmers will appear once you trigger Part 2 of the main Questline, Prodigal Dad. So, go get Mickey and unlock him, go on, go on, go on.

~ Russian Tigger


11 responses to “Luck of the Irish Griffins Addicts Information!!!

  1. I’m having an issue where the Wifey McBeaty’s Tavern and “Better in Ireland” Brewery are both locked, even though I have enough shamrocks to place them. I cannot complete Prodigal Dad pt. 5 without placing Wifey McBeaty…



    • Did you buy the Irish Soap Cutlery, Wifey MBeatys won’t unlock until you buy that and place it in your town. If you bought and stored it you need place it in your town.


  2. Someone may have already posted this in another location but I wanted to share my “research” in the hopes that someone might find it beneficial.

    This is a list of item tasks and where the task takes place for the characters I have in my game (no premiums and I don’t have O’Brien yet). The bug infestation seems to be more prominent than past events so I try to only clear those buildings that I know have something to collect rather than “waste” them.

    Green Juice (haven’t seen these infested in my game yet)
    Brian has a 2 hour task in Public Library
    Bonnie has a 4 hour task in Swanson’s House
    Quagmire has a 4 hour task in Quagmire’s House

    Local Brew
    Constance Lois has a 6 hour task in Quahog Day Spa
    Bruce has an 8 hour task in McBurgertown
    Jerome has an 8 hour task in Quahog Mini-Mart

    Golfer’s Cap
    Al Harrington has a 4 hour task in Madeline’s Boutique
    Cleveland Jr has a 4 hour task in Quahog Dog Park
    Stewie has a 6 hour task in Tiny Tots Play School
    Joe has a 6 hour task in Police Station

    Cheap 6 Pack
    Peter has an 8 hour task in Thrift Shop

    Hope this helps someone strategize more efficiently and get Mickey quicker. Good luck.


  3. I am getting so many sprayers that is is no problem, I am able to easily clear all the buildings.


  4. Found that out this morning when one of the tasks completed. But then, the bugs. Locking out buildings character quests are in. I think the very last one that had the bugs did this, prior to that it only affected other buildings in town and clearing them dropped something. Just constantly amazed at how they just do not want this game to be fun. I posited to tech support one time that they really needed to reach out to the psychiatric community to have their developers and managers looked into. There are some serious psychoses at play there.


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